Posted by: thebuffyrewatch | July 2, 2012

Cordia’s Review: S4, E17 – Superstar

Season 4, Episode 17
Original airing: 4/4/2000

My Rating: 64

The Good: I really enjoyed this episode. I generally have a good time seeing the characters I know and love slightly tweaked from their normal behaviors. I thought bringing in Jonathon was quite clever, because this was a pretty serious violation too. If it had been one of the Scoobies, it might have been unforgiveable. As it is, it made sense for Jonathon, a habitually socially awkward guy, to try and take this shortcut to acceptance and popularity.

I thought the humor was excellent. It worked because of how it manipulated our characters. It was fun seeing people question Buffy and pander to Jonathon. I especially loved how Giles seemed taken with him. Very cute.

That is what kept me engaged in this episode. The main emotional section is supposed to be about Riley and Buffy, but I just don’t care about them. So having the humor surround that story really helped me deal with it.

The Bad: My only problem with the main storyline was how quickly Buffy figured it out. She doesn’t really have any prior experience with alternate universes, that she can remember, so it seems weird that this would be her first guess.

I also continued to be annoyed by Adam and his heavy handedness.Apparently, he’s set up a new base in a library where he’s watching a bunch of TVs.  But he doesn’t notice what’s on them till the vampire points it out. Then, he comes out of nowhere with his apparent omniscient-ness and blatantly spells out the rest of the story. So far, Adam has mostly come across to me as a lazily written villain. If he knows everything, how is he possibly defeat-able? And it’s annoying to have his ridiculous grasp on reality used to explain the story.

Favorite Moment: I really enjoyed when Buffy assaults Spike. His exclamation, “Hey! You’re not supposed to do that!”, coupled with her threat and subsequent “what?!” hand gestures were awesome. Love it.

The Bottom Line: I had fun with this episode, despite Buffy, Riley, and Adam. That’s what kept it from being great for me. But it was definitely still entertaining.


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