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Podcast #64: Pangs

Here’s the podcast for Season 4, Episode 8 – Pangs

Pincushion Spike

Pincushion Spike

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The next podcast will appear on Monday 7th May 2012 for episode nine of Season Four: “Something Blue.” That’s the one where Willow casts a spell to make her will come true.

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    Every episode (and season) of Buffy manages
    to possess a different quality of the show.
    Something Blue is a great example of top
    notch comedy in BtVS.

    I did find it a bit unfortunate that they would so
    callously say they were tired of Willow moping
    around when Buffy was doing the same thing
    last season. To be fair, though, Buffy was in a
    far worse situation than Willow was and also
    didn’t complain about it nearly as much to her
    friends, I think.

    Buffy’s problem has always been that she tries
    to deal with her problems herself, and I’d imagine
    that there probably wasn’t as much Buffy moping
    over Angel as there was Willow moping over Oz.

    As for Buffy and Spike pairing off, even if just for
    this episode, I think Spike and Buffy have been
    unconsciously attracted to each other from their
    very first contact in School Hard. Spike stalked her
    in a very sexual way at the Bronze, and she
    suggests putting down their weapons so they can
    fight hand to hand.

    There’s always been something between them;
    it just changes and grows and comes to the
    surface as the series continues.

    Sarah Michelle Gellar and James Marsters are
    awesome together and they have great chemistry.

    P.S – I thought I would mention some moments I
    enjoyed from this episode :

    – Buffy’s quick dusting of the vamp that interrupted
    her important conversation with Willow.

    – Spike desparately wanting to see Passions on the TV.

    – Willow de-ratting Amy into a human for a second and
    then turning her right back!

    – Spike making fun of Buffy’s name, and telling her it’s
    a terrible name. (On a side note, did you know the name
    Buffy is a pet name/pet form of Elizabeth? Elizabeth
    Anne Summers, has a nice ring to it, don’t you think?)

    – Xander’s reaction to seeing Buffy and Spike all over
    each other.

    – Buffy telling Riley she was just messing with him
    about marrying Spike.

  2. Score: 50

    While last week was probably a true 65 (average episode of a good show) this felt like a true mediocre episode to me. I actually watched this episode with a friend who just went through a similar break-up to Willow and Oz, except her ex was not a werewolf but just rather a humongous D-bag (I’m talking season 2 Xander “Go get him” Harris bad), so all the stuff with Willow plummeting back into the blues and her friends getting a little weary of it was fine. It rung true for me. However I did not enjoy at all Spike and Buffy in this episode and of course Riley and Buffy.

    Now first time I watched this episode I thought that Buffy and Spike stuff was hysterical on rewatch I didn’t at all. Part of this because of (SPOILERS!) it reminds me of a later storyline which I hate (END SPOILERS) and because it’s almost too much, when you have Buffy and Spike making out while Xander and Anya are about to be killed by a demon you have a reached a point of ridiculousness that I don’t care any longer.

    Speaking of not caring any longer, not that I ever did, but Riley. (SPOILERS! AGAIN!) This episode comes on the heels of a fantastic Angel episode and if you want to know why I like Angel and Buffy together it is because of that episode (END SPOILERS! AGAIN!) but Riley is no one anywhere interesting as Angel and the actor is just too awkward to gel with anybody on the cast. Angel didn’t get funny classic Whedon-y lines very often but David Boreanaz and his broodyness while maybe tiring for some was at least a compelling character. Riley is not. I’m not even getting the sense that Buffy is all that interested in Riley, I’m getting more of the sense that she wants something different and Riley’s nice and alive (two things Buffy hasn’t experienced at the same time in a guy) so let’s just give it a try. I actually don’t have a problem with Buffy attempting a normal relationship, everything doesn’t need to be Angel or should it but Riley is not compelling as a regular guy and being an awful secret commando guy doesn’t make him subvert the normal thing enough to make him interesting.

  3. The Good
    I like that Spike sees what the other Scoobies don’t, namely Willow’s vulnerability. It makes sense for him to have studied his opponents and ID weak points in the group. My only critique of this is that he could be giving the group this information in order to weaken his sworn enemy, but it only feels like he’s asserting his superiority over the Scoobies. At least it is consistent with how Neutered Spike acted in “Pangs”.

    Anya and Xander’s “off topic” banter is nice, though a little rushed. Just last week he called her his girlfriend and now they have their own secret couple language?

    Spike was getting FRESH with Buffy. The two actors believably played a “f*$%ing or fighting” couple. I can’t imagine Buffy and Spike together in any other way. The writing was spot-on, and the actors played it perfectly.

    Giles had some great one-liners this episode. My favorite – “It’s all right. I have more scotch.”

    The crypt fight was good. Really good.

    The Neutral
    As a result of the shellacking I got from Cordia during my review of “The Initiate”, I’m moving Willow transforming Amy to the “Neutral” column. I loved this moment the first time I watched the show, and it was an early contender for this episode’s “Best Moment”. However, it looks like TBRW as a group is putting every part of the episode through the acid test of believability, and this moment doesn’t pass muster. During the other occurrences of the Will Spell, Willow put emphasis behind her words. Willow is just telling a story when the Rat-Amy-Rat transformation occurs. You could say that Amy is a magnet for the spell because she is a magical rat, but there is no evidence for that theory in the episode.

    I know they tried to make the before-credits vampire dusting to come out of nowhere, but I was expecting it. In addition, Buffy says that “real love and passion have to go hand-in-hand with fighting”, but it didn’t match her dispassionate attitude as she dusted the vamp.

    Buffy thinks there’s something’s missing with Riley? Yes. It’s called “charisma” (see “The Weird” for the notable exception).

    I didn’t like the acting of “intoxicated” Willow. It felt like someone who’s never been drunk before was asked to act drunk. Like “After-School Special” drunk.

    Why are all the demons wearing street clothes? It feels obvious that they needed a lot of generic demons on short notice, so they dressed up a couple of stuntmen in (well-done) masks, gloves, and biker gear.

    Why do I have enough comments for this to be a section? I didn’t WANT to notice the fashion. This is all Cordia’s fault. Anyway…

    I don’t like Buffy’s hair. It looked messy. Her high-waist pants were also a throwback that I want to throw back to wherever they came from. Finally, Giles’ sweater just looks frumpy and it was unflattering whenever he stood up.

    On the bright side, I like Willow’s “Hear no evil” screen print t-shirt. They’re everywhere now, so I guess it was ahead of its time. I might be reaching, but I think it also completes the “evil” trio in this episode, along with Willow speaking nothing that was actually evil and Giles “seeing” a lot of evil between Buffy and Spike even though he was blind.

    The Weird
    Why do I feel the most connection between Buffy and Riley when she’s being deceitful towards him? Maybe it just took some time for the actors to start “clicking” on screen.

    Favorite Moment
    The best moment this episode was when Xander and Anya burst into Giles’ house. I have a special place in my heart for that moment when characters come back together after having separate adventures. The audience gets to re-live what happened to each character all over again through the eyes of another character. This happens a lot in plays and movies, but not very often on TV. That scene has more sarcastic cracks from Giles, Xander has a couple of good lines, and Spike practically breaks the fourth wall. Well done!

  4. Hi Guys,

    Wanted to let you know I am very much enjoying the podcast and am working on catching up with back episodes, but have a couple of comments from Pangs.

    Regarding Willow and her ‘obsession’ with not celebrating Thanksgiving and all that entailed, I did feel that the writers were trying to push this morality on the viewers. However, it is also very possible for people to “channel” their parents views without it being completely in line with their entire character – I know I have said and done things and then realized ‘oh no… totally channeling my Mother”. For something very significant in families, such as holiday traditions, I think this is more believable. Also, Willow is very depressed and not ‘on her game’ as usual which I think add to her just wanting to be contrary more than usual.

    And, of course, let’s talk about Spike… I do agree that the writing was inconsistent with whether he was ‘starved’ or seemed cold… but I could somewhat overlook that as JM always steals the scene. However, I do think that him coming to the Scoobies for help was not really a leap. He had already stooped so low as to try to win back Harmony (very, very, low…) and is cut off from other vampires. Also, he is a very social vampire – compared to Angel. He seems to thrive off being around others – Drusilla, Angelus, other minions, and recently even Harmony. (SPOILER – I think this continues throughout the series and really continues to distinguish him from brooding Angel… at least until a while into the Angel series, which I have not yet complete). I do not think it would have been realistic for him to just slink off by himself and stay completed isolated. And, of course, he still has hopes of chip removal.

    Finally, on Angel’s appearance, I do think that you need to be watching Angel to get that – I know I get it much more watching it now since I have seen that part of Angel.

    Something Blue:

    Have not ‘just’ re-watched this, but I know the first time I saw it, it was just too funny – the Spike/Buffy scenes were great. From other comments here, I think that on re-watch, how much you enjoy this may depend on how much you like various characters. I agree with Rob that the writing and acting was spot-on for them. I like Riley less on re-watch (boring…), so the scene with the dress in the window is just even funnier.

    Keep up the great work – really enjoy the fashion watch too. Still wondering about Dru and Spikes’ nails…maybe they have a vampire manicurist – never know…


  5. Wild at hearts
    There was already said a lot about this episode. It’s not the best episode but it has some nice moments. I get emotionally wrapped up very easy (no matter how bad the story is, when I see someone crying I have to cry myself (: ) and the last scene always brings tears to my eyes. At the end when Oz is sitting in his car I thought (when I watched this episode for the first time) he wouldn’t go away but return to Willow.
    In the launderette you can see that the actress who plays Veruca has a normal body and isn’t the typical skinny girl you would see on TV nowadays. I like it. In my opinion current TV shows/movies mostly show beautiful, perfect, skinny people which leads to a wrong body awareness not only among young people.

    I totally agree with both of you what you said about Riley. I wouldn’t say I don’t like him but I’m a bit bored of his character (uh, I hate his haircut!) and I think that’s one of the reasons why season 4 isn’t one of my favourite seasons.
    What is Anya wearing in the first scene?! Actually, I had trousers that looked like hers – bah! Construction Xander – seriously going to forget the frontloader and bulldozer and dig the foundation with a shovel? I was very surprised when Angel appeared in Giles apartment but I always felt Angel was needless. I watched both series and in the Angel episode before “Pangs” they made it sound like something really really bad and serious would happen to Buffy .. but it was just a monster-of-the-week-episode, more or less. I didn’t like the story very much but the humour was great. I love the last scene when Xander accidently lets it slip that Angel was in town and they all stare at Buffy.

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