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Podcast #82: Out of My Mind

Here’s the podcast for Season 5, Episode 4 – Out of My Mind

Cordia's favourite moment (and Spike's dream)

Cordia’s favourite moment (and Spike’s dream)

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The next podcast will appear on Monday 22nd October 2012 for episode five of Season Five: “No Place Like Home.” That’s the one where Buffy wonders if there is a supernatural cause for Joyce’s illness.

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    This is an episode that, from the moment I
    first saw it, I absolutely loved it.

    I loved it not only because we finally find out
    what is really going on with Dawn, but because
    we are also introduced to Glory, who is quite
    possibly the best villain on Buffy. She’s ruthless,
    sadistic, and absolutely cray-cray, love her.

    I enjoyed seeing that huge metal door being
    torn apart with what at first seems like it’s got
    to be this giant creature, but instead turns out
    to be a girl about Buffy’s size in a red dress.

    The way she throws Buffy around like a frisbee
    is kind of unnerving to watch, because we are so
    used to Buffy defeating the bad guys, but in this
    case, she bails out of the factory while Glory is

    Buffy hardly ever runs away from a fight, so
    watching her do so leaves you with the impression
    that Glory is a very big deal.

    I remember being absolutely stunned when
    Dawn’s origins were finally revealed. Dawn is
    the key, is now human, is completely helpless,
    and doesn’t know any of it.

    Revealing who Dawn is and why she just showed
    up is a big deal. It’s a massive moment for the show,
    and it’s in the beginning of the season, and it’s done
    in a way that does not remove the emotional dynamics
    of Buffy having a little sister. There’s that initial anger
    and disgust that this THING has been thrust into her
    family, until that feeling quickly turns into something
    deeper and driven more by morals. It parallels Buffy’s
    own destiny as the slayer, something so wrong and
    unfair, but something that needs to be accepted and

    Buffy’s reaction and SMG’s acting is, once again,
    absolutely amazing. Buffy really goes through an
    emotional roller coaster ride here.

    The change over Buffy’s attitude of Dawn from
    the beginning of the episode to the end is sensical
    and very intelligently done. Early on Buffy is
    expressing how she’s envious that Dawn gets to
    be the baby who’s coddled by Mom. Buffy wants
    that kind of motherly love from Joyce too, instead
    of being forced to take on more adult responsibilities,
    which unfortunately will be piled on more and more
    heavily throughout the season.

    That’s one of the major themes of this season:
    Buffy’s final fall from innocence and her ‘leap’
    into the adult world.

    This episode is a risky one that could have fallen
    to pieces if handled badly. However, this is not the
    case and I find it to be one of the best episodes of
    the season that really kicks the rest of the season
    into gear.



    The look on Buffy and Giles’ faces when she comes
    into the magic shop and sees him in the wizard costume.

    The scene between Spike and Buffy outside her house.
    ” What are you doing here? Five words or less.” –
    “Out..for..a..walk………. BITCH!”

    Glory realizing Buffy has superpowers and asking her if
    she can fly before throwing her like a rag doll across the
    warehouse. Bad-ass!

    P. S – Did you know Clare Kramer, who plays Glory,
    and Eliza Dushku are good friends?

  2. Time to talk about No Place Like Home, All the pieces of what makes season 5 great (at least to me) are falling into place, but they are just not quite there yet. What this episode is good at is giving a well needed examination of the Summers family with the addition of Dawn. It starts after the opening credit sequence which lays out the dynamic of the three ladies nicely. Dawn as the younger sibling who is growing up yet still trying to be a little kid as she is still very dependent on mom, Buffy who has never been dependent on mom but is jealous of the relationship between Joyce and Dawn, and finally Joyce who loves her daughters equally but keeps putting them into these defined roles of independent older sibling and very dependent younger sibling. Both daughters are longing for what the other has. But with Joyce’s sickness she needs this established relationship to stay the same so that she can feel a sense of still being needed, yet also getting the help she needs. The entire episode serves as an examination of Buffy and Dawn and gives us lots of new information of every aspect of their relationship.

    On top of that we finally get to understand what Dawn is! Such a great scene between the Monk and Buffy; this scene is full of exposition (long chunks of dialogue that give out needed, but possibly boring, information to the audience) and it’s very hard to get exposition to your audience without them losing interest. However, this whole episode is building toward giving Buffy and the audience this specific information. The scene gives us what we need, while being well acted and playing dramatically as well. My personal favorite moment of this episode.

    Other great moments include Giles dressed as a Wizard, awkward Spike lurking around Buffy’s house, and Xander helping Anya be better at customer service (I may be the president of the “Xander is actually a good guy fan club” but more on that later in this season). I tend to focus on dialogue when I watch the show and I caught a very interesting line in this episode; while rambling at the cash register after the magic shop is closed Anya says “The hand of Glory packs some serious raw power” which is a great line that foreshadows many thing to come. Also Cordy has me looking at fashion too, so all I can say is holy tight t-shirt batman! Not that I’m complaining 😉

    But this episode is not all good and to me the bad comes with Glory (I know we’ve not learned her name yet but I’m not sure what else to call her- sorry if it’s slightly spoilery). On first watch I really enjoyed the character but never in this episode. Glory is a strong character, if for no other reason than she’s got superhuman strength, but she’s not a very well formed character… yet. For me the major problem is this; Glory’s “crazy” comes off less like a character who is actually crazy and more like a shallow, self-centered valley girl who is putting on the crazy show just get some attention. It’s just difficult to watch because it seems more like someone who is acting crazy rather than actually being crazy. I hope this changes in future epsiodes.

    Overall the episode is not earth-shattering and when you are given news that changes the direction of a show, it should be. Above average episode but not one of the best. (Thanks for being a well needed place for me to come and nerd out over Buffy, you’ll hopefully be hearing from me more frequently now… Only time will tell if that’s good or bad. Thanks again for a great podcast.)

  3. I really enjoyed this episode; in my opinion it sets into motion one of the best story arcs of the series. I particularly enjoyed the misdirection that Dawn is evil and somehow making Joyce sick; I wish they would have played with that a bit longer. My only real issue with the episode is the whole Spike situation. It seems as though Buffy has no recollection of what happened a week ago. Sure, Spike is still harmless with his chip, but now she knows that if he ever gets it removed he will mostly likely try to kill her again. He remains a threat as long as brain surgeons still roam the earth. Had she any sense, she would have staked him immediately. Of course I’m glad she didn’t. I love Spike as much as everyone else, probably even more. Spike’s attempts to keep his cool during his first conversation with Buffy after developing a crush on her is both adorable and funny. But I would say the best moment of the episode has to be wizard Giles and the wonderfully awkward silence that accompanies it.

  4. Am I the only who thinks it was a subtle joke how Spike’s dream is intentionally very soap opera-esque given the character’s love for soap operas?

  5. Hi,

    Just getting caught up with the podcast and got to this ep and the link is broken. Really enjoying going through these!

    • Should be fixed now, thanks for letting us know 🙂

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