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Podcast #56: Graduation Day (2)

We are taking a two week break so we can come back refreshed for Season Four. You can comment anytime between now and then…

Here’s the podcast for Season 3, Episode 22 – Graduation Day (2)

The Yearbook

The Yearbook

Download: Graduation Day (2)

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The next podcast will appear on Monday 12th March 2012 for episode one of Season Four: “The Freshman.” That’s the one where Buffy, Oz and Willow head to college.

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    The parallel between Buffy and her education
    continue. Buffy is confused, has left things until
    the last minute and feels a little left out, while
    Willow is excited about college.

    Buffy is unsure about her future academic life,
    and it seems to be showing in her slaying. In
    all areas, Buffy is not at the top of her game.
    She can’t talk to guys, she’s not living at home,
    Giles seems distant and even she and Willow
    are no longer excited about the same things.
    She doesn’t have a boyfriend, and on top of
    that she is humiliated in front of the whole
    classroom. Yikes!

    I find the episode, while not too thrilling, it
    was somewhat clever, it’s interesting that we
    really feel for Buffy. We’re used to her being
    invincible but here she gets her ass whooped
    by an ordinary vamp and it shakes her and us
    (note that people refer to her as ‘Willow’s friend’!).

    Of course, our girl comes back once she regains
    her circle of friends (Xander helping her, going
    to get the gang, Giles on the way) is when she
    suddenly is able to overcome anything.

    I have to say that I don’t have a problem with
    Sunday winning the first fight. We’ve seen Buffy
    have problems fighting before when she’s upset.
    And Giles has said more than once that Buffy is
    very much an emotional fighter. She’s not a

    Since we all know Buffy too well, we know she
    gets depressed really quickly and doesn´t confide
    in her friends.

    I think her not confiding in them has to do as well
    with the Slayer part of her, the part where she is
    all alone and being hard on herself.

    I do wish they would have kept Sunday around for
    a bit longer though. She was fun to watch. =)

  2. There’s not a whole lot to say about The Freshmen I liked it a lot but really it is just setting up UC Sunnydale and what life is going to be like there and how the show will work from this point forward. In fact besides the phone call from Angel (I assume we can spoil and talk about things from Angel when the crossover to Buffy) and Buffy seeing him at the Bronze this could really work as a pilot to a brand new show or a spin-off from Buffy seasons 1-3.

    I have a few points I want to bring up though:

    I completely forgot the Xander in the Bronze and I absolutely loved it. Xander messing up the pop culture references wasn’t really needed and it was a lazy attempt at humor but overall the scene is one of Xander’s best in terms of a character, what he brings to the group and his friendship with Buffy.

    I kind of wanted some mention of Cordelia leaving Sunnydale. It could be explained in promos when this episode aired that Cordelia and Angel had moved on to Los Angeles but I kind of wanted some mention from the characters about Cordelia.

    I enjoyed Sunday for the most part and I do wish she had more than one episode (new best villain with only one episode?), her cronies weren’t the best. The dude vampire was incredibly annoying to me, especially his wow line after getting staked.

    We met Riley. I’m not Riley’s biggest fan but I’m going to try to go into this season with an open mind and try to like him, but as for right now when he asked “Do you want me to dead?”, my answer is an emphatic yes.

    I’ve accepted that UC Sunnydale is not a community college and that

    • (sorry hit post too early) it’s makes sense and I like that Willow goes there as well as Buffy but Oz. It’s not a bad school I get that so it’s fine if Oz wants to go there but really he doesn’t have a life outside of Willow. I want Oz to be his own separate character because I really like a guy who rigorously practices being calm but give him his own identity from Willow. He already flunked to go through senior year with her. Does he really have to follow her to college?

      Also did Willow say UC Sunnydale is only five miles away? That is incredibly close so is it really that hard for Joyce to believe that Buffy would come home so quickly? Already filling her room up with boxes, really Joyce? Really?

  3. Buffy Season 3 Trailer

  4. Just finished listening to this podcast and when you were talking about the music trophies it made me wonder: did Amy’s mom get barbecued in the fire? Oops!

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