Posted by: thebuffyrewatch | March 13, 2011

Podcast #16: Inca Mummy Girl

Here’s the podcast for Season 2, Episode 04 – Inca Mummy Girl



Download: Inca Mummy Girl

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The next podcast will appear on Monday 22nd March 2011 for “Reptile Boy.”

Comment on this post to get your views on the podcast. From now on we will be posting the reviews on the same day as the podcast.

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  1. You’re podcast is as original as a TV talk show. Two independent critical takes on the mateerial—Siskel and Ebert, and their epigones—whose name is legion—check. Ratchet it up a notch or two by making one voice feminine and unabashedly unprofessional—and Midwestern!—the other male, British, and established to the extent of appending “org” to his e-name.
    Well, clearly some calculation went into the setup.
    But, hey, what’s wrong with that? It’s a bit shrewd perhaps, but I’d rather have craft than chaos.
    So, to cease being coy, I think the formula works. And it owes more to the personalities than the ratings recipe.
    You’ve got a good critical yin-yang.
    And I wouldn’t have expected to hear anything fresh about Buffy, especially the clunky (though charming in their naive way) early episodes. But I’ve gained insights from your podcast I missed on first—ok, on repeated—viewings.
    So don’t let the schedule slide, please, try and keep to the podcast-a-week timetable.
    I’ll be listening.
    A fan,
    Robert Dobbin

  2. Hiya.
    I discovered your Buffy Rewatch podcasts a week ago and am working my way toward the present, so I beg forgiveness if someone has already commented on Oz’s “feather boa and the theme to A Summer Place” line.

    Cordia said she didn’t listen to the song and it’s kind of a shame because she would have recognized it. It’s a cliche, and it’s almost always used for comedic value to be sure, always to indicate that the person onscreen has just been COMPLETELY SMITTEN by the sight of some gorgeous person. This is generally followed by a shot of the gorgeous person walking in slow motion, in golden sunshine.

    Oz isn’t revealing some horrible secret about his musical taste, but using hyper-romantic imagery to contrast with Devon’s attitude.

    Also, that exact cliche scene is used well in a future episode of Buffy.

    Thanks for making these podcasts. They’re fun.

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