Posted by: thebuffyrewatch | February 5, 2013

Podcast #96: The Body, part 2: Extra feedback

Hey everyone,

I’m sorry this is out of order but I forgot to put up a post for the extra podcast we did for “The Body.”

Those of you who are subscribed won’t care but for any of you who download just from the site I hope you didn’t miss it. Below are the details in case you did.

Download: The Body 2 (Feedback)

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  1. I am currently listening to the first episode for “The Body,” I am a FIRST TIME Buffy viewer and though I’ve tried to avoid spoilers, I’ve gotten some along the way. I read that Joyce died, but I thought she was going to die when she got the brain tumor. I wasn’t expecting this, and it hit me pretty hard.
    I think that one thing that really struck me was how there was NO MUSIC at all during this episode. It was just silence and real sounds going on. It really made the feelings more impactful. Without the score in the background, it felt so raw and powerful.
    I really was touched when Willow and Anya were having their moments of dealing with grief. It was the first real time I remember seeing Anya being, for lack of a better word, human.
    I love the podcast, but I have to say… I didn’t find Riley nearly as awful as everyone else seems to. 🙂

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