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Podcast #38: Beauty and the Beasts

Here’s the podcast for Season 3, Episode 4 – Beauty and the Beasts

Buffy watches Angel sleep

Buffy watches Angel sleep

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The next podcast will appear on Monday 3rd October 2011 for episode five of Season Three: “Homecoming.”

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  1. About Beauty and the Beasts—I’m right there with both of you, the episode was one of the worst so far.
    One point of difference, however—Robin describes Mr. Platt as looking ‘at his relationship with Angel on a very surface level.’ The reason that their meeting goes so quickly is that Mr. Platt guesses immediately, based on his professional expertise, how her relationship with Angel developed in general, and in particular why Angel’s behavior proved so erratic. It’s a common pattern in teenage love affairs for the boy to court the girl by constantly being on his best behavior, being considerate, attentive—basically putting on a bit of an act. Once he gets the girl into bed, though, or gets her to fall in love with him—which girls at that age do fast—he feels free to let his more egoistic side express itself, or even starts deliberately treating her meanly, enjoying the power he now has over here, or acting out around her, dumping his stuff on her.
    Angel’s transition back to Angelus immediately after they spend their first night together is not just an arbitrary supernatural plot device, it’s a metaphor for one of the more common experiences among high school couples. Even Joss Whedon is on record as saying that Innocence is his favorite episode of the entire series, because of its successful combination of genre elements with common real-life dramas in the life of girls Buffy’s age. Check it:
    I only bring this up because, if you’re going to review all seven seasons of Buffy, this feature of the series—the deft melding of dilemmas people often face when growing up—with the series’ overt horror elements should at least be acknowledged when the metaphors are more noticeable or, as in Season 3, actually drive the whole narrative arc.

  2. Homecoming is one of my favorite Buffy season 3 episodes. There are a number reasons why, it is one of the first times shows the importance that scoobies have on their “dysfunctional family” demon-killing group, the concept of slayerfest, the introduction of the mayor, but the main reason is Buffy and Cordelia.

    Cordelia is one of my favorite characters in the Buffy-verse and I always wished they spent more time on Buffy exploring Buffy and Cordelia’s relationship because Cordelia really is Buffy pre-slayer. When Cordelia is fighting and really involved in the scoobies adventures it is some of her best moments.

    (There is one moment that I don’t like about this episode, not because I think it’s bad storytelling just because it makes think Xander is a douche and that’s the kiss between him and Willow but I’ll have a lot more to say about this relationship in later episodes.)


    While it’s not a mindblowing episode, it’s definately fun
    to watch and it is an episode that moves the plot along.

    One thing I noticed is, do you think Buffy and Cordelia
    were actually friends? Or were they just nice to each
    other because Buffy had saved Cordelia’s life on more
    than one occasion and also because of Xander?

    Cordelia is a part of the gang now and she and Buffy got
    along better than they used to back in Season 1, but unless
    one defines friendship as something very superficial, that
    doesn’t mean Buffy and Cordelia are anything like friends.

    After this episode they seem slightly cooler with each other
    than they were before, showing that their “make up and be
    friends” moment wasn’t all that genuine.

  4. Homecoming queen:
    not a very memorable episode, but even so, it is a nice episode. Actually, when I rewatched this, I was pleasantly surprised about how much I liked the episode.

    It’s nice to see Buffy in her power again, doing normal teenage girl stuff, and to get a glimpse of how she was before she was the Slayer. It allways seemed to me as if she became a completely different person with no trace of who she was for 16 years of her life. Too bad the bad guys interrupt :S

    I didn’t like how Willow and Oz didn’t help Buffy. From Xander I can understand it, but them? Because of the kiss? That’s so not logical…
    I found it cute how Xander and Willow still have feelings for each other, but it’s a bit weird because they also seemed happy in their relationships with Oz and Cordelia.

    Btw: I don’t have much with the ‘Slayerfest’ concept (except for the name). Mostly because, if I remember correct, this is the only instance of it. It lacked continuity. If there was a slayerfest 97/99/2002 or something, it would make more sense. And there was not enough introduction about it. Why? How? What do the humans have against the Slayer?

    (OMG!! the yellow-orange outfit of Willow :O)
    (I actually wasn’t that annoyed by Faith this episode. How she treated Scott and consoled Buffy was actually quite nice!)
    (in the hut, is that… a chicken-lamp?)
    (how convenient that the telephone worked…)
    (the episode reminded me a bit of the end of the episode ‘out of sight, out of mind’)

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