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Podcast #18: Halloween

Here’s the podcast for Season 2, Episode 06 – Halloween

Willow in her ghost costume

Willow in her ghost costume

Download: Halloween

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The next podcast will appear on Monday 4th April 2011 for “Lie to Me.”

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  1. LIE TO ME :

    I always found this episode to be a great stand-alone episode of season 2.
    It’s the first, if ever, the only time we get to meet someone from Buffy’s past.

    Buffy has always complained that she just wishes she was a normal girl.
    And I think the appearance of Ford brings her back to that time when she
    WAS just a normal girl. Willow and Xander have known her for about a year,
    they’ve known her when she was already the slayer. With Ford, he’s known her
    since she was just Buffy, the girl.

    However, he lies to her. As does everyone else in this episode. Xander, Willow and
    Angel look into Ford’s past without telling her. Ford tells Buffy he killed a vampire.
    Angel tells her he stayed in at home when he actually saw Drusilla. Spike also lies to
    Ford, and Ford lies to the vampire wannabes. I think that once we find out Ford’s plight,
    it’s difficult not to feel sorry for him. He comes across as a tragic villain.

    In a way, his fate is similar to Buffy’s. More so in the episode “Prophecy Girl” where
    Buffy finds out she is going to die. At first, her reaction is normal. She’s 16 years old,
    she doesn’t want to die. Yet, despite her complaining, she is willing to sacrifice her life
    to save humanity. With Ford, he refuses to accept his fate, he is dying and he knows roughly how long he has left. Yet he is willing to sacrifice his friends to extend his life.

    It’s message was clear at the end of the episode, sometimes telling a lie is much
    kinder than revealing the truth.

  2. Another entry for your wayback machine! I just rewatched this as my husband and I are going through Buffy for his first watch. He noticed during the scene where the gang first get to Buffy’s house after the costumes become reality, there is a vampire in Buffy’s house, and then Angel asks for the stake in vamp face and Maiden Buffy gets scared, etc. Well, he had a good point – that vampire was not invited in! How did he get in there? I said that maybe Joyce’s costume became reality and therefore the house was temporarily vacant, or maybe the vampire was actually a kid, but even then II would assume the regular vamp rules apply. I guess that would count as a continuity error?

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