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Podcast #77: Primeval (2)

Here’s the podcast for Season 4, Episode 21 – Primeval (2)

Buffy finds Adam's power source

Buffy finds Adam’s power source

Download: Primeval

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The next podcast will appear on Monday 27th August 2012 for episode twenty two of Season Four: “Restless.” That’s the one where the gang fall asleep and dream strange dreams.

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  1. Hey Robin and Cordia 🙂 I’m sorry that I did not comment for so long. I missed A LOT of great episodes where I am sure I had a lot to say about. But luckily I can listen them back for your comments, which are awesome, I’m sure 😉
    I got out of touch with the podcast because I got in a serious relationship and moved in with the guy. Totally awesome, but lifechanging too. It took me a while to settle down again and spend time on the hobbies I had when I was single. So here I am again 😉 …

    … Just in time to comment on Restless. Man, do I love this episode. It is truly creepy. But it’s so awesome! The writers are so good with dream episodes. They use to possibility’s for the plot to the fullest extent. The dreams depict conflicts and plot movements from the past season and at the same time provides much material to work with in the season to come!

    I can’t name my favorite parts, because I love it ALL!!

    A while ago I read two great analysis blogs about the dreams :
    Maibe you can use something about it 🙂

  2. Come to think of it, this could actuallly be my favourite episode, along with Hush and Once more with feeling

  3. One more thing to add after ‘The dreams depict conflicts and plot movements from the past season and at the same time provide much material to work with in the season to come’

    Actually, it ties all the seasons together. The episode depict the characters as a whole: where they came from, what their present state is in that part of the series, and what will happen to them in the rest of the series! That must have been so difficult to write!

  4. I’m not very bright like Troy Barnes I did not understand Inception because there are so many layers. Dream sequences make me feel dumb so a full episode that is basically one long dream with so much going on almost makes my brain explode. That all being said I do think this is kind of amazing episode. The dream sequences I understand on TV and movies tend to be ones I hate because it’s so obvious what the real meaning of the dream is, it tends to be crashing symbols of symbolism that basically spells what is to come or the inner turmoil of the character. There is a lot of symbolism going on Restless but each dream feels like a real dream not a TV dream.

    I don’t understand any of the dreams really except Willow and Buffy’s which I love, Willow’s especially. The idea that she has become someone totally different and confident but still feels like the same awkward person from high school is just a great idea. No matter how much you can grow as a person you can always be taken down to that insecure level. It is one of the reasons I love Willow and Tara so much because Willow sees in Tara the person she used to be and Tara sees in Willow the person she wants to be. I do find it funny that Anya is so clearly being Cordelia in Willow’s dream, those are lines written for Cordelia and Charisma Carpenter performed by Anya and Emma Caulfield.

    Is this a good episode of TV though? It is really smart but as an episode of television is it good. I do think it sets up season 5 nicely giving it a structure which as a screenwriting student I noticed season 4 biggest problems were it’s lack of structure and someone whose name is spelled R-I-L-E-Y. (On Marc Blucas acting ability though, I don’t think he is a master thespian. However I think he does do his primarily function well. He is just a nice guy that may have been just what he auditioned for and that could be why he got the job. The problem is he can’t really do anything else but that)

    On Cordia’s comments last podcast about the real Xander being the quiet guy. I lived that and thought it was so interesting. I have given Xander my fair share of bashing and Xander’s not my favorite characters or one of them even but that does not mean that I don’t think he is interesting. I think Xander is one of the most interesting characters on the show because so much of the time he is performing. Xander’s character of the quippy guy is so much of a type on TV and often it’s just that the reason they are quippy is because it’s a) just how they are or b) how they had a “rough childhood”. So rarely it is what actually the case with quippy people in real life, they are jokey and awkward in public because they don’t know how to not to be that way.

  5. Derek, I think you may find the dream analysis blogs I posted helpfull 🙂

  6. Restless

    Warning: Long comment ahead, prepare for some chopping of my words.

    One of my favorite episodes of season four, although that doesn’t say much. It’s top 10 for sure, even though a lot of the episode goes over my head. However, I still enjoy it which is why I’m commenting on it.

    Ugh, Riley = Boring! Even when he’s in a small scene.

    Yay! Joyce! I wish Joyce had joined them but considering what the episode is, it makes sense why she’s not.

    I love how they fall asleep so quickly, and love Buffy’s little twitch and snore.

    Willow’s dream:

    Oh mah gosh, SLOW MOTION KITTY!!!!! So cute! I like how the tone of Tara’s voice is dream like, I like that Willow is painting a Sappho poem on Tara’s back. (Not sexual at all)

    Oz! I’m actually excited to see him even though it’s in a dream.

    Lockers in a college? Weird.

    Eww Xander’s joke = gross!

    Buffy is so funny in the drama scene. Riley is still annoying and not funny.

    Love Giles as the director, and Harmony trying to bite him. Hysterical. Love the little prop exchange.

    Ah, the Cheese Man. Love the randomness, it’s very dream like.

    When Willow’s walking through the curtains the music starts to get creepy and you know something bad is going to happen. I like that she finds Tara and she feels safe with Tara.

    The play is so funny, I’ve never seen or read Death of a Salesman but I’m pretty sure that’s not what happens.

    I love the shot of the side of Riley’s face while Buffy is monologing and Harmony is crying in the background. Very funny. Love Sarah Michelle Gellar.

    Season One Willow! Aww! It breaks my heart seeing her insecure side again after all she’s gone through. Like Oz and Tara flirting although not sure if that is a fear of hers or just something that would suck.

    The way she dies, very creepy.

    Xander’s Dream:

    New Car Smell popcorn? Okayyyyy.

    Er, Joyce. Not awkward at all, but Xander’s a guy so I get it . I like the scenes how she doesn’t move her mouth but she’s talking. It’s like a commercial… almost.

    Everybody watching you pee, that would suck and it works comidically.

    Like Spike in the tweed and going to be a watcher, weird yet funny. Not sure why Xander would see him that way. Giles is funny, “A watcher scoffs at gravity.” Great line.

    Willow & Tara, again proof it’s a guy’s dream.

    Anya steering by gesturing, GREAT!!!

    That darn basement again!

    Cheese Man again, random and weird,

    The green tint of the college is weird, but I like it.

    I love how Giles and Anya end up talking in French so that Xander doesn’t understand. It works with his isolation from the group.

    Xander in Apocolypse Now? Must’ve missed that part.

    Snyder!!! For once I like him, even though he is portraying a different character, sort of.

    I really love how Xander travels from place to place randomly and really love how it works and how the suspense grows as he gets closer and closer to the basement.

    Xander’s death, eek!

    I’m less into Xander’s dream in general because I’m not a Xander fan but still interesting in terms of the whole episode.

    Giles’ Dream:

    Love Buffy’s laugh, it’s great and genuine.

    Aww Buffy’s his child! So sweet! Why is Olivia pushing an empty stroller?

    Enjoy Spike a lot in the black and white freak show. His poses are great and really funny. I can believe he would really do that.

    Cheese man again, I wouldn’t let the cheese eat me either.

    Anya? Stand up? I like it, it’s still funny and completely distracting as she’s in the background while they are talking.

    Giles singing the exposition should happen in every episode!!! I love how he gets so into it.

    Love the comment about getting blood on the couch.

    The first slayer floating in the air, CREEPY but so cool.

    Giles’ death is the creepiest of them all, how the blood falls down his face as he realises she never had a watcher. Love Anthony Stewart Head.

    Buffy’s Dream:

    Probably the dream I don’t get. The whole interaction between Buffy and Tara went over my head except for the end line.

    Joyce living in the wall is great, it’s goofy but there’s something about it that’s also sad.

    Human Adam!

    Annoying Riley! Why won’t he go away?

    Love the fort joke, sounds like something they would do.

    Buffy smearing mud on her face, I like the primal instinct to do so.

    Floor transitioning to sand is great.

    I like how Tara is Buffy’s spirit guide if you will. It just emphasizes how spirtual Tara is.

    I enjoy how the first slayer is explaining how different a slayer Buffy is than the others in the past.

    Really like Buffy’s reaction to the cheese man.

    It’s great how the first slayer is stabbing Buffy and she is not buying it and like how’s she’s cut off when talking about her haircare.

    Buffy’s line about the cheese man, great.

    I think this is one of the only episodes in this season that balances comedy with the serious. It sets up a lot for season 5, and I’m happy to be done with Season 4.

    Yay Season 5!!!

  7. Thanks Annebeth! I read both links, I used to read MikeJer’s reviews but I don’t really agree with his opinions on the episodes and I think some of analysis of Restless is a little reaching. His thoughts on Willow’s dream in particular. I agree and found the second one from gabrielleabelle much more helpful. I did really like that Buffy and Anya are the only women that he doesn’t have sexual thoughts about in his dream.

  8. The Buffy Rewatch


    The not so season finale finale (for all extensive purposes)

    Hopefully I’m not just reiterating what everybody else has already said, but here goes nothing!

    Also just something interesting I heard in the commentary, originally the writers didn’t think through Willow having the disks so that Buffy couldn’t use them. So they literally have Spike say “I think I noticed a slight flaw in that plan” and wrote around it.

    Just another side note on the episode, there are some scenes in this episode that are very reminiscent to the 2012 movie Cabin in the Woods that Joss Whedon co-wrote. I’d go more in depth, but I’d rather not spoil Cabin in the Woods for anybody. Coming out on Dvd/Bluray on September 18th *cough*

    The Good

    I love the scene between Xander and Anya. She is just so sweet and supportive. It’s nice to see a genuine moment between these two instead of just playing them for jokes or sex. And it’s good to see more of Xander being useful. The offhand suggestion of the spell that they would end up using, being an integral part in said spell, and (I’m guessing) being responsible for getting the climbing gear?

    Spike gets to be completely awesome, which I thoroughly enjoyed. He always looks good being in the middle of a giant brawl. That fight in the Initiative is probably one of the most elaborate set pieces in Buffy, and it is really impressive. I just wish the rest of the season could have been as entertaining.

    Just another one liner that Spike throws out that made me laugh.

    “Let’s go save’em by gum”

    – Spike

    Even though I find both characters annoying, I think the Riley vs. Forrest fight is satisfying. You get some good action and getting to see Forrest blow up is cheer worthy.

    In fact a lot of the effects in this episode really work for me. For a TV show of the time and even compared to earlier Buffy special effects a lot of it comes across really well. You can certainly tell that Joss was heavily influenced by The Matrix, and it may come across as a rip off, but it still looks pretty damn cool. The turning the rockets into doves was particularly my favorite.

    The Bad

    “Does anybody else miss the mayor?”

    – Xander

    YES! God yes!

    So Adam’s master plan is to make more people like him…awe he’s lonely.

    Although Adam does get to do something I’ve wanted to all season which is to tell Riley to shut up, I just wish he would have done the same with Forrest. Seriously though Adam has never felt very threating. He’s shown up been kind of speechy and thrown a few punches. He really hasn’t done anything except turn a character I already hated (Forrest) into a monster so he could die twice. And he really gets taken out pretty easily.

    [Now for the Forrest rant] Oh God no! Zombie Forrest! Okay technically demon hybrid zombie Forrest, but still. I think he’s a character that I hate so much that I’m glad he dies twice. It’s impossible to take him seriously with the idea of him having a crush on Riley playing in the back of my mind. So his “menacing” speech to Riley just came across as goofy. I just kept waiting for Forrest to say that once Buffy was gone they could be together at last.

    The rest of complaints are just little things that have bugged me about the plot.

    So the government knew that Walsh was developing Adam (“Prototype”), yet they didn’t know about the secret laboratory? How would that get built? Somebody would have to know about it.

    That’s got to be one sturdy gurdy to block the entrance to 314

    OW! I like how Riley stabbing himself with glass was shot. It looks really painful. But was the chipped embedded in his heart or just near it? Because yeah…he wouldn’t be alive let alone be able to have his manly homoerotic showdown time with Forrest.

    If Forrest was giving Buffy a run for her money then why is Riley so adapt? Maybe it’s just because they’ve trained together/he’s a capable monster hunter.

    Why is Riley so necessary for Adam’s plan?

    Also they do show a lot of Buffy’s stunt doubles face in the finale. Something I didn’t really notice the first I watched it.

    Favorite Moment

    I don’t think I had one specific moment that stuck out in my mind. I guess I’ll just reiterate that the turning the rockets into doves just really worked for me. A little John Woo-ish but still looked great.

    Bottom Line

    I’ve felt like I’ve been pretty nitpicky about the initiative, Adam, and in particular this episode. I wish I wasn’t being so hard on this episode, because it is a pretty fun finale. I feel like if this season had been stronger or maybe had me more invested emotionally, I wouldn’t have had my microscope on this episode. Earlier finales just had me along for the ride. Where in as this one had me step back and analyzing it a lot more.

    I am however really looking forward to the next episode because it is one of my favorites!

  9. Buffy Season 4 Trailer

    • Whoops! Apparently it just had the link to the playlist with all of them

      • How is that trailer of season 4 is better than season 4 itself?

  10. Hi Derek, I agree with you about MikeJer’s review being a little reaching from time to time 🙂

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