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Podcast #76: The Yoko Factor (1)

Here’s the podcast for Season 4, Episode 20 – The Yoko Factor (1)

Riley is off to see Adam

Riley is off to see Adam

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The next podcast will appear on Monday 20th August 2012 for episode twenty of Season Four: “Primeval.” That’s the one where the gang take on Adam.

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  1. Thanks for the mention on your last podcast.

    I am a male high school student (soon to be a senior) and have been watching Buffy since last Christmas (2011). I purchased a DVD box set of the series from Costco, much to the confusion of my parents (“Are you sure you want that? Do you even know what it’s about?”). I had heard that it was a great show and now my entire family (mother, father, younger brother, and myself) is addicted. The last episode I watched was “Tough Love” (5 x 19).

    I really have nothing to say about “The Yoko Factor” besides the fact that I appreciate the Beatles reference and recognize the necessity of the Scooby Gang’s fight to get us to the finale.

    On the subject of “Primeval,” I have a surprising bit more to say. However, any episode in which a Big Bad is defeated holds up relatively well. I have heard that even Whedon himself compared this episode’s action to that of “The Matrix.” I enjoyed this episode very much but the absolute best moment was the joining spell that Buffy, Willow, Giles, and Xander cast to call upon a mysterious power. The spell serves not only to assist in the defeat of Adam and produce an AWESOME action scene; it also reveals the function for each core character of the Scooby Gang. Buffy is the body (strength), Willow is the soul (spirit), Giles is the mind (wisdom), and Xander is the heart (emotion). Body, soul, mind, and heart. *SPOILER ALERT* The power that they called upon is revealed to be the First Slayer in “Restless” (4 x 22) *END SPOILER*.

    The defeat of the Initiative means less confusion! FINALLY!

    I’ll be back next week to discuss “Restless.”

  2. Hello!! Firstly I want to apologise if my comments are sparadic , I’m writing on the Way to work via iPhone.

    So… It appears killing Adam was as easy as that. All they needed to do was combine essences , break into a government facility and rip his nuclear heart out. Why didnt they think of that before! 😉

    Was the heart idea all Jonathon’s in superstar? Does the gang owe him an apology ?

    I love Buffy it still to this day is one of my favourite shows ever but I am so glad season 4 is ending. This penultimate episode just proves how all over the place this season had been. If I flicked onto this in the middle I would think it was a low budget action series. The fight scene just felt like a massive matrix rip off!

    Also I know Forrest was a bit of a dick but he was always about the right thing. He didn’t like Buffy because she was distracting his boyfriend from the job and we never saw a hint of him disobeying orders. So why does he take to being so evil so quickly! He’s like a completely different character I would have like to have seen some development.

    The massive long shots of the mass fighting looked bad! I just don’t think BTVS had the budget for some of the things they tried to do here.

    Am I the only who had trouble with the big bad story on Buffy the VAMPIRE slayer missing vampires! I don’t remember the last time we had a nicely developed Old fashioned vampire on the show (except for spike of course)

    I tried to think of things I liked about this episode and I couldn’t. One more episode of season 4 to go but what else could possibly happen? When I first watched this they aired restless right after and I remember being so suprised that there was another ep to come! Huh? But Adam is dead? They won what else is there to talk about?

    Sorry for all this negative stuff but I like to pretend this season doesn’t exsist! Roll on season 5 please!!!!

    Lots of love as always! Thanks guys xxx

    The only thing I have to add about this episode is – YAY!!!! FORREST IS DEAD!!!!! I literally cheer every time I watch that scene.

    I don’t hate this episode, but it was so weird for me to go into this feeling a sense of relief that all this Initiative stuff was coming to an end. Most of the time I go to the last episode of a season (or in this case, the one that wraps up the season arc) excited to see what’s going to happen, but a little sad that it will be over. Here I just felt like I was happy to have the season behind me and ready to look forward to the next.

    Watching this episode confirmed a feeling for me I had a while back. Adam doesn’t work as a true “big bad” because he isn’t. It really is the Initiative that is the big bad of this season. Adam is only its demon face, the “thing” Buffy can kill and the mechanism used to expose the Initiative as the big bad. The Initiative is what has been the threat all along – secret experiments, trying to control demons when they have no understanding of their motivations and powers (worse, they seem to have no desire to understand), and treating Buffy as an enemy instead of an ally simply because who she is and what she does is at odds with their rigid rules and regulations and way of doing things. Buffy DOES have an understanding of demons and their motivations and uses that knowledge to defeat them. When she encounters one she doesn’t know Giles and the Scoobies are immediately doing the research to find out all the information they can to help Buffy can defeat him. The Initiative just want to exert control and blow things up. Their rigidness and arrogance are ultimately their downfall. As Buffy says “This is NOT your business. It’s MINE!”.

    In the end when the government guys are discussing the failed mission and shutting down the Initiative, we learn that Adam’s plan was really their plan – fuse demon and human bodies to make super-solders. That is why Maggie Walsh created him. Adam just wanted to be the one in charge. Again, he represents the Initiative’s desire to be the one in control.

    In terms of specifics in this episode, I really tried hard to overlook the cheesiness of it, but still found myself groaning in places. When the Scoobies are setting up to do the spell and Buffy is going to the secret lab to fight Adam and Xander says “Buffy, I still don’t like you going in alone”, Buffy gives him a look and says “I won’t be” – I rolled my eyes so far back I thought they might get stuck. Buffy’s Neo impression was also worthy of an eye roll, but I appreciated the way Sarah Michelle Gellar sold it.

    Even though it was Forrest doing the kicking, I kinda liked seeing Riley getting his ass kicked. Is it wrong that I felt a certain amount of glee seeing Forrest get killed a second time? And yes, I cheered out loud.

    Buffy’s final battle with Adam was a bit anti-climatic for me. Before, Adam was all powerful and couldn’t be harmed. Once the spell kicked in, Buffy was all powerful and couldn’t be harmed. Felt like Adam had served his purpose and it was just time for him to be disposed of. So she did. The end.

    I did enjoy the scene when Buffy, Willow, Xander and Giles come together and realize Spike set them all up. I loved each of their reactions as they realize it and Giles sums it up nicely “How very stupid”.

    I also loved when Xander gets to the bottom of the elevator shaft Buffy and Willow hug him and tell him they love him and he responds with “Oh, god! We’re gonna die, aren’t we?”

    Favorite quote – “Does anybody else miss the Mayor ‘I-just-want-to-be-a-big-snake’?”

    Second favorite quote – “Xander, just because this is never going to work is there’s no need to be negative.”

    One more episode left in the season and then we get to put the whole season four fiasco behind us. Thank god for Faith! Her return was the bright spot of the season for me.

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