Posted by: thebuffyrewatch | May 15, 2011

Cordia’s Review: S2, E12 – Bad Eggs

Bad Eggs
Season 2, Episode 12
Original airing: 1/12/98

My Rating: 50

The Meh: This episode doesn’t really stand out in a good or bad way. The story is decent and yet another monster take on a classic teenage issues: teen sex and pregnancy. It doesn’t really have any major plot wholes and the monster of the week is fine. Joyce is used again as a plot device and is showcased as the frustrated parent with an unruly child. But she is overly tough on Buffy in this episode considering what just happened in Ted (S2E11).

The Gorch brothers are moderately amusing sub-villains. They don’t do too much except distract Buffy now and then, but it was fun to see the Mother Bezoar eat Hector.

Favorite Moment: Buffy showcases her uber-Slaying side when she hacks the mother bezoar into pieces and climbs out of her whole covered in black monster blood.

The Bottom Line: This is another Monster-of-the-Week episode, but it wasn’t unwatchable. I’m just ready for more Spike now, please.


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