Posted by: thebuffyrewatch | December 19, 2011

Cordia’s Review: S3, E15 – Consequences

Season 3, Episode 15
Original airing: 2/16/1999

My Rating: 66

The Good: I love that we get an immediate follow-up from Bad Girls (S3E14). The death of Allan the Mayor’s Aide was definitely not something which could be left hanging. Faith is still refusing to deal, but she goes even further here and blames the murder on Buffy. The plan of convincing Faith they all love her and want to help her by having Angel chain her to a wall is a bit confused, but I appreciate that Buffy doesn’t want to give up on her.

The sequencing is very strong in this episode. Faith is resistant, Buffy is tortured, Faith blames everything on Buffy. It all makes a lot of sense after the wild behavior we saw from Faith in the last episode. I especially appreciate the twist of Faith going to Giles behind Buffy’s back. Of course, Giles knows Buffy isn’t the killer, but it’s a very logical and yet a surprising moment. And in the end, it all drives Faith to the Mayor.

Wesley calling the Council made a lot of sense though. Yes, it’s stupid of him to think he can chain up Faith with a pair of handcuffs and actually control her, but we already know he’s extremely naïve when it comes to the actual dangers of Sunnydale. He thinks he’s acting in everyone’s best interests and it’s perfectly understandable since we know he’s completely devoted to the Council. And I really love the moment where they take out Angel, free Faith, and then immediately arrest her. Good times.

I also enjoyed the minor return of Detective Stein. It isn’t made obvious that this is the same man who investigated the death of robot Ted (S2E11) and Kendra (S2E22), but it’s a nice touch for those of us paying very close attention. The interlaced scenes of him interrogating Buffy and Faith were well played also. It’s too bad nothing came of it (See The Bad).

The Bad: I’m not quite sure about the Mayor and Faith yet. Presumably, Faith feels betrayed after Wesley tried to pack her off to England, but why go against everyone trying to help her and turn to the man she knows nothing about aside from his dealings with vampires? Especially right after saving Buffy.It’s a bit confused, but I can let it go since it is a cliff-hanger and all.

The harder thing to ignore is how close Detective Stein got to the truth. We know Buffy and Faith’s stories didn’t line up and yet he doesn’t arrest or even fully question either of them. He already has ample reason to suspect Buffy could be involved after Ted and Kendra, but he never pops up again in the episode. Where did he go? Do the police just let their prime suspects run rampant like this?

Favorite Moment: We really see Faith crack when she starts to choke Xander. Up to this point, she’s just in denial. But here she feels the power. As Angel says to her later, controlling someone else’s life and snuffing it out with your own hands will make you feel like a god. He really does get what she’s going through.

The Bottom Line: A strong follow-up to Bad Girls. No real conclusion to the murder side of that story, but an interesting look at Faith’s lack of ability to deal.


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