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Podcast #68: A New Man

Here’s the podcast for Season 4, Episode 12 – A New Man

Giles as a demon

Giles as a demon

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The next podcast will appear on Monday 4th June 2012 for episode thirteen of Season Four: “The I In Team.” That’s the one where Buffy joins the Initiative.

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    I can see as to why this episode is the turning
    point of this season, but I find this episode
    doesn’t really change anything in a good or
    exciting way. Sure, Professor Walsh is killed,
    by her own creation, and the big bad of the
    season finally shows itself, but it doesn’t leave
    such a big impact as Angel losing his soul in
    season 2, or Faith killing a human and joining
    the mayor’s side in season 3. The I In Team was
    just ‘meh’ material.

    The entire idea of Commando Buffy just doesn’t
    work and seems ridiculous. The military does not
    mesh with anything that is Buffy. I really wish the
    writers would have come up with a better season
    4 storyline, one that didn’t have to involve the
    government and boring Riley!

    That aside, there are some good things going on.
    The characters continue to develop, which in this
    season involves separation from one another.
    An early conversation, while playing Poker, between
    Willow and Xander is telling. Willow says, “Guess she’s
    out with Riley. You know how it is with a spanking new
    boyfriend.” Is it just me or does that statement say a

    Willow is a little annoyed that Buffy’s spending more
    time with Riley than with her. We see that annoyance
    return later at the Bronze when Buffy shows up an hour
    late with a bunch of Initiative guys. It’s interesting,
    because Willow’s been hiding her growing relationship
    with Tara from Buffy. It’s a little unfair of Willow to expect
    Buffy to be hanging out with her when she, herself, is
    busy with another person. Willow’s double standard is
    blatant when both Buffy and her walk into their dorm
    the following morning. Buffy wasn’t the only one out
    with someone all night, and at least Buffy’s not concealing
    what she’s doing..

    The two of them have lost touch of their friendship
    because of the new people in their lives. Their
    friendship feels about on par with what real-life
    friendships feel like, especially considering that it’s
    the “Freshman Year and New Friends” scenario..
    Hopefully they’ll be tight again soon.

    My favorite moment: Buffy showing up in the monitor
    behind Professor Walsh after she tells Riley that Buffy
    is dead. Buffy’s threat to Walsh is bad-ass. She DOESN’T
    know what a slayer is, and what a slayer can do, and
    ultimately (maybe even luckily) she never gets to find
    out because she’s killed by her own creation.

    I was glad Professor Walsh was killed off, I found her to
    be extremely annoying!

    PS – Peasant blouse sighting! Buffy wears a brown one
    when she goes down to the sewers to track the demons.

  2. I wanted to comment on the “should buffy kill spike” thing that keeps being brought up. First let me say that I’m sure there are several rebuttles to this thought, but I still think it’s what is probably going through Buffy’s mind. Buffy is a soldier. In war, you don’t shoot an unarmed enemy that is no longer a threat. As of now, that’s what spike is.

    Also, I love the podcast. I look forward to it every week.

    I also hated Pangs. I somehow missed it until I rewatched the series and wished I’d kept missing it. I enjoy a good point to a story but not one that in my face and even if all of the scoobies were in favor of helping out the Native American guy, he was trying to kill them. I’m in favor of dealing with your issues after you stop trying to kill me.

    Until Maggie Walsh and Giles get married,


  3. The New Man: The conversation between Giles and Prof. Walsh feels very akward and constructed. I never liked it.
    I think it’s not believable that Giles wouldn’t tell Buffy about his transformation because he sould know that one of the scoobies could come visit him and find the mess in his house.
    I like Giles’ smile when Ethan is arrested and I always laugh when Buffy says “Uhoh, you have but-face.”
    I don’t like commando-guy-Riley, it’s so obvious that he wants to impress Buffy – annoying!

    I don’t know if it’s right but after this episode Joss Whedon decided that Tara and Willow’s friendship would turn romantic due to the impressive chemistry of the actors.

    • I forgot to add: My favourite scenes are the introduction of Ethan Rayne and Buffy appearing on the monitor behind Prof. Walsh when she tells Riley Buffy died.
      It seems Ethan has no reason to do whatever he does..but he worships chaos, doesn’t he? I guess that’s the main reason for him to cause trouble.

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