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Podcast #49: Consequences

Hey guys,

Cordia and I can’t make our schedules match over the next couple of weeks. So the next podcast will be with you on January 9th.

Until then, happy holidays!

Here’s the podcast for Season 3, Episode 15 – Consequences

Angel treats his guests well

Angel treats his guests well

Download: Consequences

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The next podcast will appear on Monday 9th January 2011 for episode sixteen of Season Three: “Doppelgangland.” That’s the one where vampire Willow from “The Wish” universe gets transported to our world.

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  1. Hi Guys!!

    Yuletide Blessings to you both!!

    Doppleganger is one of my top five episodes! It is a true guilty pleasure, as an episode goes it’s not the best written and it doesnt move the series plot along much but I love it. Willow was always the character I identified with most and it was almost cathartic to see her as a strong (an a bit insane) powerful and sexy woman! I think the way that the gang react to her wonderful. They care about willow so much that initially they try to understand and accept the ‘new’ her. It is also interesting to see how much they grieve for her when they think she is a vampire.

    But wait a moment, if Willow has only recently been turned why don’t they just try and curse her? It would return her soul and she would be normal willow again, just undead.

    I find laughing out loud during various times in this episode. The way that Angel break the news to the scoobies and then spots real Willow has me in stitches.

    I know you guys can’t put this in the podcast but ‘Sandy’ the girl that vamp willow eats reappears in season five as the vamp that snacks on Riely!! I noticed this during a marathon rewatch I did last year!

    I love all the one liners that vamp willow uses it’s truely a pleasure to watch this episode. It’s one that I will pick out at random to watch if I have a Buffy craving!

    Best line: “Hands, hands in new places!”

    Keep up the great work! I look forward to the podcast everyweek!


  2. The Bad:

    I see “Doppelgangland” has the cousin of “The Zeppo”, meaning they are related in they are focusing on Willow in a similar way as “The Zeppo” did to Xander but there are some key differences, just like cousins are related but can look completely different unless they are from the Patty Duke Show (Ten Points to Gryffindor to anybody who gets that reference). I don’t want to call this bad but it is rather disappointing because the previous episodes have all been strong Faith episodes that have moved the main plot along and then there is “Doppelgangland” which is relatively weak in comparison and it doesn’t do anything new like “The Zeppo”. The main problem is a not only see the writer’s fingerprints all over this episode so much as I feel like they are sitting next to me watching this episode explaining out why everything happens, “See Willow is feeling weak and like she is push off and now we are going to introduce a Willow who isn’t a pushover isn’t that absolutely crazy?” It completely takes me out of the episode.

    I partially like that Faith is responsible for setting vampires out to kill Willow but the problem is that I don’t feel it goes anywhere. I feel like it would be better if the Scoobies knew that someone was trying to Willow, it’s understandable that maybe they didn’t want to reveal that Faith is all evil now but they could have just discovered that the mayor wanted Willow dead not necessarily Faith. Also Faith is just walking around Wesley and everyone is alright with it, I understand Faith being captured again would be futile but they fact that everything seems to honky-dory in this episode is ridiculous to me.

    The Good:

    I happen to think that there are some pretty strong comedy moments in this episode when Buffy, Xander and Giles are mourning Willow, when Angel sees real Willow after thinking she’s been vamp’d and Willow pretending to be Vamp’d Willow.

    I’m also a fan of how the Faith and Mayor relationship is developing. I understand Faith isn’t one of our characters so any speculation I do on why she acts the way she is just that speculation that it is unlikely to get an answer. But I see Faith as really wanting an authority figure, she recognizes that Buffy will always be Giles’s favorite so she can’t look to Giles and Wesley just tried to lock her up, so it makes sense to me to run to Mayor especially since she likes having power over everyone and being evil will let her to do that. I was of the opinion the first time around and I really did think that Faith flips the switch to the dark side far too fast (main reason why I didn’t like or buy her on the show) but now I buy it, maybe it’s me just resigning myself to the fact it happens but I accept it.

    Favorite Moment:
    Giles, Xander and Buffy mourning Willow in the library, it is really touching but at the same time really funny. Which I love when Buffy mixes tragedy and humor together. The scene may seem a bit cliche considering the fact that this all just a wacky misunderstanding but it’s quick and it works for me.


    This is a fantastically funny episode that
    also manages to end up being one of the
    most important episodes of the series for
    Willow’s character.

    This episode not only completes the theme
    of The Wish, but it also joins a group of two
    other episodes from this season completing
    what I believe to be the theme of this season
    –and a major theme of the entire series.

    In the season premiere, Anne, Buffy discovers
    who she is. In The Zeppo, Xander discovers
    who he is. Finally Willow, the other member
    of the core group, discovers who she is in
    this episode.

    The difference between human Willow and
    vamp Willow is that there is not much difference.
    They are essentially the same person with the
    same disposition. Willow is capable of either
    great good or great evil, and Joss Whedon
    conveys a great truth here: we are all capable
    of great evil.

    But we are also capable of great good. It is a
    choice God allows each one of us to make on
    our own.

    Alyson Hannigan shines while taking on the
    difficult task of playing two different personas
    of the same character.

    Doppelgangland, in some ways, was the perfect
    Buffy episode, taking every beautiful thing this
    show did so well. It takes a reliable sci-fi idea
    (the evil double), twists it to fit the show to create
    something truly fresh and original.

    It challenges one of the show’s performers and in
    the process forces everybody else to up their game.
    It features a script full of genius one-liners and
    wonderful comedy moments. And, finally, at the
    same time as all that is happening, it analyzes and
    helps evolve one of the series regulars in a way that
    hasn’t been done before.

    It’s one of the finest hours this series ever did.

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