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Robin’s Review: S2, E12 – Bad Eggs

Synopsis: While at the mall with her mom Buffy runs into a vampire called Lyle Gorch. She and Angel make out a lot while hunting for Lyle and his brother Tector. They stalk Buffy while she takes care of her ‘child.’ The child is an egg which the students are given to teach them about the responsibilities that come with parenthood. The eggs hatch and little creatures called Bezoar’s appear and take over the mind of humans. Only Buffy and Xander avoid this fate and they have to stop the mother Bezoar from giving birth to a whole litter while the Gorch brothers make their play.

The Good: The character stuff was typically strong with Xander and Cordelia continuing their makeout sessions with interesting and amusing consequences. Angel and Buffy are sickly sweet too but they do briefly discuss their future or lack of it. We also get to see Joyce’s point of view and the way Buffy deals with her secret identity at home.

I liked the opening scene. It was nice to see the Sunnydale Mall and change scenery. Lyle Gorch’s lack of reflection on the escalator was a clever way of catching Buffy’s eye too. It was also clever to have Xander hard boil his egg (as a cheat) to allow him to avoid his Bezoar.

The Bad: There were two threats in this episode and they were written backwards. The Gorch brothers received a thorough introduction and two scenes to establish their dynamic and yet they were the side show. The Bezoar’s were the real threat and yet we didn’t know what they were up to until the last few minutes. With no sense of what threat they posed there was no tension or intrigue in the shaking eggs. When we finally saw the mother hatching her babies Buffy jumped into a hole and killed her. That was it. It all felt very half assed.

The Unknown: After nearly being arrested for murder last episode, it was odd to see Buffy kicking and punching her classmates and teachers around. I’m sure she was holding back though.

If we see Kyle Gorch again then perhaps this characterisation might pay off. I doubt it though as he was something of a cartoon cowboy.  

Best Moment: I thought the opening scene was good.

The Bottom Line: This was as forgettable an episode of Buffy as I can remember.




  1. Hi Guys
    Here is a Pop Culture reference you missed. During the scene when Buffy is talking to Giles and trying to name her egg, Giles points out to her that she can’t just lay the egg down or it will roll off the table, she asks how she is supposed to make the egg a “bed”. Giles disappears and comes back with a white basket with some colorful fabric in it. Buffy places the egg in the basket and states that she will name the egg Eggbert. When Giles askes her “Why Eggbert?” She states “Your smart enough to make the connection.” The egg is now in a basket resembling an Easter basket. There was a song recorded by Rosemary Clooney in the 1950s called “Eggbert the Easter Egg”. This song is still found on Children’s records and recalled during the Easter season. I think this is the ‘connection’ that Buffy was refering to.
    Love the podcast! Jamie / Las Vegas

    • Oops! I’m such a nerd. I was researching why Buffy named her egg Eggbert because I knew that that was a popular kids song “Eggbert the Easter Egg”. I was trying to see if there was a connection. I found a reference online describing the scene above (maybe I should rewatch the episodes BEFORE commenting) Let me preface this with that Bad Eggs is one of my least favorite episodes so I haven’t watched it but a couple of times, anyway the scene I read was a product of the writer’s imagination of how he thought Buffy had to have come up with the name…not an actual scene from the show. So no Cordia, I didn’t dream it, someone else did…my error was not reading through my research thoroughly. So sorry for giving you bad info. My bad. I’ll be more careful in the future and be sure to “rewatch” before commenting on actual scenes. LOL Jamie/Las Vegas

  2. Thought I’d throw this your way since Cordia has mention Jonathan’s appearances a few times. Jonathan Levinson, our favorite victim, is played by the actor Danny Strong. Danny originally auditioned for the role of Xander, but obviously did not get the part. He played “Student” in the original unaired Pilot of Buffy that was used to sell the show, but was not in the final version of the Pilot that aired. He was called in to play in Inca Mummy Girl and was then called in often when they needed a good victim, because of his “good victim face” and for continuity of the Buffy world. He appears in 28 episodes throughout the seasons. I personally loved the way they always used him in those scenes…as you have pointed out, they often bring random characters into the storylines that the characters act like they have had relationships with (yet we have never seen)…but with Jonathan, he was familiar, a face we saw often in the Buffyverse, so his appearance never seemed unusual. We even start to expect to see him when creepy things happened at the school. I’m glad he didn’t get the Xander part, cuz he is so “Jonathan” Can’t wait until the next podcast! Jamie / Las Vegas

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