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Podcast #20: The Dark Age

Here’s the podcast for Season 2, Episode 08 – The Dark Age

Giles faces his past

Giles faces his past

Download: The Dark Age

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The next podcast will appear on Monday 18th April 2011 for “What’s My Line?” Part 1

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  1. Hi Robin and Cordia,
    I’m Annebeth from the Netherlands and I know Robin from his excellent Lost Reviews (maibe he wants to review Fringe as well? It’s really getting great now, in season 3, very innovative. For example, the most recent episode: 3×19 ‘Lysergic Acid Diethylamide’.)

    I got the Buffy DVD box for my birthday, and I had the intention to watch in alongside with you guys and send feedback. Sadly I haven’t done that many times (if my memorie serves me right only one time), but I have a good excuse: I recently graduated and got a job as a psychologist on the other side of the country. Luckily our country is only a few hundred kilometers big but it is still a big deal, to move and stuff (it’s also the first time I’m moving out of my parents house). In fact, I’m writing this from my own apartment which I moved into only 2 days ago! I hope I can write more often now that everything is settling down a bit.

    On to the ‘new’ Buffy episode (it got a bit long so please feel free to select only a portion to use in the podcast)
    -I liked how the brought up the fact that Buffy’s dearest wish is to have a normal life. On the outside it appears she has adjusted quite well to slayership, but she doesn’t fully accept it (yet). It’s kind of a hate-love relationship I think. With this whole careerweek thing Buffy is confronted with the downsides of being a slayer. But there are also some good aspects to being a slayer. I think she loves the ‘coolness’ of it and adventure about it, if you know what I mean.
    -the humor was nice, as allways 🙂 (they go together like chicken and…. another chicken)
    -Nice to finally learn more about Oz!
    -I found the software company sideplot not very convincing. I mean, that big of a company tracking a girl in Sunnydale? Don’t get me wrong, Willow is very talented. But it’s not like many people knew about her skills and there must have been more skilled whizkids than her.
    -The build up about the danger of the Order of Taraka was well done. There was this sense that these villains were not your ordinary enemies. Spike calling them ‘the big guns’, Giles telling Buffy ‘something is coming’, and Angel not being able to fight them off and wanting Buffy to hide etc. etc.
    – Oh my god, how gross was Bug Guy? The subplot was usefull though, to bring Cordelia and Xander closer together. I find there dynamic very amuzing and also believable.
    -Nicely done production, the order of the scenes made us (well, at least me) think that Kendra was part of the Order of Taraka.
    – Can’t Buffy ever have a break? The skate-date with Angel could have been so nice and romantic, but instead she gots attacked which only underlines the fact that Buffy can never have her old normal life back.
    – The Kendra-Buffy catfight was exiting 😀 Btw, Kendra’s accents reminds me of Tia Dalma in POTC!


  2. Oh sorry, the Cordelia/Xander part is from Part 2… but still, the buildup in this episode was nice 😉

  3. And the same goes for Oz, I think :S

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