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Podcast #39: Homecoming

Here’s the podcast for Season 3, Episode 5 – Homecoming

Mr Trick introduces the Slayerfest

Mr Trick introduces the Slayerfest

Download: Homecoming

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The next podcast will appear on Monday 10th October 2011 for episode five of Season Three: “Band Candy.”

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  1. Band Candy:
    Yay, I one of my favorite episodes 😀 I must admit, the episode has a bit of a slow start, but who cares. The rest was so awesome!

    The beginning was usefull nonetheless by the way. It was nice and misleading, and It was good to see Giles and Joyce taking care of hBuffy and being worried. I just wished we had seen it a bit sooner after Dead Man’s party. It felt a bit overdue. Oh and the scenes with Angel were so nice. I missed them interacting!

    On to the greatness of the episode: the adults being teenagers 😀 The highlight was definitely Ripper. It was totally believable and he changed his whole accent to a kind of ‘A Clockwork Orange’-English. *Hit him!* 😀 Principal Snyder and Joyce were great too. Joyce and Giles together totally had a Grease feeling about them 😀 Wat was also funny was that Young Snyder is actually a fan of Buffy. The monster of the week-storyline wasn’t all that exiting, but I didn’t mind. The focus was far more on the effects of the chocolate, which was the best part in my opinion.

    Cordia, what did you think of the coat? And Giles’ weird rolled up short sleeves? BTW, I didn’t like the yellow-orange outfit from last week 😉

    Greetings 😀

    PS: the moment where two guys were playing frisbee was allways unintentionally funny to me. You can relive your teenage years, and you go for playing frisbee? Really? Their lives must have been so boring!

    Bye 🙂 Annebeth

  2. Band Candy, one of my favorite episodes of season three as well. It is very monster of the week but the premise of the adults reverting back to their teenage selves I find very amusing, especially the interaction between Joyce and Ripper (AKA – Giles).

    Can’t wait to hear your thoughts!


  3. Who doesn’t like Band Candy,while the demon itself wasn’t particularly threatening (or realistic, even by 90 TV’s standards that can’t have been good) there really is no beating Joyce, Snyder and Giles as teenagers.

    While Ripper is definitely the highlight, my favorite moment of the episode might just be when he cheers when Buffy hits Ethan, Snyder’s nerdy and needy hanger on is just perfect and hilarious.

    I’m kind of disappointed that Angel was still in the episode for two minutes even though the scene between him and Buffy was really good I’m glad that they didn’t try to cram everyone knowing Angel was back with the candy storyline.

    And we lastly the Xander and Willow stuff, I want to clear up my douche comment from last podcast. While I think Xander is still being a douche, it is completely believable because what 16 year old boy would not be a douche in that situation. I did think the music they play when Xander and Willow are touching is a little out of place because it is a little too romantic and cutesy, when what they are doing is not really romantic or “cutesy”.

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