Posted by: thebuffyrewatch | July 3, 2011

Cordia’s Review: S2, E19 – I Only Have Eyes For You

Cordia’s Second Look
I Only Have Eyes for You
Season 2, Episode 19
Original airing: 4/28/98

My Rating: 80

The Good: This is a brilliant way to explore some of the deeper guilt issues Buffy is having over Angel. She’s always felt responsible for the loss of his soul, even as soon as it happened in Innocence (S2E14). But now she’s accepted that his death is truly inevitable and will be her responsibility. This extra layer of guilt is pretty intense and the writers have found a wonderful way to address it with the ghostly possession. By having Angelus be the one shot with the bullet, it allows his body to get back up and deal with the aftermath in the music room. Of course, the dialogue applies to both the ghosts and Buffy and Angel. And it ends with the heartbreak of Buffy once again having her heart broken when the ghostly presences fade and Angelus comes back to himself.

The Bad: It’s unfortunate to see that Willow is still teaching the computer class. It’s a small scene, but it’s just too absurd to be taken seriously.

The power of the ghostly spirits is also a little absurd. James the ghost is capable of physically torturing the students, teachers and staff of the school as well as summoning snakes and bugs. It’s quite a riot caused by a ghost of a former human. It didn’t really make too much sense and it was never explained why the ghost waited 43 years from 1955 to 1998 to start possessing people.

Favorite Moment: Spike has been relegated to minor character status during Angelus’ rise. It’s amazing that so much can be going on in this show that this amazing character is being underutilized and it doesn’t feel like anything is missing from the show. But it’s still extremely exciting to see him on his way back to importance when he stands up out of his wheelchair. Love it.

The Bottom Line: This is the kind of clever show and brilliant writing which makes Buffy a classic show. It elevates the story above just ghosts killing people to a truly emotional arc by using the emotions which have been escalating for the last five episodes to underline the tragedy that must occur when Buffy finally kills Angelus.


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