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Podcast #53: Choices

Here’s the podcast for Season 3, Episode 19 – Choices

In denial?

In denial?

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The next podcast will appear on Monday 6th February 2012 for episode twenty of Season Three: “The Prom.” That’s the one with the Prom 🙂

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  1. I’m not sure why you two are having such a hard time understanding The Mayor. He is not trying to play with Buffy and Angel’s heads, he is simply giving them good advice, as he has done to many other characters (Faith, Allan, Mr. Trick). People seem to think everything he does must be some sort of evil plan, but, with the exception of wanting to ascend, he is moral, concerned about the people close to him, disliking feet on couches, dirt under fingernails, etc. It makes him to me far more interesting than some random villain yelling about destroying the world. There have been similar characters later on TV – Dexter is a serial killer, but you would never know that from the rest of his life, and it doesn’t mean that the rest of his life is not a very real part of who he is.

    I think Cordia is absolutely right about UC Sunnydale not being a community college. A branch of UC should be a very good college.

  2. I can’t disagree with a lot of your citicisms of this episode, but I always remember this one for the great scene with Oz, which made me respect Seth Green as an actor. The no words destruction of the spell stuff was one of the best scenes in the whole series to me.

  3. Ok I think there was a problem with my earlier comments in the way I posted them so please disregard them if they happen to show up but I don’t think I posted them correctly.

    Now I agree with your points about Buffy and Angel from last podcast, but to Robin’s point that he wished they had the moment where Buffy told Angel that he is done terrible things but she still loves him conversation, it happened. The episode that lasted in feedback for weeks later, Amends. I think that much debated conversation on the hilltop was exactly that, thankfully the Angel show starts after this season so you guys won’t have to put up with me defending their relationship for much longer (by the way any announcements on if an Angel podcast is going to happen? My services as host are still offered if it needs to be, just saying haha)

    I’ve been writing these things for long enough that when great episodes happen like The Prom our good and bad sections are going to be pretty similar so I’ll spare you the repetitiveness and just say I pre-emptively agree with you guys on the positives and negatives. So I think it’s fitting because the episode was handing out awards (favorite moment FYI, my guess is it will be Cordia’s too) that I do likewise.

    Character Making Me the Proudest: Xander Harris. I know I give Xander a hard time, but that’s only because I find him frustrating because he is a geniuely likable and funny guy.. The problem with Xander is he is around Willow and Buffy who have far more maturity than their ages suggest and Xander actually acts his age which is great that he exists but it makes for a frustrating character. In fact if you extracted all Xander’s douche moments he’d probably be my favorite character on the show but when he acts like he does in this episode and The Zeppo showing maturity, it’s just great. He buys Cordelia the dress and it isn’t in an effort to get back with her and he doesn’t have to say that’s an apology for the way he treated her, he just does it. Yay character growth.

    The Rupert Giles Lifetime Achievement for Being the Most Underrated Character: Giles has yet to annoy me in this Rewatch which is a really a testament considering I’m very easily peeved. Not only do we get the great scene between Giles and Buffy in the library (my guess for Robin’s favorite moment) but we have the all sorts of awesomeness that is him with Wesley at prom and his obvious pride at Buffy winning the Class Protector Award.

    For Not Being A Mopey Teenager on TV Show Cliche: Buffy Summers. Obviously it makes sense that she would be upset about the end of the relationship but what makes Buffy great as a show and a character is that she recognizes that Angel (Joyce) is right and that she moves on and is still the hero.

    Best Dressed (Really Just The Hottest Award): I’m a heterosexual male and if I have learned one thing from Project Runaway being on in my house as my mother watches it straight guys know nothing of fashion but I got to say that Willow looked the best. It’s a combination of the fact that Buffy and Cordelia always look amazing while they always put Willow in childlike clothes, girl loves dem overalls, and like Robin I have lost the ability to find Alyson Hannigan attractive after How I Met Your Mother.

    P.S. And Cordia not caring that Cordelia’s boss is General Beckman from Chuck for shame, it was a great show!

  4. You were talking about whether UC Sunnydale would be part of the University of California or a community college.

    I think it’s fair to assume that it is supposed to be part of the University of California, but even if it isn’t, it would NOT be a community college.

    A community college is public college that usually offers two-year associate degrees or technical degrees.

    A university is an institution that can be public or private and offers bachelor degrees and graduate degrees.

    So UC Sunnydale would be at least a decent school. Four-year colleges with university distinction tend to be pretty good schools.

    Also, about your comment that Sunnydale could be driven across in about 20 minutes, while that’s probably true, remember that Buffy can’t drive and doesn’t have a license, so that probably makes things seem a bit further.

    Thanks, can’t wait for the next podcast!

  5. The Good
    Buffy’s “I can’t breathe” scene was great. I loved both Allison and Sarah’s acting, and the writing just felt real to me.

    I’m still trying to wrap my head around how Xander is a douche. If you want to see a douche, look at that “prop comedy” guy who won Class Clown. Xander is given an opportunity to keep sniping at Cordelia, but instead he pays off the rest of her prom dress. Awww. Is this the apology/burying of the hatchet we’ve been waiting for? Then Xander endures the prattling of a former demon explaining how she’s destroyed guys like him for centuries. That can’t be fun, but he sticks with it.

    Speaking of which, I like how they developed Anya. The “dis-empowered deamon trapped in a 12th grader’s body” story is fine, but having her succumb to her romantic feelings (which is the opposite of what she did as a demon) is great to see.

    Taking a moment out of the prom for the seniors to thank Buffy was great. Remember, she was the popular girl who had to put aside being the queen of high school to become the slayer. She has her moment of recognition in front of everyone, and you can see that it is gratifying to her because no one ever thanks her (remember that guy she saves from the hell hound?).

    The Bad
    The word I keep thinking of is “contrived”. There were lots of good parts, but the villian (and monsters) of the week are pitiful. They just serve to move the plot and aren’t really scary. The individual scenes are good, but they are put together in such a contrived way that it feels like the episode’s purpose was just to break up Buffy and Angel, then push them back together for a romantic prom night. The writer’s fingerprints are all over this one.

    The Joyce/Angel scene felt like a soap opera. I don’t know what it was, maybe the pacing or camera placement, but it was distracting.

    Buffy gets over her heartbreak much too quickly. I could believe it if the episode took place over the course of a week, but Buffy goes from “I can’t breathe” to angry to “one last night” a in a day or maybe a couple of hours.

    Having the villain’s monster’s on the loose before the good guys show up is Watchmen-esque and interesting, but it left some plot holes. Four monsters are always better than three, so why not send all of them? How fast is Buffy that she can outrun those things from their owner’s place? Why are they so easy to kill? It never felt like Buffy was in danger, just that she wanted to hide the presence of the hell hounds from the students.

    After featuring so many reoccurring characters in “Earshot”, why don’t we see more familiar faces at the Prom than just Jonathan? And where is Snyder? I can’t believe he wouldn’t want to terrorize the students on their special night.

    I know this is Cordia’s department, but what kind of button-up was Xander wearing at the beginning? It looked like someone sewed a “Puffy Shirt” into his button-up.

    Favorite Moment
    By now you know that I like The Funny. Giles’ “blessing” of Wesley pursuing Cordelia got the biggest laugh from me, and my pic for favorite moment. “Just have at it” indeed.

  6. Still commenting from the past …

    I understand Robin’s problems with the Mayor, but personally, he’s my all time favorite Buffy big bad. If the Master represented fate or death and Angelus represented betrayal, the Mayor represents AUTHORITY. (Corrupted authority if you are optimistic enough to believe in another kind). The principal covers up the supernatural for him. The police work for him. He’s friendly and gives good advice, but at bottom, he is choosing to be a monster. I don’t think it’s accidental that the other main authority figure this season – Quentin Travers – is a well intentioned monster in his own way.

    As for Faith’s relationship with the Mayor, I think she’s given in to his craziness, or it meshes with her own. Yes, he switches topics from hand washing to evisceration, but for Faith, that’s just how he is, and he acts like he likes her, at least sometimes. Also, she sees herself as bad and thinks she can get some comfort from giving in, and the Mayor is as bad as it gets at that point.

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