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Podcast #43: The Wish

Here’s the podcast for Season 3, Episode 9 – The Wish

Anyanka in all her glory

Anyanka in all her glory

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The next podcast will appear on Monday 7th November 2011 for episode ten of Season Three: “Amends.” That’s the one where Angel is haunted by visions of his violent past.

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  1. AMENDS:

    Looking over the horrible fake snow, the meaning
    behind Buffy and Angel’s conversation on the hilltop
    is amazing. You can physically feel the love between
    them, and the snowstorm, wherever the hell it came
    from, is what convinces Angel to stay alive. I love the
    writers for deciding on a happy ending for once.

    And I have to mention just how powerful and insanely
    well acted that hilltop scene is. It’s quite possibly one
    of the series’ most memorable moments.

    I also enjoyed the fact that it was a christmas episode.
    It felt so familiar to me, to see Buffy at home with her
    mom, picking out a tree topper, enjoying a warm fuzzy
    moment for once. And she deserved that.

    I’d also like to point out Faith in this episode. This episode
    shows the strained Buffy/Faith relationship take a step in
    the more sisterly direction with Faith accepting Buffy’s
    invitation to spend Christmas together. Those two go
    through as many ups and downs as Buffy and Angel do!

    Finally, the characters got some closure and peace following
    Lover’s Walk & The Wish.

    An amazing episode, however there was one thing that
    bothered me – Buffy and her unfortunate bangs. =/

  2. I feel the need to preface this week’s comments with a simple sentence; Angel is my favorite character in the Buffyverse (possibly my favorite character in any Whedon show). So as much as I’d love to remain objective in this review it is rather hard for me because I love Angel so much as a character, so without further ado I’m just going to dive right into mammoth comment for this week.

    So far this is my favorite episode of season 3, it doesn’t come without some flaws but the Angel stuff is just so powerful and strong that it pretty much overrides the flaws. I’ll focus on the flaws just to get out of the way. As much as I love that fact that Xander decides to not be a total asshole for a week and actually put his selfish feelings aside and help but it does come relatively out of the blue. (In fact I actually forgot that he helps in this episode so when he came around the corner in the library, I screamed “It’s a Christmas miracle!”, until I realized I was watching this episode alone in my room and felt like a loser) But back on topic I don’t we ever get a real concrete reason for why Xander decides to act this way, besides the whole Christmas spirit thing, especially since in the beginning of the he was actually kind of nasty to Buffy about Angel at the lockers. I needed more of reason from to get invested in him helping and I never got it, which is slightly disappointing. (side note: I do like the mention of Xander’s alcoholic family, which is the first mention to my recollection)

    Normally I’d have problems with the inclusion of Faith, Willow and Oz’s stories being put into the episode but I don’t think it really distracts from the Angel stuff or makes the episode too cluttered like some of the earlier season three episodes. I like that we get reminded what’s going with these characters and in the case of Faith that is still around and the story is moved along slowly. Faith also comes off as really good in this episode which as always is a shock to me. I like that when she tells Buffy to be careful it seems to be said with actual care and she is genuinely worried. It’s interesting in this rewatch that Faith is coming off better than I remember and Xander is coming off worse than I remember.

    And as much as I love Angel and am a fan of David Boreanaz and his acting I can’t excuse the horrible accent and costumes of Angelus in the past, especially the long hair wig and mustache when he bites the servant girl.

    So down the meat and potatoes of this episode Angel, Buffy and the First;


    Given the fact that I just finished watching Buffy season 7 for the first time this past week there’s a lot I could say about the First but given the fact that the Buffy Rewatch is spoiler-free all I will say that in THIS episode, the First is a really compelling and terrifying villain. Why couldn’t this be maintained? WHY?


    Robia LaMorte (the actress who plays Jenny) is excellent as the First; she really takes everything about Jenny and twists it to this horrible manipulative and truly evil spirit. She does get a bit monologe-ly underground but it didn’t get too campy for me and the First felt genuinely threatening.

    All the scenes where the First taunts Angel are equal parts horrifying and fascinating. I know that David Boreanaz always gets credit for his acting when he is playing Angelus but I think he is equally good if not better as Angel. It’s pretty much heartbreaking to me watching Angel being tortured over the things that Angelus did, especially since I separate Angel and Angelus as people and David Boreanaz’s acting in every scene of this episode is superb.
    Another truly heartbreaking scene for me is the one between Angel and Giles at Giles’ home. I understand Giles feelings toward Angel seeing as how this body killed his girlfriend and tortured him, but it is so heartbreaking to watch Giles be so cold and when he takes out the crossbow it really is almost gut-wrenching. Then on top of that seeing the First appear as Jenny behind Giles is even a bigger wallop and shot to the gut.

    The best part of the episode by far is the scene on the hillside when Angel is waiting for the sun to rise and the following confrontation with Buffy. As of right now this is my favorite scene of them together and might be one of my favorite scenes of them in their own relationship on the show, it is certainly up there. Everything is so well executed in the scene because it could totally go off the rails into cheesy soap opera territory but I don’t ever feel that it even gets close to that. There’s so much I could say about every line in this scene but it just expresses perfectly how strong their emotions for one another and how much they mean to each other. While I personally was never in any doubt Buffy and Angel don’t think they can see each other, I like that the show finally addresses it in this scene and in organic way.
    The sudden snow storm is a bit unbelievable, even in a show where demons are a common occurrence, but this episode desperately needed to end on a light note, considering how depressing it is throughout so I willing to forgive a white Christmas in California. It leads Buffy and Angel’s walk through snow falling streets which makes the little fan girl in me (which honestly I wasn’t aware existed) go “awwwww”.

    I apologize for any grammar or spelling mistakes, I’m writing this rather late at night but I just had to get my thoughts down.

  3. Hi Cordia and Robin,
    first of all: I’m so bummed! I just moved and because of that I missed reviewing two great episodes 😦

    For this episode I will send in a voicemail, now that I’ve discovered that I can call it from the Netherlands. I’m a bit nervous, so please bear with me if I make any grammer mistakes. Is it okay if I comment a bit on the last two episodes also?

  4. Yes of course you can 🙂

  5. We look forward to hearing it! 😀

  6. Great 😀

  7. Oops, guess I forgot to put my name as Sophie. 😉 This is Sophie, the rabid Jenny fan, who can’t quite seem to change her name back. 😛 Oh well!

    I don’t know if you may have anticipated this reaction from me, but I was so happy to see Jenny again! Though she was being used by the First, it was still nice to see her again. I feel bad for Angel in this one, especially when Jenny appears behind Giles during that scene in Giles’ apartment. That always gives me chills.
    Great job again, guys, and sorry for the name confusion.

  8. Is it in time to put a voicemail in on the morning of november 6th? (In the Netherlands)?

  9. Hi Annebeth, I’m afraid we have already recorded the podcast. So you can send it in anytime and it will be on the next podcast. Sarah already sent in a voicemail so we would be very excited to have two 🙂

  10. Hey there 🙂 Oh okay, well then I will send it in and talk about the next episode 😉 Sorry guys. It’s because it said November 7th. I will call in ealier from now on.

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