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Podcast #90: Triangle

Here’s the podcast for Season 5, Episode 11 – Triangle

Willow and Anya see Olaf

Willow and Anya see Olaf

Download: Triangle

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The next podcast will appear on Monday 10th December 2012 for episode twelve of Season Five: “Checkpoint.” That’s the one where the Watcher’s Council make Buffy go through a series of tests before they help her with information about Glory.

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  1. A quick comment on the cell phone issue, here is why it’s never bothered me. I personally didn’t have a cell phone till the year after I graduated high school (2004) because that was the point that I could pay for it. Buffy, Willow and Tara are all jobless college students with tuition, books, food, room and board to pay for and even if their parents are helping them pay, which we know is not the case for Tara and Buffy’s family now has a ton of hospital bills, from my memory a cell phone was more of a luxury then a necessity in the early 2000s. Xander and Anya have jobs but they also have an apartment to pay for and all the bills and living expense that come with it. Also if I’m remembering right in 2001 cell phones were not as cheap as they are now (I could totally be wrong about that). Giles seems to reject technology except for when absolutely needed he lets Willow and the Scoobies do all the computer research while he sticks to book. And Spike is a Vampire. This all just seems to be a lack of money. But then again this is all speculation as it’s yet to be addressed on the show. (On a side note, it seems that TV shows tend to stick with technology that is fitting for the story rather than stay up with the times; I remember specifically Friends episodes in season 10, ‘03-‘04, still using VHS tapes when DVD were clearly the current technology that were dominate in the market)

    And a quick follow up question, Robin I love your response to my Into the Woods post! I don’t agree with you but it was very well thought out and makes total sense I can see that argument even if I don’t agree with. But, in your opinion do you feel any of the other main characters (Willow or Giles) have fallen to the same state of Xander? And could that be part of the issues with Season 4 and 5?

    Now down to Checkpoint – With a lack of time (why must work get in the way of podcast and Buffy fun?) My comments are going to be a little more fragmented and bullet point formatted.
    • Why couldn’t Glory get her own “brain food?” Why’d she wait so long?
    • “You all stand around and look somber…. Good job.” Great Giles line!
    • I like the fact that we are now testing the Buffy slayer abilities, fits well with the season story of her exploring what it is to be a slayer and to test where she currently stands.
    • Okay, if the information that you have (Watcher’s counsel) is so important and the world’s safety is at stake and Buffy is your “instrument” to protect the world; then is the threat of not giving her the information really real? Do they think a new Slayer could do better? Seems pretty thin to me.
    • When did the Watcher’s counsel become all powerful? Deporting Giles (implies he never applied for citizenship, wouldn’t he have been deported for lack of a job for an entire year?)
    • The interview sequence was annoying. Spike was at least in character, but the other 4 were so heightened in their awkwardness that it was very distracting. Their awkward states coming out of fear (of The Counsel) were just felt forced.
    • Hated the score of this episode, so very distracting; The Counsel is here ohhhh ominous music, interview time “look at how weird and awkward we can be” music. Glory is in the house “be worried” music. Please stop telling me how to feel composer and let the show speak for itself.
    • Glory also seems like a far bigger threat then the Counsel, seems like a huge down grade in threat potential. Glory as the big bad of the season is starting to really feel like a threat the build has been good in the season.
    • There is so much going on in this episode; now we have a brotherhood of Knights, alright that spiked my interest. I’m okay with them.
    • “Willow’s a demon!” Thanks Anya I needed that laugh in this episode. Easily my favorite moment. In what is easily the best scene.
    • I guess what I take away from that episode is that it was the longest, most drawn out way to get out one pieces of exposition that I’ve ever seen. Were they trying to show Buffy regaining strength and confidence in herself? Had she really lost it? I just find myself wondering what was point?
    • I will say the episode succeeded in making me want to watch the next one, I’m finding myself looking forward to next weeks episode because of where the stories finished in this one. So… Woo hoo!! for small victories!! It left me asking far more questions than it answered, but not in a good way. This episode fits the season 5 trend of a good story that was poorly executed.

  2. ^Holy crap someone commented on the music! Lol

    I didn’t have a problem with this particular episodes music except for the “whoop whoop” scene at the end. But I liked the building tension with the “she’s a God”. It just shifts too abruptly. For the most part the music has felt pretty consistent episode to episode. With exceptions like Buffy vs Dracula which went a little more old monster movie.

    I do agree there is a line that can be crossed when a score can become very manipulative. The music is sad, I should be sad here. Scores are at their best when they are felt and not heard.

  3. Hi Robin and Cordia,
    I’ve just discovered your podcast and it is great! I’ve listened up to season 3 but from season 4 onwards I’ll be watching an episode and then listen to your podcast. I’m already so into Buffy and your podcast is just what I need- more people talking in depth about Buffy with no spoilers (Thanks for that!) I can’t wait until I catch up with you!
    But anyway, I hope you have a wonderful Christmas and thank you again!

  4. Hi! New listener here, I’m enjoying the podcast a lot and I love that there are other people out there geeking out over Buffy as I am. This is my first watch-through and I’m actually very close to where you guys are so this was all perfect timing.

    I had a few thoughts on the Buffy crying silly meltdowns. When I was watching it, I wasn’t under the impression that she was sad over Riley specifically, more that she saw Xander and Anya as meant-to-be, and geez, if they can’t make it, is there any hope for her? Her love life up to this point is horrendous. As someone who is extremely unlucky in love (the first time she has sex, Angel literally turns evil – that’s got to color how you look at relationships!), it seems to me that she’s mourning over what she never had but hoped for with Riley.

    As someone who has a green card, I wanted to address Josh’s comment quickly: if Giles had had an established green card for the 2+ years that he was employed as Buffy’s watcher, he was probably fine. For mine, I had to renew it after the first two years, and then its good for 10. Also, pre-9/11, things were a lot more lax!

    As for the episode, Checkpoint, it was kinda meh, although I loved the scene where Buffy brings Joyce and Dawn to Spike’s crypt. The developing whatever-it-is between Buffy and Spike is fascinating to me! The episode felt like a bridge between where they were and where they are going in future episodes. Besides Giles getting reinstated and Glory’s deity revealed, nothing much happens.

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