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Podcast #40: Band Candy

Here’s the podcast for Season 3, Episode 6 – Band Candy

Willow and Xander play footsie

Willow and Xander play footsie

Download: Band Candy

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The next podcast will appear on Monday 17th October 2011 for episode six of Season Three: “Revelations.”

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  1. Revelations:
    -I hate Xander so much right now!! First for telling Giles, and then for telling Faith to get Angel killed. I really don’t understand his actions, could he be that jealous?

    -it’s sad that it still didn’t came to light what Xander did in the season finale. The whole soul-return thing is so not talked out yet. Is it right that Buffy still doesn’t know about the Scoobies trying to return Angel’s soul?.
    And why are the Scoobies so scared? Did they think that Angel was still Angelus? It’s a bit unclear to me.
    And gosh, they are all so selfish. Buffy was the one who was most hurt by Angelus. If she trusts Angel, then so should they.They should trust Buffy for once, I mean, she would never put them in danger if she could prevent it!

    -What was also a bit unclear to me was why Buffy felt that she and Angel couldn’t start a relation again now that he has his soul back.

    -I liked the Watcher-twist, but the whole glove thing didn’t do much for me…

    -Xander should have asked Buffy if they were cool, not the other way around!

    -I found it nice that Buffy tried to reach out to Faith

  2. These brighten my Mondays. 🙂 I also just got an account; this is the same Jenny-Obsessed Valjavertjinn.

  3. I’m surprised, this was a Faith centric episode from season 3 that didn’t make me really dislike her. I do think she went too quickly into “kill kitty kill” mode, but that’s good ole Faith for ya. I do felt like Gwendolyn Post would have been a more effective villain if they had introduced her a couple episodes ago and we got to know her better and it would have made more sense why Faith trusted her. (Speaking of Gwendolyn though shouldn’t the Watcher’s Council put out some kind of APB on her, like don’t trust this person she is insane and will beat you over the head with a blunt object).

    I like that it looks like Angel is finally back and will be included more on the adventures of the scoobies. Part of me wishes they spent the whole episode on everyone finding out about Angel’s return but I think they balanced it well with the Faith/Gwendolyn storyline. The Demon’s Anonymous meeting worked well, everyone’s reactions seemed in character, I especially loved when Willow started freaking out because everyone was getting too confrontational.

    Which brings me to this week edition of Xander Harris is a douche (I swear I actually like Xander). I don’t have a problem with him going to Giles, when he found out Angel was back, but in my opinion he pretty much goads Faith into kill mode. It bothers me that everyone is on Buffy for having this blind spot where Angel is concerned when Xander has the exact same problem, except of course instead of love its hate. I loved that Buffy called him on the fact that it comes from jealously but I wish she would have taken that further, the fact that Xander lied to Buffy in season 2 finale is never brought up here and this is the moment they would have brought it up if they were going to. It is also bothers me that Xander is taking such a moral high ground on secrets here, considering the fact that he and Willow are playing sucky face every time they are alone. As much as Xander is annoying me right now I do think he is a fascinating character, because I do find him to be rather likable despite these actions.

  4. Started my buffy rewatching just recently. Watch the eps and then listen to the podcast.

    I’m up to this point and listening to the podcast for band candy & I’m getting a bad feeling this is going to be ruined for me by the Xander hate.

    I had to enjoy Harry Potter fandom from a friendly little corner that loved Ron & hide from Death Eater groupies who hate him and it looks like I don’t belong in the Buffy fandom for similar reasons.

    What gets me is the disproportionate judgements on character behaviour.

    For example, Cordia herself did the very thing I hate when she said that Xander was all kinds of wrong to fall asleep on Oz watch but then said that Buffy doing the exact same thing he did was totally fine and excusable.

    Looking for any reason to bash a character bugs me, especially when another character doing more things and much worse is excused, and if the Xander bashing gets worse (as has been hinted in the latest podcast I’ve listened to) I’ll carry on my rematch without you.

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