Posted by: thebuffyrewatch | April 16, 2012

Cordia’s Review: S4, E06 – Wild at Heart

Wild at Heart
Season 4, Episode 6
Original airing: 11/9/1999

My Rating: 48

The Good: I really loved the idea of this storyline. Bringing in another werewolf to tempt Oz is a brilliant concept. It would have really allowed for depth in Oz’s character that we haven’t gotten to see yet. Especially since we’re so used to seeing Oz as nothing but Willow’s Perfect Boyfriend.

The one thing I really liked in the episode was Oz and Willow’s final scene. They’re break up was extremely powerful and emotive, but it was all because of Alyson Hannigan and Seth Green’s acting. The story itself had little to do with it other than providing the opportunity for the moment.

The Bad: Unfortunately, it was all just way too fast and it left me feeling cold. The speed caused Oz’s decision making to seem out of character and particularly terrible. It doesn’t make any sense why he wouldn’t tell someone about Veruca. The moment where he lies to Buffy’s face is especially frustrating. It’s character manipulation for the sake of the plot. I don’t like it.

I was also annoyed by Veruca. Her acting was spotty and wavered from strong to just a lot of head rolling. Again, the concept of her character was great, but she ends up coming across as just another evil villain when she launches from happy-go-lucky to ready to kill Willow in 40 minutes.

The ending scene between Veruca and Oz was really bad. The half-shifts looked REALLY stupid and the fight was too fast. And, as always, the werewolves just aren’t convincing. They’ve never looked like more than stunt doubles down on all fours.

Finally, I wasn’t even happy with the other Scooby scenes. Normally these little moments will save the show for me, but this time I thought they were too forced. Giles in particular was the butt of some failed humor. The gang’s over-reaction to him in the Bronze was so forced it completely took me out of the show. All I could do was wonder why everyone was suddenly so uncomfortable having Giles around. It just didn’t fit.

Favorite Moment: My favorite moment is the break up scene between Oz and Willow. Despite everything else, this scene still made me cry. Alyson Hannigan and Seth Green did a fabulous job of expressing their confusion, despair, and sacrifice.

The Bottom Line: This could have been an awesome episode if the storyline had been given time to develop and grow across several episodes. Having to cram it all into 45 minutes hurt the story, the characters, and the emotions.


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