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Podcast #73: Superstar

Robin is away for two weeks, so the next episode will be released on Monday July 30th.

Here’s the podcast for Season 4, Episode 17 – Superstar

Jonathan can do it all

Jonathan can do it all

Download: Superstar

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The next podcast will appear on Monday 30th July 2012 for episode eighteen of Season Four: “Superstar.” That’s the one where Buffy and Riley have sex…a lot.

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  1. Ok because I’m not going to remember this when you guys come back but I got to throw my opinion into the quickness of the resolution of Who Are You? I do agree that the episode feels rushed at the end to give it a resolution but I don’t see Faith as cured or less crazy. Also I know the argument that with Angel and Buffy each show should exist on it’s own but I disagree. I think each show should feel like it’s the same universe and with crossover episodes I view the Buffy episode before as part one of the Angel episode after and Faith does go over to Angel and she is just as insane as ever.

    Also to Robin’s point that following up Who Are You? with Superstar cheapens it I agree but it doesn’t bother me because there is an Angel episode that deals with the fallout far better then it is dealt with Buffy. The problem with Superstar is that is a SNL skit for hardcore Buffy fans stretched out into 40 plus minutes.

    P.S. I skipped Where The Wild Things Are the first time I watched Buffy on the Netflix description alone so this will be first viewing. I only assume it will be Riley and Buffy awkwardly groping each other like a couple of teenagers for an hour, which is scary enough so a demon really isn’t necessary.

    • Just watched Where The Wild Things Are…. well that was an uncomfortable 40 minutes. It’s not just the constant watching Buffy and Riley go at each other or Xander and Anya saying sex 50 times in front of children or the orgasm wall. No it’s really all of those things, this was just really bad and I didn’t want to keep watching. There was no moment where I felt really compelled to keep going. There was the Anya and Spike material but even that felt clunky and didn’t last enough. I really just wanted it to stop this didn’t even feel like Buffy. Beer Bad, Inca Mummy Girl all felt like Buffy this feels like a show I never want to watch.

      On the plus side there was more credence to my crackpot Forrest is gay theory. While everyone is hooking up with members of the opposite sex who is Forrest spending time with? Graham. Just sayin’.

  2. Stil catching up – I agree that my response is pretty much based on the fact that I found the joke and the acting to be consistently funny, but I thought Superstar was a very successful episode.

    First, a light comic episode was a nice change after two heavy, emotionally dramatic episodes. Second, I thought it was a pretty funny spoof on the Walter Mitty or Mary Sue daydreams that are common to fandom. I hope I’m not the only person who occasionally daydreams about how cool it would be to be a lead character in a genre show, but watching Jonathan live out an absurd fanfic fantasy worked for me. Third, I thought the deus ex machina relationship and strategy advice worked. It was out of the blue for a magical idealized Jonathan to tell them how to defeat Adam and fix their relationships, but not that implausible when you live on a Hellmouth.

    On a serious note, Buffy’s lectures to Jonathan here and in Earshot aren’t wrong, but seem insensitive to me. Jonathan’s not very mature, but he’s so desperately lonely, and Buffy hangs around with people like Xander and Spike, who range from douches to mass murderers. I can’t blame Jonathan for thinking that the reason he’s out is that he doesn’t have tv star good looks.

    Since Cordia hasn’t announced Jonathan on the “Buffy Lasts,” let me ask people to think about this question from time to time. How would the series be different if Buffy called Jonathan to help out with some research every now and then, or if Willow and Tara invited him to do spells with them? Well, maybe not that second thing, but I bet he would show up and turn out to be a pretty good friend.

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