Posted by: thebuffyrewatch | April 3, 2011

Cordia’s Review: S2, E07 – Lie to Me

Lie to Me
Season 2, Episode 7
Original airing: 11/3/1997

My Rating: 66

The Good: Ford is actually a well-developed, relatable human villain. The show doesn’t always do well with this type of character, but Ford makes a lot of sense. He has terminal cancer and he knows he has very little time left to live. He’s most likely become delusional, but he’s also reached a point where he’s willing to sacrifice the lives of his friends to continue on living himself. Even if it means he has to be a soulless killer for the rest of his existence. He’s an understandable, sympathetic villain and that always improves the episode.

Ford also fits into the Buffy world easily by making him a character from Buffy’s past. They both mention Emery High School (from the film), and their friendship from fifth grade. They’ve known each other for a long time and it shows in Buffy’s excitement to see him and her immediate comfort level in his presence. Often, the one-time characters in Buffy feel like they’ve just popped into existence, but Ford feels tangible and persistent.

Drusilla is an interesting character in and of herself with her insanity and peculiar power to see the future. But her relationships with Angel and Spike really make her interesting. We learned in this episode that Angel not only turned Drusilla into a vampire, but that he’s the one who drove her insane first. Angel doesn’t really explain why he did it, except to say that beforehand, she was sweet and innocent. So perhaps he just felt a compulsion as a demon to destroy her purity. Regardless, it adds a new depth to both Angel and Drusilla to understand why she is who she is now. And having Angel reveal this part of his past to Buffy strengthens their relationship. It also brings it into reality. They constantly remind themselves that their relationship is challenging, and this is another aspect of that same idea.

I also loved the continuation of Giles and Jenny in this episode. Jenny continues to be a quirky opposite to Giles, but is genuinely frustrated when her idea of a fun, different date makes Giles so uncomfortable. It’s short, but it’s cute. And it’s nice to see Giles’ non-Watcher life continuing to develop.

The Bad: Having Ford represent himself as a literal vampire movie villain was confusing. It was difficult to tell if this was part of his delusion or if he was truly playing it as ironic. Either way, it came off as silly and corny and took away from the character in my opinion.

The other vampire wannabes were a shady too far as well. Chanterelle is the only one who earnestly seems to want to be a vampire, although she has a very misunderstood notion of what that will mean. The others are just props and Diego is particularly silly with his absurd outfit and overbearing mannerisms.

Favorite Moment: The humor was strong in this episode, but Xander has an extraordinary subversive scene in the Bronze. Ford makes consistent innocuous comments about Angel’s age, cold hands, and relationship with Buffy while Xander chirps “You’re not wrong!” in the background. It’s particularly funny in retrospect when we learn Ford knows about vampires.

The Bottom Line: This was a good episode. It had a strong villain with an understandable reason for his actions. But it was just a little too silly with the supporting characters.


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