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Podcast #41: Revelations

Here’s the podcast for Season 3, Episode 7 – Revelations

Gwendolyn Post grabs the glove

Gwendolyn Post grabs the glove

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The next podcast will appear on Monday 24th October 2011 for episode eight of Season Three: “Lover’s Walk.” In case you need to be reminded this features Spike 🙂

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    This is a GREAT episode that mixes heartbreaking drama and
    hilarious comedy, something the show is well-known for.

    Charisma Carpenter’s scene in the hospital is so brilliantly acted
    and worth a mention. It’s a very small line but she delivers it with
    a lot of power.

    A little trivia about this episode – the scene where Cordelia falls
    through the steps and impales herself on the rebar actually
    happened to the actress when she was younger. Only she fell
    into an empty swimming pool.

    Talk about life imitating art.

  2. Great job again, guys! I liked your interpretation of Revelations.
    Thanks for discussing my opinion; I really appreciate it. You guys are right: Calendiles stands for Giles and Jenny, or rather, Giles and Jenny as a couple. Maybe I am just seeing Jenny where I want to see Jenny, but I just think that this might possibly be her. Who knows? Anyways, I hope to stick around for this podcast. 🙂

    Lovers Walk: I think that it was about time that Willow and Xander’s shenanigans came to a halt, but Cordelia getting impaled – I think that that was a rude awakening. But I’m happy that Willow and Xander are back on track, though I think that it will be a while before Oz, and especially Cordelia, forgives them.

  3. I’m finding as this season goes on I have more and more to say about these episodes, so unless you guys plan on adding a third member to the podcast I’ll just have to satisfy myself with writing these comments and this going to be rather long so bare with me.
    I could make this review incredibly short and just say Spike is the best and any episode with him in the earlier season is fantastic but there is more good things in this episode then just how great a villain Spike is and how compelling James Marsters is in the role. I don’t think there was scene in this episode that Spike didn’t steal, he even almost made those horrible “Let’s see baby cry” lines work, almost. My favorite moment of the episode is a big competition between Joyce making Spike hot chocolate in the kitchen and the scene between Spike, Buffy and Angel in the magic shop about love. Ultimately though the magic shop scene wins out, the fact that Spike manages to have this moment where he breaks down crying about love and still manages to make that feel in character as a soulless evil vampire is why he is such a compelling villain at this point in the series. The reason why I loved this episode is because it was incredibly focused and while I never felt that any of the characters were in any kind of danger it still made for great television because there was so much character development.
    I’m going to start talking about character development with my favorite topic as of late: Willow and Xander. I like that Willow finally takes the initiative and decides that she is going to stop this attraction to Xander, even if magic probably isn’t the smartest decision because it has been known to backfire. Willow’s decision is something they have been building up to because we have seen her feeling very guilty and talking about these feelings with Buffy, so this decision feels very natural. It occurred to me in this episode another reason why Xander has been bothering me more than Willow with the cheating, we haven’t really seen Xander be that conflicted and feeling guilty over cheating. He certainly seems nervous that Cordelia is going to find out and more afraid that he will lose her then actually feeling what they are doing is wrong. While I have some problems with the way they handled Willow and Oz at the lockers in the beginning, I thought the Xander and Cordelia scene was pretty well done and I felt it should have led to Xander showing some more guilt, I don’t think that’s a negative in terms of writing, I just think that is in line with Xander’s hormonal teenage-ness. Since I just mentioned it I explain why I had a problem with Willow and Oz at the lockers, I felt it was a little too heavy-handed having Cordelia and Oz do these really nice things for Xander and Willow right on top of each other, even though I didn’t the pez witch was that great of a gift but that’s just a person opinion. It felt a little too much like the writers would trying to show us too much that Cordelia and Oz are such good people and making it obvious that something bad was going to happen.
    Which brings me to my next point of how much I love Cordelia, I’m not sure when Cordelia became one of my favorite characters (I just started watching Buffy for the first time a few months ago) but I’m pretty sure it started at the end of this episode. The scene in the hospital is so sad to me and it’s such a small little line but Charisma Carpenter delivers “stay away from me” with such hurt and power that it’s kind of heartbreaking. My Cordy-love may just be creating something in the scene that isn’t there but I think Xander is the first person Cordelia dated who she actually had some real feelings for and she pretty much gave up her previous life, which you can argue wasn’t that fantastic seeing how it was pretty much built on fake friendships and appearances, but it was important for Cordelia and she gave it up for Xander (reason #254 why Xander is a douche) and you can see how hurt she is by his betrayal in the hospital bed.
    Finally there is Buffy and Angel, while I wish we got more on-screen time with Buffy explaining to Joyce what is going on and why Angel is back and not Angelus, I can accept and assume that it happened off camera. (Am I the only one who thinks Giles should have made sure Buffy told her mom?) I don’t really like how they bring up this college drama and then drop it because in this episode it doesn’t really have serve a purpose except for Buffy and Angel to make “googly eyes” at each other when talking about it. I do have a slight problem that they haven’t clearly spelled it out why Buffy and Angel think they can’t be together, I thought the scene where Buffy breaks it off with him was pretty well done, especially because of the acting by Sarah Michelle Gellar and David Boreanaz, but I think it’s pretty obvious that this drama is far from over.

  4. First I want to apologize if my grammer or phrases are wrong. English isn’t my mother tongue (as I am from Germany). Unfortunately there is no podcast about Buffy in German (I don’t know why)…but I also watch the episodes in English so that’s not too bad (just a side note: the German episodes have often really silly names). And I just love your podcast!! I only discovered it 2 or 3 weeks ago and now I’m finally catched up with you. And I can’t wait to listening to the next one 😉

    Well, “Lover’s Walk” – I love this episode. There are so much good lines and dialogues. And of course, Spike is back, yay, I love every scene with him 🙂 Especially when he talks with Joyce about his realtionship with Dru and the scene in the magic shop when he talks about love (“love isn’t brains, it’s blood). And then Buffy admits at the end that Spike is right and she and Angel can never be friends. She can fool everyone else but she can’t fool herself.

    The scene with Cordelia in the hospital is really sad because of her could acting..I always have tears in the eyes when I watch it…and I think I watched all the seasons about 8 times or so. I watched Buffy from the very beginning when it was aired on television. I was 15 years old when it was first aired in Germany (at the end of 1998) so I really grew up with this series. And I can remember when I was sad back then because of boys, or school, parents or whatever “Buffy” was kind of a comfort for me. And it speaks for the series that I still like it after 13 years or so and I can still laugh or cry at certain scenes.

    And sometimes, when I think “I could watch Buffy again” I always start with season 1 and then I can’t stop and I have to watch all episodes from all season again 😉 My boyfriend really don’t understand this (yeah, I have to admit it’s kind of obsessive) and is just rolling his eyes “ah, it’s buffy time again” 😉

  5. Hi!

    My comment is actually on “Lover’s Walk” I just couldn’t find the proper place to post it.

    Anyway, I think that Lover’s Walk is a fantastic episode. This is hands down, my favorite episode of Season 3. It is very well acted, filmed and written. This is the episode that made me love Spike! To me he is perfect in every beat of this episode.

    Spike is used as a catalyst in the episode and effects every character in the show. From Buffy and Angel to Willow, Xander, Cordilla, and Oz, Even Joyce is effected by Spike. The Joyce and Spike scene is great! There relationship is unique and always fun to watch. We also get to see a very honest side of Spike, and we truly see how much he is driven by love. This episode also has my favorite Spike quote of all time when he says ” Love isn’t brains, children, it’s blood. Blood screaming inside of you to work its will. I may be love’s bitch, but at least I’m man enough to admit it.” This quote is great. It says so much about Spike but also every other character in the show.

    I think Lover’s Walk is one of the best written episodes in all of Buffy. It weaves together a very good story, with some great comedic and heart wrenching moments and very solid character development. Each character in this episode is given equal time to shine and they all end up in a very different place than where they started.

    I used to have one complaint about this episode and that was the lack of Giles, but as I have watched again I come to realize that this is one of the first episodes where the scoobies have to “save the day” by themselves. We are starting to see them grow up.

    This episode shows what makes Buffy such a great show, and Spike on of its best characters.


  6. I was listening to this and the next podcast (Lover’s Walk), and so many people were commenting about how fake sounding Gwendolyn Post’s accent is. I thought this was really interesting considering how the actress is actually British, so I looked up an interview on Youtube, and that is how she really talks.

    I know that I’m really behind, but it was kind of bugging me. If this is addressed in a later podcast, just disregard this comment.

    Thanks for creating such good podcast. I haven’t had a lot of luck with finding interesting and entertaining podcasts in the past, and it’s refreshing to come across this one.


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