Posted by: thebuffyrewatch | August 13, 2012

Cordia’s Review: S4, E20 – The Yoko Factor (1)

The Yoko Factor
Season 4, Episode 20
Original airing: 5/9/2000

My Rating: 46

The Good: I really enjoyed Spike in this episode. He’s always his most fun when he’s being devious. His clever manipulations of each Scooby were fun to watch. I thought he did his best work with Willow. Using the moment he saw of Tara playing with Willow’s hair to freak her out about lesbianism was excellent.

The Bad: Otherwise… I wasn’t really a fan of this episode.

The Buffy/Angel/Riley triangle was particularly annoying. Angel served practically no purpose here except to annoy Riley. And, boy, did he ever. The fight scene between them was fun, but basically this just pushed Riley into being Annoying Action Boy again. The worst part was that all of the Buffy and Angel story had taken place on the show Angel. So if you didn’t see that episode, this was extremely confusing.

I also found the big fight between the Scoobies very anti-climactic. The first thing they should have been able to figure out was that Spike manipulated each of them. Willow and Xander both say they’ve been left out of conversations that center around being mean to them. If I was Buffy, I would have immediately defended the fact that I’d never done that. And then the lie would have come out. Instead, they all yell at each other and Buffy leaves. Very poorly done.

And, finally, we have Adam. He does seem to have some kind of plan, we just have no clue what it is. He wants Buffy weakened, but he wants her to have information too. And he wants Riley to come to him, so he kills Forrest. Or maybe that was just lucky happenstance. Who knows? Who cares?

Favorite Moment: The thing that stuck with me the most from this episode was the scene of Giles playing guitar and singing in his apartment. I completely understand why Willow dropped her jaw the first time she saw him.

The Bottom Line: Who knows? Who cares? No one.And certainly not me. I’m ready for this season to be over.


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