Posted by: thebuffyrewatch | October 9, 2011

Cordia’s Review: S3, E6 – Band Candy

Band Candy
Season 3, Episode 6
Original airing: 11/10/1998

My Rating: 72

The Good: The story of people behaving strangely due to food is nothing new. But seeing some of our beloved characters get silly is always fun to me.

I especially enjoyed Giles. Anthony Stewart Head is such a wonderful actor. And Giles is such a wonderful character. His little moments always seem to shine brighter in my eyes and this episode was no exception. I love the overall reversion he has to his teenage angst years as the infamous Ripper. He plays the surly rebel so well with his little glances, his relationship with Joyce, and his penchant for violence.

Kristine Sutherland also shines here as Joyce in her insecure teenage girl years. Her attempts to engage Ripper in a discussion about records and TV are met with a seething glare, but they feel very awkward and real for that age. I also love her dismissal of Snyder and her pleased embarrassment when she brings forth the hand cuffs.

This episode gave both Head and Sutherland a chance to really play with their characters in very new ways. We saw a little more of Ripper and a nice peak into the kind of person Joyce might have been when she was younger. We have nothing to compare her to except the kind of person Buffy might have been if she wasn’t the Slayer. I definitely see similarities.

The Bad: Trying to switch the story from silliness to drama didn’t work out at the end. It should be a horrifying thing to think of vampires sacrificing babies to a giant snake demon. But due to the poor effects and the absurdity of it all, it just seems silly.

Snyder was also a little bit more of an annoyance than a joy. I liked some of his stuff, but mostly, he just came across as an idiot instead of a teenage version of himself.

I’m not thrilled right now by the Willow and Xander storyline. I think it’s played a little heavily with Cordelia’s unintentional double meanings. It’s sad to see these characters playing with fire, especially when I really like all four of them involved in this love square. I also thought it was really strange for the show to play very sweet, romantic music over the footsie scene. It would be a super sweet, romantic scene – if Xander and Willow weren’t both cheating on people.

Favorite Moment: I love the moment where Buffy is interrogating Ethan with Giles catching his breath behind her. He just wants her to hit Ethan. Hit him hard. When she does, he has a little celebratory moment where he jumps and fist pumps in the air. It’s amazing.

The Bottom Line: This is a fun story with very fun performances. I always enjoy watching this episode, even if it comes off a bit silly in the end with the baby sacrifice.


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