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Podcast #66: Hush

Here’s the podcast for Season 4, Episode 10 – Hush

The Gentleman

The Gentleman

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The next podcast will appear on Monday 21st May 2012 for episode eleven of Season Four: “Doomed.” That’s the one where Buffy and Riley try to understand each other’s secret identities (and an Earthquake happens).

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  1. I just have a comment about the Spike discussion before I rewatch Doomed. If Buffy had straight up staked Spike now it would feel like murder, but only from a viewer perspective because we have gotten to know Spike and we have spent time with outside time with the Scoobies. We know Spike, we like Spike however in this world vampires are beyond redemption. They are soulless and evil, they have human characteristics, but the show has established that there is nothing good in them, that’s why Buffy stakes them. When a vampire rises from the grave Buffy doesn’t sit them down and talk to them about how they can live a peaceful life if they promise to pinky-swear to not kill anybody, she stakes them. Spike should be staked and the fact that no one not even Xander who had serious issues with ensouled Angel being back hasn’t said anything is a problem.

    Also I know Spike can’t hurt them but what’s to stop him from drugging them somehow and calling a vampire buddy (he’s lived for hundreds of years, you can’t tell me he doesn’t have some demon contacts) to finish off these people he has wanted dead for so long.

  2. I think I can understand why this episode hasn’t won an Emmy.. because while it is perfect for the fans in the context of previous episodes, it might cause a lot of “puzzling” & confusing moments to someone who has no established frame of reference!.. It is – after all – an almost No-Dialogue episode.

    How could a new comer – for example – deduce the subtle non-spoken conversations between silent characters if he has no idea what they USUALLY say in these situations?


  3. I wanted to add the Emmy discussion about Hush. I don’t put a whole lot of stock into award show that are decided on by a committee or academy because chances are that group of people is 99% old white guys. Really an episode of Hush is going to be remembered and influence far more people than whatever episode won the Emmy for the West Wing, which is a show that I actually enjoy.

    A genre show is rarely going to win an Emmy because take for example Anya’s orgasm friend comment in Hush. To someone who was voting on this episode for the Emmy who has never seen Buffy the Vampire Slayer (because I don’t think old rich white guys was the demographic for this show) they would think that Anya has some sort of mental problem. When you explain to that person that Anya isn’t mentally handicapped she is just an ex-demon, chances are that old white dude is immediately going to check out and dismiss the show as silly.

    That is if they even watched the episode because it’s not too big of secret that the voters for the major award shows don’t really watch the nominees. So even thinking about that way which is more old rich white friendly name “Hush” – Buffy the Vampire Slayer or “Episode-title-with-some-kind-of-Bible-allusion” – The West Wing?

  4. Sorry, I guess this is my 3rd comment this week but I had to catch up with the last couple of episodes.

    I love Hush. It’s oustanding and thrilling and full of humour. It was very risky of them to do an episode where only few words are spoken. I love how Hush addresses the limits and assets of language and communication and what happen to society when communication breaks down.
    During the first part of the episode the characters weren’T able to express their thoughts and feelings. But when they loose their speech, they readily express what they feel.

    I think the Gentlemen are one of the most frightening villains on Buffy. I read that they were inspired by a nightmare Joss Whedon had as a child. The Gentlemen were played by mimes and they did a great job. I’m not sure but I think on the commentary on the DVD they said they could do this big grin without any help.

    I like the introduction of Tara and the scene when both Buffy and Riley are on patrol and suddenly finds themselves face to face. I also like Olivia’s frightened reaction to a Gentleman floating by the window. Giles overhead presentation is just great.

    My favourite scene is when all the scoobies first meet at Giles house. It feels like a special moment and brought tears to my eyes.

    Buffys scream at the end is not the real Voice of Sarah Michelle Gellar. On the commentary they said it was somenone else.

    Originally Joss Whedon passed over Amber Benson because she didn’ fit his mental image of how Tara should look and act like. Marti Noxon convinced him to give her another try and he was so impressed that he decided to fit the character to the actress. He also planned that Riley and buffy to have sex for the first time but then decided it would be too early for the characters. I can totally agree with that, it would have been odd.

    Just a thought about Spike and why he is still around: Maybe Buffy’s slayer senses keep her back to dust Spike. Maybe unconsciously she knows/feels there’s a reason to let him live.

    Phew, that was a really long comment…

  5. I just heard an interesting story of how this episode came about. Rumor has it that someone had told Joss Whedon that the only reason “Buffy” worked was because of the amazing writers/dialogues. So, he wrote an episode with almost half of it being completely silent in order to showcase his actors’ abilities.

  6. I know this is an old post, but I just found this site, and I just had to say this too is one of my favorite episodes. I love the scene where Xander comes in and thinks Spike has killed Anya and starts beating on Spike. The look on Spikes face when he stops is so pitiful. It says so much in those few seconds. It looks like he is saying,”Gee thanks for beating the hell out of me for nothing even though I am the Big Bad I do have feelings and you just hurt them.” It’s silly but great.

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