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Podcast #34: Becoming (2)

Cordia and Robin are now taking a 5 week break. The next podcast will come out in September so you have until then to get your comments in 🙂

I’m really sorry about the audio quality of Robin’s side of the conversation on the podcast. I will make sure it doesn’t happen again.

Here’s the podcast for Season 2, Episode 22 – Becoming (2)

Buffy leaving town

Buffy leaving town

Download: Becoming (2)

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The next podcast will appear on Monday 5th September 2011 for episode one of Season Three: “Anne.”

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  1. ANNE:

    Before I begin, I just want to say welcome back!

    You have been missed. It was a little odd not having
    the weekly podcast to listen to, but i kept myself busy
    by rewatching buffy. i’m excited that we are now on
    season 3. it is probably one of my favorite seasons of
    the show.

    the season premiere is interesting. i found there was
    a common theme going around – identity and being true
    to yourself. Everyone is trying to be something they’re not.

    Buffy tries to fool herself by pretending she is just a waitress.
    The Scoobies are over their heads without any super-powered
    help on patrol, no matter how they pretend to be getting into
    the rhythm of slaying. But in the end, they can’t escape who
    they are.

    This episode is quite good.I’m not sure if it was the strongest
    season opener, but I liked the idea of Buffy living alone, only
    relying on herself.

  2. Hello Guys!
    First of all.. Welcome back! My Mondays have seemed dull and buffyless without you!!
    I am writing to you from my wordpress account, I have joined the blogging world and I’m loving it!
    I really like ‘Anne’ as a opening episode, I am so glad that Joss Whedon didn’t decide to take the easy route to not show Buffy’s time away and just show her return.
    I love that Buffy seems to be functioning well on her own, obviously she in a seriously disturbed personal space but she has a job, she has an apartment and it seems enough money to get a good hair cut 😉
    When I first watched this episode I expected her to be living rough somewhere or living with a distant relative. I think it is a credit to her character that she is able to carry on.
    The idea that the homeless of LA are being taken away and worked by a demonic slaver is a very apt parallel to the amount of homeless people that go missing everyday. There are so many homeless people littering big cities and so often we walk right past them. Would anyone notice if one of them went missing? Or turned up dead? It is a very plausible idea to consider them being taken off the street and used. No one would notice they were gone. I’d like to think this is a comment from Whedon on the anonymity and facelessness you can find in big cities.
    I loved the light relief provided by Cordelia and Xander, it still makes me laugh when they end up snogging in the midst of Vampire dust! They truely are teen hormones personified!
    I’m looking forward to hearing you both!!

  3. Buffy Season 2 Trailer

  4. I just saw an interesting post on tumblr that brings something I don’t remember in the becoming part two podcast but as you know you weren’t “blessed” with my lovely annoying presence back then. When Buffy is about to stab Angel and send him to hell she tells him to close his eyes. Which is exactly what Darla tells Liam before she kills him. Not earth-shattering but kind of cool.

    (For the record the post was a photoset which one side had lines that foreshadow an event and on the other side said event it’s obviously MASSIVELY SPOILER-Y but I thought it was cool

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