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Podcast #97: Forever

Here’s the podcast for Season 5, Episode 17 – Forever

Buffy shares her fears

Buffy shares her fears

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The next podcast will appear on Monday 28th January 2012 for episode eighteen of Season Five: “Intervention.” That’s the one where the robot Spike comissions makes its appearence and Glory goes looking for the Key.

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  1. On Cordia the Vampire Slayer:

    (In “The Initiative”)

    Cordia (To Riley): At the party, you wanted to tell me something?

    Riley: Oh, yeah. Very important stuff. I don’t remember any of it now. But you would have been fascinated, possibly even moved. Did Willow tell you I like cheese?

    Cordia: That is the stupidest thing I’ve ever heard. Why are you opening your mouth?

    (In “Into The Woods”)

    Riley: I don’t feel that you love me.

    Cordia: That’s probably because I don’t. I don’t even particularly like you I mean you’re boring and annoying. Also your nipples are oddly small.

    Riley: I’m leaving, Cordia. Unless you give me a reason to stay, I’m leaving tonight.

    Cordia: Ok go.

    Riley: The Initiative wants me back.


    (In “Family”)

    Mr. Maclay : This is insane. You people have no right to interfere with Tara’s affairs. We … are her blood kin! Who the hell are you?

    Cordia: We’re family. I mean yes Tara’s lips are weird and she looks stoned all the time and she’s kind of boring but you know family and stuff.

    • Bonus Deleted Scene with Forrest:

      Forrest: You know you just can’t come around here with your woman parts and have sex with Riley.

      Cordia: What?

      Forrest: Riley was fine before you came along because you are a girl.

      Cordia: Has anyone ever told you that your friendship with Riley is a little off.

      Forrest: Wha– no.

      Cordia: I’m not judging or anything but you know it seems like you want to get to know his Private Dick if you know what I mean. I’ll let you in on a little secret, I’m not really that into the guy, so if you want to take a crack at that fine piece of cardboard go right ahead.

  2. Forever
    While I love the end scenes of this episode, Dawn and Buffy actually talking, and Buffy breaking down. About the rest I don’t have much of an opinion. It’s tough to follow an episode like “The Body” but I still think it could have been done better. I thought Dawn’s actions, while stupid, were completely understandable. When you’re at her age and your mother died, and you live in a world where things like resurrection are possible, it’s natural to want to try it.
    I like that Spike’s affection for Joyce was acknowledged. I would have preferred more of the Willow/Tara resurrection dichotomy (I found it interesting that while Tara condemned resurrection spells as morally wrong, Willow was more concerned with the fact that they lacked the expertise to do them…), and more of Giles’ reaction (although the scene of him listening to Cream’s “Tales of Brave Ulysses” was a great throwback to season three Bad Candy). The scene with Spike, Dawn and the demon is pretty cheesy.
    All in all, a fairly average episode that doesn’t really stand out in any way.

    While searching for an incantation to give to Dawn and Spike, Doc hums “Peter and the Wolf”, one of my favourite compositions when I was little 🙂

    A great episode. This is totally different from “The Body” in every way, and doesn’t have the ambition of that episode. What it is, instead, is a perfect example of everything Buffy is supposed to be — something funny, dramatic and actiony

    I love the conversation between Buffy and Giles and the Buffybot’s interaction with Spike, and with everyone else. Spike’s complexity can be seen here quite well — he’s not above creating and having sex with a robot version of Buffy, something that most people would consider a rather sick and twisted thing to do, but he refused to give up Dawn.

    Some stuff I found on the internet:
    Writer Jane Espenson explains the Buffybot was introduced out of “the necessity of story”, as it was “interesting to see what Spike would do with this bot… to see how those personalities affect each other.” Providing Sarah Michelle Gellar with the chance for comic relief during a period of particular grimness for her character was a “bonus… an extra scoop of ice-cream,” says Espenson.
    In the fight scenes in “Intervention”, Xander was played by Nicholas Brendon’s identical twin, Kelly Donovan, because Nicholas suffered from pneumonia at the time.

  3. First, some thoughts on points brought up in prior podcasts.

    As for why not all bodies have their eyes closed, I’m assuming that since the investigators who do the scene or the pick up don’t have an attachment to the body, they don’t really think about it. I live in a major city, and there were a dozen autopsies per day. They probably do see the dead body as just another object to observe and note in their report. The investigators see lots of really weird stuff, so I’m sure wide, un-seeing eyes are low on the creep factor list. And the doctors who did the actual autopsies probably weren’t thinking about it either.

    I did realize that it seemed weird that the morgue would be unlocked, especially in a place like Sunnydale. That can’t be the first vampire to be “born” in the morgue! Either that doctor wasn’t familiar with the area (since he was a surgeon, I guess?) or it was just plain dumb. If anything, they should have a huge skylight in there. Also, when Darla sired Angel, he had been buried and she was waiting for him to rise that night, after the funeral had ended. So I guess she cared enough to wait around! (I think that scene is a flashback on an Angel episode.)

    Also, I didn’t want to say it because I fear it gets a little spoiler-y, but my love of Giles definitely faded in the last two seasons. I can talk about it more when we get there, but I can definitely get why some people may not like him.

    OK, on to Intervention.
    I really liked Buffy and Giles’ talk about her worries about becoming hard and emotionally shut down, but I have to nitpick a little point. She says that she wasn’t there for Riley like she was for Angel, and that’s why Riley left. But Angel left too… So, it doesn’t appear to be her fault at all. Why doesn’t anyone on this show admit that Riley was making ridiculously unfair demands on Buffy when her mother was in the freakin’ hospital? Rant over.

    This episode gives us another little nugget about Spike’s complex personality. He has no moral code to prevent him from making a sex robot, but he still doesn’t tell Glory about Dawn after being tortured pretty brutally. The scene at the end was good. I definitely fell for the Buffy bot trick, and was surprised that it was the real Buffy. I realize that Spike was beaten to a pulp, but shouldn’t he have been able to smell that Buffy was human?

    Lots of funny moments in this episode. I laughed when Buffy asked Anya about her money, and Anya’s pleased reaction. The Buffybot kind of has the same blunt qualities that Anya has. Another funny moment was when Buffy was hurt that her friends couldn’t tell her apart from a robot. This episode is definitely lighter than the past few, so I enjoyed that reprieve.

  4. Also found this really interesting blog post/essay on this episode and the “Spuffy” relationship:

    • Gah, forgot to say epic spoilers in that essay!!

  5. Re: Intervention
    No more tears – of a snot or non-snot variety. Good. I know it would be natural in the real world for Buffy to be still in deep mourning for her mum but in the television world, at least this one, viewers need a change of pace.

    I loved Buffy’s conversation with Giles about her nature as a slayer. It was so nice when Buffy says she loves him and he doesn’t really react because, of course, he already knows that and we as viewers know that too.

    I think I found the buffybot a bit gross the first time I watched it. On rewatch it just seemed incredibly funny – I don’t know if that’s me getting more broadminded or having watched the rest of the series it put it into perspective. It’s a great way of learning about what is going on in Spike’s mind and the nature of his obsession. His expression when the buffybot rips off his shirt and threatens him with a stake is brilliant. My only worry is that I think I enjoyed watching that as much as Spike’s character enjoys the experience. So definitely not one of the episodes I’m going to watch with my kids.

    I have far less of a problem believing Spike would keep Dawn’s secret from Glory as I did believing he wouldn’t have been furious with her in last week’s episode. I think it’s a believable extension of his obsessive love for Buffy.

    The only bit I really didn’t like was the fight in Glory’s hallway. Probably just the editing but there is one part where we see the buffybot just standing still for some moments in the background. Also, do you think it’s a large block of apartments and Glory just rents one of them so there could potentially be other residents popping in and out? Maybe she had already eaten their brains…

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