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Podcast #98: Intervention

Here’s the podcast for Season 5, Episode 18 – Intervention

Spike realises this isn't his robot

Spike realises this isn’t his robot

Download: Intervention

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The next podcast will appear on Monday 4th February 2012 for episode nineteen of Season Five: “Spiral.” That’s the one where Willow and Tara have an argument and Glory targets another Scooby.

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  1. Maybe it’s just my flu addled brain but I really thought this was just awful, especially the first 20 minutes. At first I thought it was a new writer who didn’t quite have handle on the characters but while the writer is new to the season this is not their first episode they are credited with so I have no idea why the character didn’t sound like the characters. Buffy and Willow were saying things Buffy and Willow might say but not in the way they would say them. Everything just felt very direct.

    Three scenes in particular come to mind. First we had Ben at the hospital. The actor playing Ben is not a master thespian we know this but his scene was just god awfully awkward. First you had the doctor describing what exactly is going on with Ben because people “a crazy demonic presence is sharing my body and controlling my actions” is SUCH a common phrase. Then you had Ben have a very loud breakdown in the changing room. I’ve had bad weeks (I’m having one now) I’ve been in a bad mood. I have never yelled out loud in a semi-public place how unfair my life is. I understand he’s talking to Glory but he knows Glory can’t hear him or will remember what he has said. If he wants to yell at Glory he might as well write a tersely worded note it would be much more effective and save me from having to listen to his breakdown. Lastly it has not bothered me too much that Glory hasn’t done anything all season just because I accept it as TV contrivance that the Big Bad wont do anything really till the end of the season. But Glory has been Glory for two weeks and has done nothing except take bubble baths since torturing Spike. No. Just no. Glory might be my favorite Buffy villain behind Angelus (there’s a large disparity between them Angelus is one of the best villains of all time and Glory is just really entertaining to me) but I have a really hard time to accepting that one.

    Second scene that made me irrationally angry Willow and Tara’s fight. Did I miss an episode? Did I miss a mini arc? Why are Willow and Tara fighting about Willow’s commitment to lesbianism? The first part of this fight is fine they have been building for awhile that Willow has been real using magic and has gotten really powerful. Then it switches very abruptly and awkwardly to Tara wondering if Willow is really just experimenting. I got whiplash just watching this scene and how quickly the subject changes. Furthermore, the dialogue is just awful. Lesbianism has been pretty veiled on the show and its not a problem at all that they want to be direct here about it but the writing is just bad. Willow tells things to Tara that Tara presumably already knows, that she is gay, has been out longer the Willow, has a dead mom and has been practicing magic longer. The dialogue feels robotic stilted and ultimately just contrivated to get Tara alone. While I didn’t like Tara the first time I watched this I remembered her brain getting sucked as a big deal now its marred by this weird fight. Willow and Tara’s argument is a heavy one to have and since the show has been priding itself on displaying this relationship it is probably an important one to have but there is really no build up to it.

    Last scene that greatly bothered me (I say greatly because pretty much every scene irked me in at least one small way with the exception of two) Dawn crying to Spike about being the key. I get that Dawn would be feeling these emotions, maybe, but no one talks like that. She just lays everything out for him in a very list like fashion. It just seems so melodramatic and just soap opera-y. I can’t feel any emotion for her because she sounds so artificial. A lot of scenes in this episode just feel like a very first draft of the script. They decided they want to get each character to a certain place by the end of the episode so they are going to get them by having them pontificate precisely and deliberately logic be damned!

    Other things that bothered me:
    Giles having magic minion sensing powers. There is no indication that he knows there is a minion on the other side of that door!

    Glory just standing there while Willow attacks her. Suck her frigging brain already it’s not that hard!

    The fact that I have no idea what’s going on at the start of the episode. Glory thinks Tara’s the key though we never saw Glory come to this conclusion. Dawn’s missing school and there was no hint of that either. Buffy still in school though there was no hint of that still happening too! Who is this professor and why are we getting a goodbye scene with him?!

    The fact that Giles has a book in his public store that is called the darkest magick that you have to open with a mother$&@ing axe! An axe! Also when you open it it flips through all these pages which is just wildy impractical.

    Three people lie on the ground to teach a 15 year old what a triangle looks like. Then when to people have an argument everyone else in the scene mysteriously disappears.

    Buffy has mutliple loud conversations about Dawn in front of Dawn.

    Two Things I Liked:

    I hated everything about Willow and Tara in this episode but the end scene was rather sweet. Plus Glory knows who the key is now so things should be more action packed and exciting.

    Glory sucking Tara’s brain. The events that lead to it were completely contrived but Glory was scary in that scene.

    P.S. I didn’t send in an email because it just would have been angry rambling and probably a lot of cursing. Maybe it’s like I said and its because I’m sick that this episode seemed so off to me but I don’t think so.


    I’m writing this during my (way too short) break at work so I’ll be pretty brief. This episode was not that good. A lot of points were hit to move the story along, but it felt like that was all this episode did.
    The whole fight with Willow and Tara was kind of ridiculous. I had forgotten that Tara was brain-sucked by Glory so I was so thrown when I watched their fight until I realized that it was basically a way of getting Tara alone where Glory could attack her- leading to Glory discovering Dawn is the key cuz of Tara’s crazy-sight. Since when does Willow overreact and bite Tara’s head off? I get that she was hurt but wouldn’t it be more like Willow to reassure? Yes, express hurt at Tara’s doubt but reassure nonetheless. The fight really bugged me because it went from zero to sixty in like 30 seconds with Willow storming out at a time when you would think they’d be cautious since Glory’s out to get them.
    Also, Buffy’s argument with Willow about Dawn at the magic shop I didn’t like. Why wouldn’t she just tell them what was happening? They would’ve understood.

    Buffy gets hit by yet another responsibility that she shouldn’t have to shoulder- being a mother/guardian/parent to Dawn. It’s perfectly understandable that she tries to hand that off to Giles because he’s been that for her in her life. I think that’s why Dawn’s attitude bugs me so much. I see everything Buffy already has to deal with as the slayer and now keeping Dawn/the key safe AND now having to be a parent. Dawn doesn’t see that. She just a kid and as such is very short-sighted and self-involved. She only sees her own pain. Aaaand time’s up. Thanks for the podcast!

    • I almost forgot my favorite part of the episode! When Giles, Anya, and Willow have the minion tied up in the Magic Shop and are going to question him and Giles distracts Anya and Willow and then two seconds later the minion is singing like a canary– loved it. Seeing Giles’s Ripper side is always fantastic.

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