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Podcast #79: Buffy vs Dracula

Here’s the podcast for Season 5, Episode 1 – Buffy vs Dracula



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The next podcast will appear on Monday 17th September 2012 for episode two of Season Five: “Real Me.” That’s the one where Buffy’s little sister tells us how she sees the Buffyverse.

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  1. Hi guys! Love your podcast. Quick correction for this podcast: you mention the character of Lestat in the film version of Anne Rice’s Interview with the Vampire, who was actually played by Tom Cruise. Brad Pitt plays Louis, a vampire not dissimilar from Angel’s original characterization, in the sense he retains his “conscience” and “humanity,” after being sired by Lestat. They were both at the height of their hunk-ness in 1994, in my opinion.

  2. REAL ME:

    I like that this episode is told from Dawn’s point
    of view.

    I think it was a wise choice, since we only got
    a quick glimpse at her in the ending moments
    of BUFFY VS DRACULA. This is a really good
    episode that not only shows us what the Scooby
    Gang is like with Dawn’s sly integration, but also
    it gives us a good opportunity to get inside the
    character’s head.

    You can’t help feel a little bad for Dawn.
    Right from the start it’s established that she
    feels alone, left out, and that Buffy gets special
    attention because she’s the Slayer. I liked Dawn,
    even if at times she was REALLY annoying,
    mostly because of everything she goes through
    this season, and being tossed into the middle of
    evil-central, while all the other characters have
    already had four years to process it.

    I’m glad they try to keep her innocence intact
    because it throws into sharp contrast how much
    of a normal childhood and adolescence Buffy lost
    when she became a slayer.

    Apparently the character of Dawn got a lot of hate
    when she was first introduced. I think she’s a great
    addition to the cast, even if it’s this far into the series.
    Her character development in this episode, the whole
    season, was something that always held my interest.

    Another thing I liked this episode, Harmony!

    Sure, she was brought on for the comic relief, but
    wow was it ever comedic! I found myself laughing
    every time she was on screen in this episode.
    She’s very entertaining to watch. The idea of her
    getting her own gang is very amusing.

    Buffy pretty much sums it up by telling Harmony
    that she SUCKS as a villain. So true.

    My favorite moment – Buffy’s reaction to Xander
    telling her about Harmony coming over to the
    house. Her reaction is priceless and her uncontrollable
    laughter gets me laughing uncontrollably every time!

    Trivia time – Did you know the character of Dawn
    was originally intended to have the power to speak
    to the dead? She was also supposed to be able to
    move objects with her mind. Those ideas were

    Also, David Fury said in some DVD commentaries
    that Sarah Michelle Gellar doesn’t like to act laughing
    because she found herself too fake. To tease her,
    Fury wrote scenes where Buffy laughed whenever
    he could. It really pays off in this episode! I think
    her laughing fit was pretty believable.

  3. Buffy vs. Dracula
    Well, not the best opener for a new season and a bit cheesy.

    Some trivia: >The vampire who was going to show Buffy a darker side of herself was originally envisioned as “just another vampire who rode a horse and was all cool”, says writer Marti Noxon. “I kept saying, ‘Like Dracula'” – until Joss Whedon said, “Why not Dracula? He’s public domain.” <

    OMG does Xander's shirt has sequins sewn on it?

    Dawn: At first I hated her (I felt like a sister who doesn't want her parents to give her little sister more attention 🙂 ) and it took me some rewatching to starting to like her.


    • But I love the last scene between Giles and Buffy. It’s my faveourite in this episode

  4. Hey, I started watching Buffy a couple of months ago for the first time, love it and love your podcast! Starting the fifth season now, I’m just really glad this whole initiative business is over, because they’re definitley an even weirder organization than the Wachter’s Counsil before that.
    Still wondering though, if there’s anyone on this planet who actually really likes Riley
    Anyway, I just wanted to leave two little comments;the first answering your question in The Yoko Factor: We actually do see Tara and Anya in the background sneaking out of the room when the Scoobis start arguing, which I thought was such a fun little detail.
    Buffy vs. Dracula: I can relate to your criticism about the character of Dracula, but having read the Bram Stoker novel not too long ago, for me it was just fun to spot all the little details here, like the fog, the bat, etc. In the book Dracula is also able to turn himself into a wolf or at least a really big dog, and there’s a character named Renfield, who is in a lunatic asylum and – pretty much like Xander here – under the influence of the Dark Master(bater), eating flys, spiders and even a bird at one point.
    And now I’ll keep trying to catch up with you guys, keep up the good work, I really appreciate it!

  5. I just have to comment on the feedback in a much newer podcast about this episode and why Buffy didn’t turn into a vampire when drinking Dracula’s blood after being bit.

    It was stated several times early on (however featured up close in Angel the series) that you must drink the blood at the final moments before death, only when your at death’s door can you grasp for the chance to become a vampire.

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