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Podcast #58: Living Conditions

Here’s the podcast for Season 4, Episode 2 – Living Conditions



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The next podcast will appear on Monday 26th March 2012 for episode two of Season Four: “The Harsh Light of Day.” That’s the one where Spike, Harmony and Anya all come back into the picture.

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    Such a great episode. And part of it is because I love
    how they dealt with the Parker issue. This is not going
    to go away soon, Buffy still mopes around for two or
    three episode but all of that feels natural and right.
    Once again it shows that Buffy is not some unbreakable
    hero, that nothing hurts her, but the contrary.

    Buffy feels and hurts like the rest of us and that’s great.
    In some movies or shows they show a hero that is
    completely flawless and unreal. This just doesn´t
    happen with Buffy. She really thought that Parker
    was a good guy and now she blames herself for
    falling for his act. I really feel for her and am right
    there with her. No one likes to be used, and that’s
    what Parker did here. Very good writing for having
    Buffy’s second sexual experience be an important
    event that’s not washed over. I also like the ripples
    we see from this in the next couple episodes.

    I also love the fact that Spike is back. This guy is amazing
    and the fact that he’s with Harmony is just the icing on the
    cake, so to speak. Talk about the odd couple! We also get
    Anya back, trying to figure out her feelings for Xander.
    His reaction to her disrobing was priceless.

    All in all, a very good episode focused on all the characters.

    P.S – Peasant blouse sighting! Buffy wears a light blue one
    when she has that INCREDIBLE fight with Spike in broad

  2. If I have to judge this episode alone as just an episode of Buffy then I have to say Spike as much I love him, at the point in the show, doesn’t really need to be in this episode. Spike is in this episode for two reasons 1) Buffy has to fight something at the end of the episode (it was kind of cool watching them fight during the day, but really no one saw that?) 2) set up this crossover with Angel. The Spike storyline really does feel like a part one of part two a story we won’t get on Buffy. I don’t think it’s a spoiler to say this is the first and only appearance of the Gem of Amara on Buffy. Don’t get me wrong I enjoyed the scenes with Spike, especially those involving Harmony, bringing Harmony back as a vampire was always a great decision. The problem is that Spike and Harmony don’t really with the story they told this week, which was Parker.

    They couldn’t do the thing were they made Parker a demon, because they did the whole sleep with a guy he turns into a completely different person thing with Angel, so Spike is there to be the demon thing that Buffy has to fight because the show is Buffy the Vampire Slayer not Buffy the Girl Who Sleeps With Guys Who Break Her Heart. They did try to fit Spike into the story with him taunting her about Angel, which I actually really liked that moment but that was the only real connection between the storylines.

    Other Things:

    That being said I liked what they are doing with Parker and Buffy facing a guy who is not a jerk because he is a demon but he is a jerk because he is a “poophead”.

    I think Buffy being awkward around guys, is the most adorable thing I have probably ever seen.

    Anya’s back so don’t paraphase Cordia “Yay, Anya!”

    If they were trying to convince by the solemn montage of girls walking sadly at the end that this was a serious story of girls being mistreated by guys it didn’t work. Harmony and Spike are soulless and that was mostly played for laughs. Xander didn’t do anything wrong. The only girl who was undeservedly treated badly and we should care was Buffy.

    I was not a fan of how they used lyrical music playing over scenes in this episode. I don’t really mind it at all in other TV shows, depending on the song I can actually quite enjoy it but it felt out of place in Buffy and the usual have great instrumental pieces. (I think the last time they used really was season 1).

    Overall I actually liked this episode but just judging alone as a Buffy episode half of it is unfulfilling and disappointing for a Spike episode.

  3. Hi guys! I’m slowly catching up to you and I have finally made it to Season 4, yay! I find your podcasts addicting and listen to them all the time. It’s really nice to have a female point of view. I listened to other Buffy podcasts that were done with two guys and they seemed to glorify the male characters and since the male characters aren’t my favorites I didn’t get much out of them. You guys are a lot of fun to listen to and I went through seasons 2 and 3 really quickly so that I could catch up to you. As someone who has a slight obsession with the show it’s nice to know I’m not the only one.

    While season 4 isn’t my favorite, I find the tone of the season great and I think it sets the tone well of the following three seasons. The high school seasons were really good but it’s nice to see the Scoobies grow up and become adults. Another great part: Willow’s hair.

    I find that the first two episodes of the season were slightly weak, I like Living Conditions much more than The Freshman. It was a really funny episode, even if I rolled my eyes at the cheesiness. Also, I really liked that Kathy listened to Believe by Cher over and over again. I would go insane if a roommate did that to me.

    Just a little throwback to the past seasons:

    I didn’t like season one but I don’t think anyone did.

    Season 2 was great when Angel lost his soul, Spike and Dru were great even if some of the episodes were not as good, such as Inca Mummy Girl and Go Fish. I do agree with Robin that the end of Go Fish was ridiculous and I found it slightly creepy. Becoming Part 1 and 2 were so strong and I love how in Part 1, Buffy is running to the library to save everyone and it goes into slow motion. That scene always gets me.

    Season 3 wasn’t as great as I had built it up in my mind but it was my favorite out of the high school seasons. Dopplegangland has to be in my top 5 favorites considering Willow is my favorite character but I also think Alyson Hannigan is amazing and the difference between Willow and Vamp Willow was remarkable, it funny how two characters can look identical but be polar opposites. I wasn’t really on the Faith bandwagon, I think Eliza Dushku is Faith and will always play Faith. Fun fact: When Eliza Dushku was in Bring It On, one of the rival cheerleaders was confronting her character and Kirsten Dunst’s character and she said, “Can we just beat these Buffys down so I can go home?” The line always makes me laugh considering the connection. I also agree that Xander was a big douche in season 3 and I think him and Willow cheating on Cordelia and Oz was my least favorite thing throughout the whole series but because that happened there was The Wish and Dopplegangland so I can slightly forgive but I still really don’t like it. Graduation Day was great but I’m not a big fan of The Mayor; I found him unfunny and sometimes annoying, but as someone who recently graduated high school it had the right tone and made for a good transition to season 4.

    Alright I think I’ve ranted enough for now, I will plan on commenting more as I catch up and I will make sure to throw in my two cents on the following episodes.

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