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Podcast #33: Becoming (1)

HELLO! HELLO! Yes you! If you normally skip all this writing then please take note of this. The Buffy Rewatch will be taking a 5 week break after next weeks episode. So we need your feedback on Becoming Part 2 now! Please send it in asap for the podcast. Thanks!

Here’s the podcast for Season 2, Episode 21 – Becoming (1)

Angel sees Buffy for the first time

Angel sees Buffy for the first time

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The next podcast will appear on Monday 25th July 2011 for “Becoming” Part 2. This is the final podcast of Season 2 and we will be taking a five week break after that so please get your feedback in now.

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    This episode is just perfect from start to finish.

    My favorite scene would have to be the one with Buffy & Joyce
    in the kitchen. What a gripping, intense, emotional scene.
    It always brings tears to my eyes.

    P.S. Enjoy your vacation!

  2. I have a few things about Becoming Part 1 that I didn’t have a chance to write in about before.

    I think I commented once before about how I enjoy watching Angel more when he’s evil. He just seems to be having a lot of fun and it’s more interesting to watch than his usual brooding. My favorite scene is the end when Buffy and Angel are fighting and they stop and he says that it isn’t about her and that she’ll never learn. And then my favorite line in this episode, “And you fall for it every time!” For some reason, the way that David Boreanaz delivers that line just makes me laugh each time I watch it.

    You’ve already mentioned most of the things I liked about this one, but I also really enjoyed Zander recreating the fight from the night before this his fishsticks. Silly, but funny. Also, I still love any scenes with Spike, Angelus, and Drusilla. They play so great off of each other, it’s always entertaining. I also loved the scene with Buffy running and they play it in slow motion to show that she’s too late. (And I totally covet that cute blue coat. Buffy always has some great coats, which is kind of funny living in Southern California.)

    Becoming Part 2:
    I really love this episode. It’s hard to say which is my favorite of season 2 but this one is right up there. I love so many different things, but some of the best scenes are the ones with Spike. My two favorites are when Spike and Buffy are talking about why he’s going to help. Then he goes to kill the policeman and Buffy just gives him a look and he says “Oh, right.” Those two just have great chemistry. My other favorite is when Spike and Joyce are sitting together in the living room and she asks where she’s seen him before and he reminds her of when they met in School Hard. It’s some wonderful comedy in the middle of some very heavy things. He almost always steals the show in any scene he is in.

    I love the scene with Giles where Drusilla becomes Jenny to get Giles to talk. It’s so bittersweet to see them together again knowing of course she isn’t really there and that he’s going to tell her how to open Acathla because he thinks he’s just telling Jenny.

    As for Acathla, I actually appreciate that they didn’t introduce him much earlier than this and then have this potential threat hanging around for multiple episodes. Maybe that would’ve made it feel like a more dangerous threat, but I appreciate the brevity. This may be slightly spoilerish, but in later seasons they tended to introduce a threat and then have it linger way to long. I like how this became an immediate threat and finally forced everything to a head.

    This is obvious, but one thing that sticks with me is that when Angel is re-ensouled Buffy still kills him. She has to. It breaks her heart, but she does it. I think that’s one reason that she leaves in the end, because she had to give up so much for the sake of everyone else. No one besides Angel will really understand the pain she’s going though, and now he’s gone in some horrible hell dimension. It’s a huge sacrifice to ask of anyone, especially the Slayer who has already given up so much. I think she just couldn’t face trying to explain the pain and the loss to everyone and so she leaves.

    This is just a great episode and I could go on and on, but I’m sure you guys will also cover all the great stuff. Have a good break, but please come back! I love the podcast and it actually makes me glad it’s Monday when I can listen again.

  3. Hi there 🙂 Too bad you’re going to be away for a few weeks, but of course I understand 😉 Have a nice vacation! It’s much deserved!

    Becoming part 2 (I didn’t read the other comments beforehand), I decided to write my comments while watching the episode, in statements (please make a selection if it is too long):
    -yeah right, suddenly the Sunnydale police woke up after two seasons…
    -Wow, the musical score is great! (Willow in the hospital, and the ending of the episode)
    -Poor Giles… he is so brave! Angel is at his creepiest while in torture-mode. What is so interesting about that is that you don’t see the actual torturing itself, but the acting of the two of them says more than images of the torturing itself can.
    -Finally! The beginning of the Spike and Buffy working together. It feels familiar right away (bit of a spoiler for new viewers…). The way that Spike says ‘he’s got your Watcher’ is really weird…
    -Happy Meals with legs…. *smirk*
    -Oz and Willow are so cute together! I liked Xanders tender moment. It’s nice to see him serious for a change.
    -Spike, Buffy + Joyce in one scene is even better than only Spike and Buffy in one scene. One of the best things of the episode. Nice that Joyce finally knows about her daugthers secret second life. Too bas she doesn’t take it that well… it must have took Buffy a lot of courage to deny her mothers help, because if she had a choice, she would ‘not be the Slayer’ like her mother wants.
    -Willow’s resolve-face: brilliant!
    -Okay, I now have a mental image of Angel in a Tutu!
    -That was below the belt by Xander, not telling Buffy about them trying to restore Angels soul… maibe he doesn’t believe it will work? But I think it’s just that he would be glad to be rid of Angel, soul or no soul… which is not really his business I think…
    -Spike walking away from Angel and Buffy gets me every time. So comical…
    -The last scene of Angel and Buffy, wow, so sad. SArah Michelle Gellar is such a good actress!
    -I think Cordia has some things to say about the fashion choice of the last scene… it looks like she just got out of bed or the hospital…

    Overall: great episode! The balance between action and emotion was great!

  4. I hope you 2 enjoy your vacation and can’t wait for the start of Season 3!

    I thought Becoming part 2 was an excellent episode and a well executed season finale that just blows Season 1’s Prophecy Girl out of the water. My favorite parts were the scenes with Buffy and Spike – the chemistry they share when they partner up is pure eye candy for the TV. But I also felt the tug on the heart strings with Buffy and Angle – especially when he gets his soul back at the last second and then Buffy has to kill him to save the world. It shows that for Buffy no matter what her heart wants she has to put the welfare of the world before all else, a heavy burden to bare even if she is the chosen one, emphasis on ONE.

    Looking forward to your thoughts!

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