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Podcast #80: Real Me

Here’s the podcast for Season 5, Episode 2 – Real Me

Dawn tied up

Dawn tied up

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The next podcast will appear on Monday 8th October 2012 for episode three of Season Five: “The Replacement.” That’s the one where something weird happens to Xander.

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    Correct me if I’m wrong, but isn’t this the first
    Xander-centered episode since season 3’s
    “The Zeppo” ?

    It’s about time Xander gets to step into the
    spotlight, again, so to speak. It’s a nice change
    of pace to have him out of the sidelines and
    cracking jokes to give him this idea to where
    he could really show his ability as an actor.
    Nicholas Brendon plays the comedian well,
    but I find when he has to be serious, he does
    a stellar job.

    While this episode seems very monster-of-the-
    week with the Toth demon, it’s an important one
    for Xander. I love how his double isn’t evil, like it
    would be on any other genre show, but rather the
    more confident aspect of his personality.

    I like that they keep us guessing until late in the
    episode, and it works because it both plays with
    expectations along with showing Xander what he
    is capable of when he has faith in himself.

    Here lies the part of Xander that is sure of who
    he is, sure of what he wants, and that is confident.
    All of these things are a part of Xander already,
    but he just doesn’t really conciously know.

    He often panders to his weaker qualities because
    I think it’s just easier to. It’s hard to realize your potential
    and then sieze it to its fullest extent — it takes work.

    I love the message this episode promotes: everyone
    has strong and weak assets within them, but learning
    to take a hold of your strong assets, even if it takes
    some courage and work, will make you a better person.

    What this episode provides is a firm solidification of
    Xander’s feeling that it’s time to move on with his life.

    Meanwhile, I LOVED the end scene with Riley and
    Xander. While Riley isn’t my favorite character, you
    can’t help feel bad for him and I remember being
    shocked the first time I saw the ending scene. Riley
    sees the friction, but love, between Xander and Anya
    and realizes and articulates to Xander that Buffy doesn’t
    love him in that same way.

    Riley’s honesty with Xander here shocks him, and I think
    allows the two of them to bond in a way they never could

    P.S. Yay for the snoopy dance!

  2. Real me
    The crazy man says, “I know you: Curds and whey,” a phrase from the nursery rhyme Little Miss Muffet, to which Faith (in a dream) had alluded in “Graduation Day, Part Two”.

    The actor who plays Andrew (who appears in season 6 and 7) plays one of Harmony’s minions.

    The Replacement
    It’s a good episode and I really enjoyed watching it.

    In Real Me Anya has a bad head wound, but here she has her arm in a sling 🙂

    When I first watched this episode and heard Riley saying that Buffy doesn’t love him I was quite suprised maybe I was too young at this time and/or didn’t paid much attention to their relationship…but now being older and after watching the seasons a few times it’s very obvious. I don’t really get Xanders facial expression…it looks like a slightly he kind of happy that Buffy doesn’t love Riley?!

    Kelly Donovan, a.k.a. Kelly Shultz, is Nicholas Brendon’s identical twin brother. If you’re wondering about their names, Shultz is their actual last name; Donovan and Brendon are their middle names. for the most part, Nick played both weak and strong Xander. Kelly was used as a double, and had a bit of dialogue when the two were in the same frame.

    In the scene with Spike and the mannequin, Spike has a noticeable tan-line on his arms (something a vampire wouldn’t logically have).


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