Posted by: thebuffyrewatch | March 1, 2010

Cordia’s Review: S1, E01 – Welcome to the Hellmouth

My Rating: 68

The Good: A pretty cheesy episode with some seriously silly lines, but a great intro to the show. We get to meet the main characters and learn about them in a basic, but powerful way. It’s wonderful how Buffy comes across so strongly as someone we can trust and root for, that we’re able to focus on the people she’s meeting. Cordelia is a wonderful foil for the life Buffy could have, if she wasn’t destined to kill the baddies. Willow is just about the sweetest character ever and it’s easy to see why people are drawn to protecting her.  Giles adds a weight of seriousness to the show. However, it’s obvious that he’s new to the job of Watcher and a bit uncertain of how to interact with his new charge.  The Master is setup as a strong villain with Luke as a very capable and creepy minion.

The Bad: The teenage males are the least defined in the show, at this point. Xander is overly awkward. Most of his comments are so dense and complicated that they come across as scripted instead of natural. Jesse doesn’t seem to have much purpose and really feels like a sidekick to Xander and a punching bag for Cordelia.

The Final Call: The episode is a setup and an introduction, but it’s also fast-paced, entertaining, and exciting.

Favorite Moment: When Buffy almost stabs Cordelia in the Bronze. The setup, reactions, and lines are fantastic. “Excuse me, I have to call everyone I’ve ever met right now.”


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