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Podcast #61: Beer Bad

Here’s the podcast for Season 4, Episode 5 – Beer Bad

The Id showing no subtlety

The Id showing no subtlety

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The next podcast will appear on Monday 16th April 2012 for episode six of Season Four: “Wild at Heart.” That’s the one where Oz meets another werewolf.

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    I have so much to say about WILD AT HEART.

    This episode has always been one of my favorites.
    It’s such an emotional ride and ranks right up there
    with “Passions” from season 2, for the pain it causes
    the characters and for myself.

    It’s just an amazing, hard hitting episode as the Willow
    & Oz relationship comes to an end. No one on television
    cries like Alyson Hannigan. Her sobs come from the soul,
    like she’s really experiencing the pain, and I can only think
    of a few things more upsetting on Buffy than a weeping
    Willow. I know these days she is more into doing comedy,
    but she really holds her own with the drama.

    Every time I watch this episode, it always brings forth the
    tears. I, for one, as I’m sure a lot of people out there,
    know what it’s like to be betrayed by someone who you
    are romantically connected to.

    For Oz to do that to Willow, it was a definite surprise
    the first time watching the episode. For two and a half
    seasons straight they were quite the perfect match &
    to me, one of the best couples on television at that
    time. Oz has never been one to act rashly or give
    into spur of the moment passion. And in “Fear Itself”
    when Oz thinks that he is starting to wolf out, he talks
    himself down from it and holds the werewolf inside.

    I hated Oz when he kissed Veruca and I hated him
    even more when Willow found them together.

    I have so many favorite moments from this episode,
    it’s hard to choose just one but I’ve narrowed it down
    to three:

    1. Willow being so distraught she steps into the path
    of a car and instead of being saved by Buffy, she is
    saved by Riley.

    2. The whole scene in the science lab, from Willow
    starting the spell, to it ending with Veruca dead,
    Oz tranquilized, and Willow sobbing in Buffy’s arms.

    3. The ending where Oz leaves.

    That particular part that gets me every time, where
    Willow says “Oz… Don’t you love me?” and he replies
    with “My whole life, I’ve never loved anything else.”


  2. I don’t have time to rewatch the episode and live it with a little bit before I write my comments about it before Wednesday, but I do remember this episode being very busy, not necessarily a bad thing, just a lot went on in a short amount of time. I always felt the Oz storyline with Veruca was little too rushed because this is the first episode they dealt with it and then Oz leaves at the end, this may work in this episode, I’m just working off memory here. This was however planned from the beginning Seth Green was going to leave the show after six episodes,,84691,00.html, I don’t know they could have done the storyline any better with the time given.

  3. The Good
    I enjoyed the twist in the opening sequence during Spike’s monologue. The fact that he calls himself ‘The Big Bad” before getting tazed like a punk is part of what I love about Spike. That vamp just can’t catch a break.

    I think it is a great character moment for Oz’s better qualities to disappear once the werewolf in him gets a scent of Veruca. “Wild at Heart” adds depth to Oz’s werewolf side and brings into question what he should do with his curse (or is it a gift?). I like that Vercua doesn’t just blur the line between being a werewolf and being human, she throws away the line completely. By embracing the wolf, she has more control over it. Granted, her version of control ends up with people dead, but I like that the show is exploring what it is to be a werewolf in a way that affects the rest of the Scoobies.

    Other good moments:
    • The Oz-Willow moment waking up in the morning was sweet and sets the stage for the episode.
    • I like that Willow falls back to her magic for revenge, but stops herself before unleashing a really dark spell. The floating equipment really added to the mood of the spell.
    • Oz goes for the jugular!
    • Oz and Willow’s goodbye was perfect. The actors just put it all out there, and they don’t need to say a word to break our hearts.

    The Bad
    Why did Spike show up in the cold open, but not appear in any other part of the episode? If you asked me during the opening credits, I’d have told you this would be a Spike-focused episode.

    I risk sounding like a broken record, but the show’s werewolves just look like stuntmen down on all fours. I’m glad that Maggie said they looked like gorillas. And why did their transition pause halfway through?

    Riley saving Willow from the car felt contrived or heavy-handed at best.

    I’m beginning to think that the writers don’t know what to do with Giles, similar to what happened to Cordellia during the end of Season III. At times it feels like the characters appear in some episodes because they’re in the opening credits, not because they’re needed.

    Favorite Moment
    The scene where Willow finds Oz with Vercua in the cage. I loved the acting, the writing, and everything. It quickly covers all of the things that Oz should have done, Willow’s past betrayal, and Oz’s physical attraction to Veruca. I also enjoyed Oz breaking his characteristic stoicism by barking at Veruca and the waterfalls of tears down Allison Hannigan’s face. This Act III “turn” in the story just really stands out to me. It has superb writing that moves the episode plot forward.

  4. Alright, prepare to throw your rotten fruits at me, but I was glad to see Oz leave. Yeah, it was cute in the beginning how he noticed Willow when she was in her Eskimo outfit and he didn’t kiss her until he knew she wanted to kiss him. But he never really seemed part of the Scooby gang. He was a side character and usually only filled screen time in when he was a werewolf to do something interesting in the story, or to show how much he cares about Willow. He himself, as Oz and his own character, didn’t do much for the show.
    Plus, he and Alyson had NO chemistry. They acted more like old friends, not lovers at all. And perhaps I was kind of bored with their relationship from the beginning b/c I knew before watching any episodes of Buffy that Willow eventually becomes a lesbian, so I knew, one way or another, that Oz wouldn’t be with Willow much longer in the run of the series.

  5. PS: And I must add, perhaps it’s because I’m a straight female, but I can’t see anything attractive about Veruca. I can acknowledge oftentimes why men would find a certain woman appealing, but Veruca has nothing at all going for her. Ugh.
    I do wish they had had her in more episodes where we can see the attraction between her and Oz grow. It just seemed almost out of nowhere that this strong connection comes in. Other than one long, significant glance a few episodes earlier, it came out of the blue, and was therefore much less believable that Oz could behave this way. Therefore, my sympathy for him and what he did in this episode is nearly non-existant.

  6. Beer Bad: Actually this episode wasn’t as bad as I remembered it (but still it’s not a good episode and it is one of the episode I often skip). The beer stuff was rather stupid but there were some scenes I liked like the meeting of Buffy and Riley in the pub or the scene between Willow and Parker. I love the song played by Veruca’s band (which actually was played by THC).

  7. I was thinking about Beer Bad today because I occasionally like to think of things that make me angry, that’s why every so often my mind will to question like why has Michael Cera played the same character in every movie/tv show he has ever been on? And why do we live in a world that will have a minimum of nine seasons of Keeping with Kardashians. First off I wanted to bring up the scene Cordia’s favorite moment the Willow scene I actually do think this scene is good if it was in a different episode but everything before it was so awful I actually believed they were going to go with Willow actually falling for Parker’s tricks so when she doesn’t I’m just relieved I don’t enjoy the scene. Does anyone think that maybe they were forced to do this episode as some kind of PSA against underage drinking? I don’t think the problem with the episode is that it has a somewhat negative message on alcohol (I don’t drink period) but am I wrong in thinking they were forced to write this so that’s why it’s so lazy.

    I can’t believe I revisited Beer Bad, I just shuddered a bit in disgust.

  8. I’ve been away for awhile do to being extremely busy and computer issues, but I’m back and working on getting caught up.

    I only have one comment for the Beer Bad podcast. When Robin was saying, “How did they start the fire, and why did they start the fire?…” I couldn’t help but start singing the Billy Joel song “We didn’t start the fire.”

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