Posted by: thebuffyrewatch | September 3, 2011

Podcast #35: Anne

Hey everyone, we are back!

Here’s the podcast for Season 3, Episode 1 – Anne

Buffy comes home

Buffy comes home

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The next podcast will appear on Monday 12th September 2011 for episode two of Season Three: “Dead Man’s Party.”

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    While the zombie parts of this episode was fun, it was
    Buffy’s return to Sunnydale that was more riveting to
    watch. Trying to reconnect with her mother and her
    friends after her return, was a good effort at dealing
    with such mutual issues in such a realistic way.

    I particularly liked Willow’s reaction to Buffy’s return.
    She avoids her. In “Anne”, we saw how much Willow
    missed her and wanted her back. But once she is back,
    Willow has to deal with something she couldn’t express
    while Buffy was absent: how angry she is that her best
    friend abandoned her.

    Their scene in Buffy’s bedroom is uncomfortable to watch.
    Buffy may be the Slayer, but Willow refuses to be dismissed
    as just a sidekick or a sounding board for Buffy’s problems.
    She has problems too and she wants Buffy to acknowledge
    them. It’s a great scene, both actresses do a wonderful job.

    I do think that the Scoobies could have been a little more
    understanding of Buffy’s problems in this episode. They
    know that Angel died and they know how much she loved
    him.. The confrontation they have is EXTREMELY
    uncomfortable to watch.

    The confrontation they have was not heading for any
    resolution, and instead seems to be about to escalate
    into violence, when the zombies burst into the party.
    What follows is a big battle where the Scoobies have to
    band together like old times, to fight off the zombies off.
    That de-escalates the tension and they come together
    at the end as though nothing happened. It’s a clever irony.

    The episode is about the fact that issues that one tries to bury
    will rise up and haunt you, but its resolution comes when the
    Scoobies decide to rebury their grievances, which may not be
    the wisest thing to do.

  2. Hi guys, welcome back! I really missed the rewatch podcasts 😀

    Man, this episode is great, but at the same time so uncomfortable to watch. The fight between buffy and her ‘friends’ is painfull to watch and for the first time I’m glad for the bad guys bursting in 😉
    I found myself rooting for Buffy, it was all against one. And they didn’t even give her the chance to explain herself. Also, I understand the frustrations of Willow and her mom and all. But they should have said it straight up, not play ‘nice weather’ and drop the bomb on Buffy later.

    On the other hand, that wouldn’t have made such a gripping episode 😉

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