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Podcast #65: Something Blue

Here’s the podcast for Season 4, Episode 9 – Something Blue

The Happy Couple

The Happy Couple

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The next podcast will appear on Monday 14th May 2012 for episode ten of Season Four: “Hush.” That’s the one where demons come to Sunnydale and no one can speak.

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  1. HUSH:

    This is by far, the BEST episode of a
    somewhat lackluster season. Hush was
    nominated for an Emmy and it boggles
    my mind on why it didn’t win. What other
    TV show could do a SILENT episode, with
    it being equally humorous and terrifying?

    I remember the first time I watched this
    episode, alone, at night, and being completely
    freaked out by the Gentlemen. They’re definitely
    the creepiest looking villains on Buffy. They’re
    appearance reminds me of Mr. Burns
    (Of the Simpsons), Nosferatu and The Penguin
    (from Batman) all rolled into one terrifying package.

    “Hush” is the first in what is an extremely accomplished
    list of episodes which use various “unique situations” as
    a way to continue the story of these characters.

    There’s a few scenes that are really subtle and display
    just how well Whedon does characters. I absolutely love
    how, even though no one can speak through a large
    portion of the episode, it is completely clear what
    everyone is trying to say to each other. Most television
    shows don’t have good enough writing to fully accomplish
    the same thing even when their characters are speaking.

    A subtle example of this episode at its best is when Buffy
    and Willow enter Giles’ place. He puts his hand on Buffy’s
    shoulder with a very warm smile while Willow’s writing
    frantically on a white board. It turns out the urgent thing
    Willow needed to say was simply, “Hi Giles.” He then
    gives her some comforting glances as well. Just by
    watching these subtle gestures and expressions it’s
    not too difficult to see that Giles is very much a father
    figure for Buffy, and to a lesser extent, the entire group.

    I’m glad that finally Buffy discovers Riley is one of the
    commandos that they’ve been trying to find out more
    about since the beginning of the season. Riley also
    discovers something possibly even more shocking.
    The tiny, quirky, and blond girl he’s persuing a
    relationship with turns out to be much stronger than
    him. I love Riley’s wide-eyed ‘WTF’ face when he sees
    Buffy kick one of the henchman guys across the room.

    All he knows is that there’s something huge she’s been
    keeping secret from him as well. The episode ends on
    their ‘conversation’ about who each of them are. Now
    that things are revealed, no one can say anything.

    “Hush” is perfect in all the ways that matter, and is
    an absolute joy to watch each and every time.

    Some moments that I thought should need a special

    – The creepy nursery rhyme. It was very NIGHTMARE

    – Giles’ drawings. He’s definitely not an artist and his
    drawing of Buffy with huge hips cracked me up, as well
    as her reaction to it.

    – Buffy’s staking motion. I remember being absolutely
    surprised that they went there with that gag.

    – The introduction of Tara.

    – Riley’s face as he slo-mo smashes the thing he thinks
    Buffy wants smashed, only not.

    One thing I disliked about this episode was Buffy’s
    scream that destroys the Gentlemen :

    I’m thinking it was completely dubbed and that wasn’t
    even Sarah Michelle’s actual voice.

  2. I remember liking Something Blue quite a lot. On rewatch however, I was surprised at how irritated I was by the first half of the episode.

    In fact I think I am *glad* that the Spike/Buffy story “derailed” Willow’s badly written angst fic. Like Xander, after five minutes of watching her whining, I was “soooo, soooo sick of it”, that I was heartily glad the rest of the story was comedy.

  3. I really enjoyed this episode because it moved things forward and was fun to watch. The title comes from a wedding tradition (“Something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue, and a silver sixpence in her shoe.”). It’s also a reference to Willow, who is “blue”, because of Oz. And it could be a reference to D’Hoffryn who himself is blue.

    I don’t want to be spoilery but this episode foreshadows a lot of things that are yet to come in this season and the following.

    This episode marks the first time Willow does a complex spell that goes wrong. It’s also worth noting that Buffy, under Willow’s spell, asks Giles to give her away at her and Spike’s wedding. My favourite scene is when Buffy reveals to Xander and Anya that she’s going to get married and he says “What? How? What?” and Giles response “Three excellent questions”. I always have to laugh.

    Some Trivia: In 2007, an episode of “How I Met Your Mother” (with Alyson Hannigan)was entitled “Something Blue.” In the scene where Willow confesses to Giles that she tried to perform a spell to have her will done a poster with the title “Murphy’s Law” is visible behind her.

  4. This is another top 3 episode for me along with Dopplegangland. It is a hilarious, well written episode. It is so creepy and yet so funny. Because of my love for this episode I’m willing to overlook the parts that aren’t so good, including: Buffy and Riley kissing, Giles and Olivia kissing, Buffy’s scream which was obviously NOT Sarah Michelle Gellar and that horrible, as Joss Whedon called it “Flintstone looking” shirt that Buffy wears in the dream sequence. Tara’s shirt in the scene where she’s talking to Willow about magic was horrid too. However those things do not matter because of these reasons:

    1. I have always loved Anya’s bluntness and I wasn’t disappointed when she did the now famous (or infamous?) hand gesture.
    2. Spike giving Xander the peace sign when Xander accuses him of taking the voices. Which doesn’t make me think of him in a better light at all but I chuckled.
    3. Buffy indicating that Giles made her hips really wide which was a gag that Sarah Michelle Gellar thought of herself.
    4. Alyson Hannigan was great, she is really good at showing emotions and with the silence of the episode it magnified it greatly. Especially the scene where she looks like she is going to write down something super important but it really says “Hi Giles.” She was really adorable.
    5. The Gentlemen were actually creepy! Which was a surprise because most monsters of the week are not.
    6. Buffy’s dirty staking motion. The looks she gets and the look on her face is hilarious.
    7. Xander thinking that Giles is talking about boobies.
    8. Xander beating up Spike. Great!
    9. Willow indicating that Buffy was drooling during her dream.
    10. The fact that when they get their voices back, Buffy and Riley cannot think of anything to say to each other.

    and last but not least:

    11. The introduction of Tara, which I have mixed feelings on and I will explain those as the episodes progress. I really like how Amber Benson can fall so naturally. However, Tara’s shyness isn’t something I’m a fan of so we’ll see what happens with that. It is nice to see Willow have a friend who also does magic, that way there is someone who can relate to what she is going through.

    I believe that is everything I wanted to say about Hush. It was a great episode that was ironically the only episode nominated for a Best Screenplay Emmy.
    If I was going to score this episode it would definately be 99/100. I can’t give it a perfect score because there were imperfections but this was one of the episodes that was as close as it got to perfect for me.

    Oh yeah, and Willow’s pajamas were so adorable and are definately Willow-esque.

    One last thing, I promise, I love listening to Joss Whedon’s audio commentary on the episode. If you haven’t watched the episode with his commentary I highly recommend it because you can get a lot of awesome Buffy trivia but if you are a first time watcher beware because he does spoil some things.

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