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Podcast #69: The I in Team

Here’s the podcast for Season 4, Episode 13 – The I in Team

Finally the guy stays

Finally the guy stays

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The next podcast will appear on Monday 11th June 2012 for episode fourteen of Season Four: “Goodbye Iowa.” That’s the one where Buffy and Riley don’t trust each other and Adam goes walkabout.

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    Good god, is this episode dull! Riley is quite possibly the
    most boring and annoying character to grace this show.
    In my own opinion, there’s no real passion between Buffy
    and Riley, no chemistry, no nothing!

    Willow and Tara seem to produce more sparks in their
    scenes together and they haven’t even kissed yet.

    I don’t like how Riley goes ballistic on Buffy- she’s done
    absolutely nothing to him or to anyone that’s at all suspicious,
    yet he’s yelling at her and shaking her around when *she*
    was the one who was almost killed by Professor Walsh.
    W T F!

    What to say about Adam..Buffy can hit him all day and he
    doesn’t blink or budge. Then one swing of his arm and she’s
    flying 20 feet. He’s strong, sure, but I don’t find him particularly
    scary. He seems almost implausible.

    One moment I do remember enjoying was Buffy’s yummy
    sushi-pyjama speech. It was a very Buffy-esque moment
    where things get serious, but then gets absolutely turned
    around and turns into a comedic moment.

    As much as I love Buffy as a show, season 4, excluding a
    few episodes, just doesn’t cut it for me and I’m anticipating
    for the podcast to get to season 5, which is my favorite season.

  2. I love Willows pink skirt and the purple cardigan when she talks to Tara. Looks really sweet.

    I like the scene when Buffy is in the initiative and has a lot of questions. I also like the mix of the fighting and the physical scenes.

    Why did it take a whole day to find hostile 17? They discover him in the night but they are still searching him the next day.

    When I first watched this episode I was really surprised when Prof. Walsh was stabbed from behind.

    Buffy’s friends feeling alienated from her role as the Slayer, seems to become an overarching theme of this season. In the last episode it was Giles who felt left out. In this episode it is Willow who feels left out and hesistant about Buffy joining the Initiative.

    Goodbye Iowa:
    I hate Forrest. He’s such an annoying character.
    I like the scenes where the gang stays at Xander’s place and I love Buffy’s yummy sushi pyjamas speech…But besides it’s a rather medicore episode.

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