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Podcast #74: Where the Wild Things Are

Here’s the podcast for Season 4, Episode 18 – Where the Wild Things Are

The Orgasm Wall

The Orgasm Wall

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The next podcast will appear on Monday 6th August 2012 for episode nineteen of Season Four: “New Moon Rising.” That’s the one where Oz comes back.

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    I know I’m a podcast too late but before I begin I just
    want to say WELCOME BACK! You were missed.

    Onto the episode:

    Oz is back! Yay! And I find it was perfect timing for him
    to return. As Willow and Tara’s relationship is blossoming,
    Oz returning definitely couldn’t have happened at a better
    time. This is an episode that just HAD to happen and it’s
    pulled off pretty well. Tara and Oz meet and Willow has
    to decide which way she wants to go: back to Oz or
    continue with Tara. Since Oz left Sunnydale a bit abruptly
    back in “Wild at Heart” there’s been a lack of closure in his
    relationship with Willow, and this episode gives us that
    closure in a pretty satisfying way.

    It also manages to elevate Willow and Tara’s relationship
    to a new level. While I loved Oz and Willow as a couple,
    I think that choosing Tara was a smart and rational decision
    on Willow’s part. Willow isn’t the same person she was when
    Oz left; a lot has happened including her separation from
    Buffy and the Scoobies, which coincides with her growing
    relationship with Tara. The scene were Oz takes Willow
    outside under the full moon is a perfect example of just
    how much Willow has changed. Her reaction is really

    At first she is absolutely thrilled and hugs him, but as Oz
    holds her it’s almost like she begins to notice it doesn’t feel
    quite right anymore. She then backs off a bit and says, “It’s
    wonderful FOR YOU.”

    The scene in the dorm room between Buffy and Willow is
    also something, I find, that had to happen. She realizes she
    has feelings for Tara, and Buffy being the first person she
    comes out to, makes a lot of sense. They’re best friends
    and while Buffy does take it as a huge surprise, it wears
    off quickly and she is more understanding, because she
    knows Willow is still her best friend.

    Coming out to my best friend was not easy, but she took
    the news better than Buffy had. It shows just how strong
    the bonds of friendship can be. And that is also conveyed
    with Buffy and Willow, even if they are two characters on
    a fictional television show. Willow’s coming out – to Buffy,
    at least- was really well done and was very believable &
    relate-able. Both actresses did wonderful in that scene.

    While Tara is a bit boring, I am open for change and
    Buffy is a great show where the characters get to evolve
    and grow, not always staying the same and Willow’s
    storyline was probably the most interesting from the
    fourth season. Not only with her growing ability as a
    witch, but also with her sexuality.

    I think it was handled wonderfully and this is a great
    episode after two ‘I’d rather watch infomercials instead’
    lackluster episodes.

    P.S – The ending goodbye scene between Willow and
    Oz gets me crying every time. It’s wonderful, emotional
    closure for the viewers, and for the characters.

    Oz will be missed.

  2. So New Moon Rising,

    I know there was a huge backlash when this episode first aired that Willow chose Tara, and more specifically a woman over Oz. Even as a Willow and Tara fan I felt bad for Oz, he came back to Willow only to find she was in love with someone else. Anybody would be hurt by that. I really like Oz and for a little over two years Willow and Oz were a cute couple but they were the cute couple and it wasn’t until Season Four when they were pushed into maturity. Its unfortunate that Oz had to leave the way he did and leaving Willow so heartbroken was very sad. It was nice that the nature of Willow and Tara’s relationship was out in the open, and I liked the scene where Willow tells Buffy how she feels about Tara.

    UGH the STUPID Initiative, the way they treat Oz is horrible and Riley’s stupid “all demons are bad” attitude is sooooo irritating I want to punch him. Even when he realizes its Oz and throws away his whole belief that demons are bad doesn’t make me like him. I know nobody does and I never did like him, but the whole macho attitude he has in this episode towards demons puts him on my blacklist right below Spike. Although, I’m sure Riley was on there before but he really made me mad in this episode. And I realize that Spike was on my blacklist before and after the Willow “rape” scene and I know that I am probably the only fan who doesn’t like Spike. I will say I liked him a lot better pre-chip and because of things that happen later in the series I really, really don’t like him. I wish I could see what everybody else does but alas I don’t, just like Cordia doesn’t see attractiveness in Tara.

    When it comes to Willow and Tara, I’m a sucker, I actually watched an episode from a later season and saw that they were together and from then on I was into the show. I didn’t know when starting from the beginning of the show that Willow was straight and that Tara didn’t come in until season four.

    Despite my soft spot for them, I have to agree that they do seem like friends holding hands, at first. As both characters mature I feel like their relationship matures and after that change occurs they are no longer friends just holding hands, they are two people in love. I think in the beginning their relationship seems a bit platonic because they aren’t sure where their relationship is going. It makes sense that both would be tentative about pursuing a relationship. I totally expect people to disagree with me just as I disagree with them but that’s just how I feel.

    I think the last few episodes of the season are the better ones and I look forward to finishing this season and moving on to the next.

    And one last comment I swear, hearing my comments on the podcast was great and this comment will probably get chopped down like my others but listening to the last podcast made me realize how many comments I really posted and I found my eyes widening when you guys said, “And yet another one from Chantel.” I went on a comment spree but was glad to hear my comments, it made me feel special.

  3. SPIKE (and Where the Wild Things Are)

    Your comments about Spike’s vamp face generated some general thoughts about him. The thing you need to remember is that Spike isn’t anything like Angel. We’re told in season 2 that Spike stinks of humanity, while evil Angel is completely devoid of it. When Angel’s demon is in control, Angel the human has zero control over it, even when he hasn’t really lost his soul, like in that season 1 episode of Angel. We know that letting his demon side out is always a struggle for him, even when he remains in control.

    Spike on the other hand has humanity in him even without a soul. Now that he’s been defanged, that humanity is getting a chance to practice at being good. As that happens, it takes just a little more to wake the demon inside.

    So when Spike takes longer to decide he hates the scoobies, or can’t work up a vamp face without being angry, I think we’re seeing a subtle evolution of his personality as it is freed from being able to act on the rage and hunger of the demon.

    There’s lots more to say on this subject, but it’s super spoilery. I’ll try to comment on episodes in the future that touch on this subject. Near the end of season six we’ll see just how well this humanity stands up to the demo.

    For my money Spike and Willow are a toss up for the best series-long arcs.

  4. The Buffy Rewatch

    Just wanted to say welcome back! I really didn’t want to pitch in on “Where the Wild things are” because of my hatred of that episode. Y’all really should have just come back on a good episode like “New Moon Rising.” In any case glad to be hearing from y’all again. Also glad y’all checked out the cinematic trailers(Thanks for pointing out the spoiler potential!!). They’re best being seen in retrospect, so maybe after each season finale I’ll share a link(Season 5 definitely is the best cut trailer).

    “New Moon Rising”

    Oz is back! Cue Alyson Hannigan tears!

    I’ve always liked Oz and thought he had the potential of being a really fascinating character. Smart, cool, always stoic, but with an animal nature underneath. We’ve always just seen him as Willow’s boyfriend and it would have been great to actually see the character develop independently from that.

    This episode and “Wild at heart” made me respect Seth Green’s acting ability. He really does a lot for a character that is very reserved.

    The first scene with Oz is great and I can imagine that being a genuine surprise for the audience. His sudden appearance sucks the energy right out of the room. It really conveys the uneasiness the other characters are feeling and I like that Oz is there for one reason, Willow.

    I love the tragedy of the character Oz. That he has this monster inside of him that keeps him from the woman he loves. Later Learns to control it, but the woman he loves is the only thing that brings “it” out. Also it seems like this “cure” has made the werewolf curse a whole lot worse in many ways. Instead of just three nights out of the month, suddenly he’s all Bruce Banner, always having to have his emotions in check. I wish they would have cut out the bit with him being shocked into a werewolf. Having the wolf only come out with severe emotional pain would seem to work better. If only to keep up with the “only Willow” bringing it out.

    I really like the musical score going on in this episode. The different themes used for Oz/Willow and Tara/Willow are both great.

    It is kind of weird that Buffy calls Riley a “bigot” about loving a monster and later freaks about the Willow/Tara relationship. I suppose it’s just the initial shock, but still she’s been pretty blind to it thus far. And I found it interesting (for an earlier call back) that “Fuffy” got Tara and Willow right off the bat.

    Oz showing up again made me put Willow and Tara’s blooming relationship under the microscope. I always thought Alyson Hannigan and Seth Green had great chemistry and really played well off each other. Seeing him back in this episode made me like Tara’s character less. Don’t give me a wrong I’m a supporter of Willow/Tara’s relationship, it just seems like there isn’t a real spark between Tara and Willow, at least not in this episode. I think a lot of what’s bothering me is Amber Benson’s character ticks. I get she’s supposed to be less confident and shy to really show the growth of Willow, but the stammering is becoming bothersome. Maybe I need another spell scene to get over it. I don’t know.

    They’ve definitely ramped up the hate for all things initiative in this episode, even having the evil general guy threating Riley with “You’re a dead man Finn.” It just seems too over the top. Seriously he’s going AWOL, releasing a guy, and they’re threating to kill him?

    And I get what they’re doing with Riley’s character in this episode so Buffy can talk about Angel and we can have the “Love is blind” argument, but man I don’t like that guy.

    My other complaints are just rehashes off what we’ve all been saying. Riley is boring, The Initiative is boring, Adam is boring, Forest has a man crush on Riley.

    Favorite Moment

    Oz and Tara’s scene in the school hall. Much like a scene in “Wild at heart” seeing the calm and collected guy freak out is always really effective. His loss of self-control followed by the delivery of “Run” is just a fantastic moment.

    Bottom Line

    Overall I think this is a great episode just not quite fantastic. The episode made me feel emotionally spent. I’ve already seen Oz leave and that was heart breaking. Oz showing up again randomly made me feel a lot like Willow, confused and disoriented. I think this episode illustrates a realistic depiction of how ex-lovers can come back into your life and spin you about and really mess with your head. And even though this episode doesn’t quite have the same emotional impact that “Wild at Heart” does, it still does a good job at solidifying Willow and Tara’s relationship, getting Buffy in the know, and giving Oz one last sendoff that is sad, hopeful, and over just an easier pill to swallow.

    Also just to reiterate holy crap Alyson Hannigan can turn on the water works!

  5. After some thought, Spike telling Anya to make him angry in an effort to bring back his vamp face is sort of interesting. I had always assumed that vamping and devamping were fully voluntary, like smiling or grimacing. Ie, somehong you might do by reflex when you get punched or smell blood, but can also turn on and off at will. But this suggests that it’s a semi involuntary reflection of Spike’s emotional state, more like crying or blushing, and that Spike is so out of sorts or hungry that he is out of touch with his demon.

    If so, that’s kind of cool. Maybe the Master and Kakistos look the way they do because their demons are so strong, or their humanity so atrophied that their demon is rampant all the time. It also adds a lot to the Angel series if you assume that every time he vamps out, he’s not just calling on some extra strength or trying to scare someone – he’s actually giving his Angellus side more control.

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