Posted by: thebuffyrewatch | September 21, 2012

Two week break

Hey everyone,

Cordia has a crazy work schedule over the next two weeks and so the Rewatch is taking a short break.

I’m sure you all understand 🙂

We will be back with the next podcast covering “The Replacement” on Monday 8th October.

See you soon,



  1. Hey Guys!
    These comments are about Dawn and the dreams in general not a specific episode but I am gonna try to be non spoilery .

    I am a bit of a hard core fan. Buffy is still one of my favourite shows! It is something I use to carm down or shake myself out of a bad mood. I even watched all my fave willow eps on the morning of my wedding when I was very very stressed. (I’m wondering if the hospital will let me have a tv screen in the delivery room next may? Lol)

    Therefore I have done soooo many rewatches, at least one a year since I was 13. So I made the dream links with Dawn on my second full rewatch. I heard Faith talk about miss muffet and little sister back in 3 and 4 and made a connection to season 4. The cat reference was one I hadnt clocked to that was fun to hear. But my favourite dream reference to Dawn is the obvious one. I love when Tara says in Restless “Be back before Dawn” it stuck with me when I first watched it because Tara looks so sad when she says it. Then when meeting Dawn I had a brain spasm and linked the two together. I really grew to love Dawn. I think the actor does a great job at her age and the writers integrate her so well! Although I do remember watching this for the first time and being angry that they has messed with he universe! In rewatch I feel like Buffy – don’t always like her but can’t help loving her.


  2. During the break, I hope everyone checked out Joss’s feature films. Cabin in the Woods and Marvel’s The Avengers are available now on Bluray/DVD. Go see them 🙂

  3. ^ sorry that was me. I was still signed into my WordPress.

  4. Just found your podcast and reviews a week ago. Long time Buffy fanatic fan follower I have been thrilled to listen! Appreciated the “how we got into podcast together story. Have you ever met? My life needs as much Buffy as possible right now. I’m savoring mid season two but want to encourage you to keep going. I will keep an eye on upcoming shows so I can comment in a timely fasion.

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