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Podcast #37: Faith, Hope and Trick

Here’s the podcast for Season 3, Episode 3 – Faith, Hope and Trick

Angel's ring is suddenly lit up in the darkness

Angel's ring is suddenly lit up in the darkness

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The next podcast will appear on Monday 26th September 2011 for episode four of Season Three: “Beauty and the Beasts.”

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  1. Hi. I am really enjoying your podcast. I do audio editing for the Hellmouth and Investigating Angel podcasts, Buffy and Angel episode recap podcasts in S4 and S1 respectively.

    Since Faith is so controversial, I wanted to weigh in strongly in her corner. I can take or leave Eliza (liked Dollhouse, which got a lot better pretty quickly, but more for the other actors and Joss Whedon’s genius at writing characters, hated Tru Calling), but Eliza was born to play Faith, one of the great characters of the Buffyverse. It is one thing to say that Faith is brash or obnoxious (I like her personality), but none of that justifies Buffy’s immediate reaction. This is the SECOND time there has been another slayer, and in both cases Buffy treated them as threats (single white female) rather than powerful allies. Their personalities were not the reason as they couldn’t have been more different – Kendra shy and by the book, Faith brash and impulsive. In both cases, Buffy is immediately jealous of the most petty things – French fries, the slayer handbook, etc. This selfish, jealous, petty behavior will come back to bite her.

    I also think Faith’s approach to slaying is actually better. Slaying is all about split second decisions, and you have to be able to trust your instincts. Also, in ANY field, I think that someone who actually enjoys her work will do a better job. I think that Faith being the one of the three not to die in the line of duty has to count for something,

    Bob DeGrande

  2. Hey there!

    First I wanted to say I absolutely love the podcast! I’ve been watching Buffy since it was on UPN in my pre teen and through my teenage years, and was so psyched when I saw it on Netflix and started rewatching it. I discovered the joys of listening to podcasts through other Fandoms like Harry Potter, and I was so excited when I found your rewatch and am almost caught up with you guys. I love the format and that you go episode by episode and that you pick out things I don’t always pick up on and love trying to find references now. lol

    I just finished listening to this episode and can’t agree with your caller Sara more. I distinctly remember when I was younger and would catch Buffy reruns, usually the later seasons, that I was always uncomfortable with Xander and always annoyed at him. Now that I have gone back and watched the first few seasons more, I realized it is because of his deceit in the 2nd season finale. He not only deceives Buffy and Willow, but also Angel, who I’m sure had saved his life more then once. He also seems to only have done it because of his own personal vendetta. He never really makes a valid case for his hate other then jealousy and envy, and it gnaws at me that it hasn’t come out and Xander has not been ostracized for his despicable, terrible, lie! I do agree though that the season finale would never have hooked me without Angel’s death, but I consistently scream at my TV when I rewatch that episode which is probably why Buffy is so awesome for me, because I can get so emotionally worked up in 45 minutes(Netflix Time) even though I have already watched these seasons several times over the year.

    Sorry for the ranting, but I have been brooding Angel Style on Xander and how malicious he really becomes starting with that season finale, and continuing later in this season, but I won’t put any spoilers!

    I really enjoy the podcast and can’t wait to get caught up and get on a weekly schedule with you and hopefully more comments to come!

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