Posted by: thebuffyrewatch | March 20, 2011

Cordia’s Review: S2, E05 – Reptile Boy

Reptile Boy
Season 2, Episode 5
Original airing: 10/13/1997

My Rating: 53

The Good: I always enjoy seeing Buffy and Angel’s relationship progress. While they’ve been dancing back and forth for a while now, this felt like the power has shifted a bit and Angel is finally ready to take Buffy seriously. He can’t scare her away so he finally approaches her for a date.

Cordelia is great in this episode. She wants to go to a party with rich guys and can’t go unless Buffy goes as well. So she wheedles Buffy into coming while also bossing her around.

Buffy and Gile’s relationship is also subtly refined in this episode. Giles realizes he can’t push Buffy so hard as he ends up driving her to lying to him. Buffy acknowledges her responsibilities and her actions, and Giles agrees to let her be a 16 year old girl more often.

But mostly, I’m proud of the show for acknowledging the fallout of an episode for once. At the end, Xander reads from the newspaper that the frat boys are all going to prison and their father’s companies are failing. The trio knows this is because the demon is dead, but the paper frames it as simple murder. But it’s nice to have the loose ends acknowledged for once.

The Bad: Another Monster of the Week episode, but not as terrible as Inca Mummy Girl (204). The bad guy is actually a human in the service of a demon, but he’s motivated by greed, which is completely understandable. But that doesn’t excuse the fact that the show needs to move past episodes like this. There’s no real threat from the demon here because he just looks silly. It’s easy to see where the costume is seamed and he has a tiny mouth, even though he’s apparently going to eat the offered girls whole and alive. The frat boys and the demon never feel like any kind of real threat and at the end, they just come across as absurd.

Favorite Moment: At the end of the episode, Cordelia voices the likely sentiments of anyone ever caught up by being around Buffy during paranormal activity. She hugs Angel and then says “I hate you guys. The weirdest things happen when you’re around.”

The Bottom Line: This episode wasn’t terrible, although it did have another disappointing final villain. But the main character interactions and relationships once again saved the episode. Not good, but not unwatchable.


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