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Podcast #25: Surprise (1)

Here’s the podcast for Season 2, Episode 13 – Surprise (1)

You know what happens next

You know what happens next

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The next podcast will appear on Monday 30th May 2011 for “Innocence”. If you don’t remember what happens in “Innocence” then I STRONGLY recommend that you go look it up!

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    This is probably one of the top five best episodes of the second season!

    First I just want to say how brilliant David Boreanaz is as Angelus. After 25 episodes
    of him being the good guy, it’s a nice spin to see him as the villain, it definately kept
    things interesting and his performance is vicious and creepy.

    This is the episode that changed the direction the series was going to take. Instead
    of having season after season of endless monsters of the week, we get a show
    that’s powerful, dramatic, funny, action-packed, and gut-wrenching. It all began here.

  2. This episode gives me goosebumps everytime I watch it. There are some amazing lines and it is brilliant to see Angelus as a completely separate personality to Angel. He is witty, playful and sadistic. It also great to see the group dynamic between Spike, Dru and Angelus. Without the audience knowing their detailed history the actors and writers are able to conjure a intense and familiar chemistry between them.

    On another note I felt that the anguish Buffy goes through when Angel is missing really hit home when I first watched it. As a 17 year old watching this for the first time it summed up my worst nightmare. To loose your virginity and become completely fragile and then have it thrown back in your face can be a real fear for young women.

    Very good episode on many levels.

    Is it just me or is Angelus much sexier than Angel??

  3. COMMENT ON PODCAST in general: Hi Robin and Cordia (can I call you Cordy, please? I love that that’s your name!),
    Long story kind of not short…After much prodding by my daughter I finally watched all of Buffy (and Angel), starting in August 2009. I stayed away from all things Joss and Buffy to completely avoid spoilers. After finishing, I immediately began my first re-watch and am now a total Buffaholic. I searched for podcasts at that time and found a few that I’ve enjoyed and I thought there were no more. After all, how much interest could there still be in a show that’s been off the air for 8 years? Imagine my surprise when I randomly decided to search again and I found your podcast just a couple of weeks ago. I have been listening like crazy, hoping to catch up in time for Innocence and I did it! I am enjoying your insights very much, and I love that you’re willing to stand up to what might be perceived as unpopular opinions. You always have some solid reasoning that you base your theories on.

    INNOCENCE: The big surprise is…David Boreanaz can act! And the first time I saw this I remember feeling so bad for Buffy and wishing that she didn’t have to go through this. I don’t think I’ve ever had such a visceral reaction to something that happened to a fictional character before in ALL my years of watching television. (and it’s been a while- I’m 57!)

    Thanks so much for doing this Podcast!!!!

    And PS.
    Angelus is way sexier than Angel. But Spike is the sexiest of all!!!

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