Posted by: thebuffyrewatch | July 2, 2012

While we’re gone…

Here’s a couple of listener updates. Karla came third (out of 40) in her sci-fi writing competition. Thank you to those who checked out her story.

Meanwhile regular contributor Rob (who knows Cordia in the real world) gave her this very cool gift for her birthday.



  1. Thank You so much for all your help! Have a nice mid season hiatus! lol!


  2. I just wanted to share this with you: a Buffy travel mug 😉,415857790

  3. Hey guys as long as we are sharing fun Buffy links. Y’all should checkout these Buffy cinematic trailers on YouTube put out by Buffyversetrailers. Pretty fun as long as we’re on break.

    Here’s a link to the Season One trailer.

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