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Podcast #81: The Replacement

Here’s the podcast for Season 5, Episode 3 – The Replacement

Xander and Xander

Xander and Xander

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The next podcast will appear on Monday 15th October 2012 for episode four of Season Five: “Out of My Mind.” That’s the one where the changes to Riley’s physiology which the Initiative made begin to cause him problems.

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  1. Hey Cordia remember when you said it was going to so annoying if Riley started to be all self sacrificing now? Then remember the next episode where he literally almost sacrificed himself because he wasn’t go to soldier boy anymore? Riley’s story this week is so moronic that I wish I had a local anesthetic on my brain. I can’t tell if Riley’s thought processes are really because of what is happening to his body or his actual thoughts, even way it isn’t entertaining. (History tells us that it is his actual thoughts.) Everything Riley does in this episode could be pointed out as awful, least of which is playing basketball in the summer with jeans on, but I’ll refrain from most.

    What I can’t miss to complain about is his position on Angel. If my girlfriend’s ex was a mysterious, handsome as hell, superhero with a dark past I would feel a little emasculated. However Riley has repeatedly expressed the belief that the only reason Buffy was with Angel is because of the fact that he was super strong. I’m sorry, what? Did I miss the part of Buffy’s personality was she where she is whatever the supernatural equivalent of a jock sniffer is?

    I don’t think this episode is bad. Spike is good. I don’t really have a problem with Buffy accidently letting slip there is a doctor that can take out his chip, she was too concerned about trying to her wet blanket boyfriend. I think the decision to make Spike have sexual feelings for Buffy is one of the best decisions that they have made with his character since he has become a regular. The chip has always been wonky sci-fi to me. Having Spike be obsessed amorously with Buffy gives him a reason to be around and it is a really dark storyline for him because this is not a healthy relationship. In my opinion Spike doesn’t understand love, real love. This is not in anyway a “good” thing for Spike and especially Buffy.

    Lastly I didn’t remember the Joyce scene in this episode and it caused a really emotional reaction for me. I won’t say more.

    This was a bad Riley episode but it was still better than the majority of season 4 because the stuff surrounding the black of hole of mediocrity otherwise known as Riley Finn was decent.

    • I’d start a Riley Finn hate club but the effort to create a fake internet hate club isn’t even worth the time with this guy.

  2. Out of my Mind is a Riley episode that’s not really about Riley. As long time listener and very infrequent writer to the show (I’ve commented a couple of times as darbyact) I have to hang my head in shame for my next statement. I am a Riley apologist. I’ll start by saying that he is by no means the worst character in Buffy history (that honor, for me, goes to Maggie Walsh). He’s a character that is full of flaws (and not the good characters flaws that an audience roots for their characters to overcome). Riley also has an actor playing him that’s not good at making up for poor writing at times. Its season 5’s version of the Riley character that makes me tolerate how bad season 4 Riley was and that make me a Riley apologist; I feel like the writers finally understand who and what he is.

    Riley works best when serving the other characters of the show. Riley in terms of Buffy, we are able to see what Buffy feels she needs in a boyfriend. The ending scene Buffy finally says what she is getting out of this relationship and how she really truly needs someone who is not a super hero, but someone who allow her to be normal in her overwhelming unnormal life. This sadly is the exact thing that Riley is trying to avoid my not getting medical help.

    Riley as the all-American Boy Scout superhero will always fall flat because that’s not what Buffy needs or wants; therefore, that’s what the audience doesn’t need or want. As an audience we watch through Buffy’s point of view.

    This episode also points out all the flaws of season 4 in two moments. 1st after Graham tells Buffy about Riley’s health problems she turns back to him and says “If you tell me to hurry I’ll kick your ass.” What’s so great about this line is it takes all the melodramatic army nonsense of the initiative and points out how ridiculous it is. By cutting off Graham before he can even finish his sentence Buffy points out how flawed the main arch of the last season was. The other moment that points out the flaws of the prior season is when Graham asks “you know you don’t belong here right?” it’s the perfect question for all of us fans and the character of Riley. It points out that even though the character is good for Buffy, he’s not good for the show. Riley serves as nothing more than a necessary speed bump.

    Out of my Mind is an average episode of Buffy it has some very great things in it
    Great one liners such as “Why do I even bother to show up?” “Cause In my montage I have glasses” “Oh Dear, is the enormous hall monitor sick” “Harmony, Is it a sodding bread box?”
    The hilarious relationship between Spike and Harmony,
    Finally giving Spike a drive and motivation again,
    Furthering several season 5 storylines (such as Joyce, Dawn, Willow and introducing Ben)
    Buffy finally telling us why she is with Riley and why she loves him.

    And some very terrible thing in it
    Graham – He makes Forrest look like a deep complex character
    Riley’s basketball game and fight afterward – this scene is HARD to watch
    Spike falling into the hole – such a great line and delivery and story point totally messed up by a lame joke.

    On the whole the episode fells like a mix of really good Buffy and season 4 Buffy. So it ends up being severely average.

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