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Podcast #101: The Weight of the World

Here’s the podcast for Season 5, Episode 21 – The Weight of the World

Young Buffy meets Dawn

Young Buffy meets Dawn

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The next podcast will appear on Monday 4th March 2013 for episode twenty two of Season Five: “The Gift.” That’s the one which picks up where “The Weight of the World” left off.

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  1. Fantastic episode. I got a little weepy with Buffy’s speech to Dawn before she jumped into the portal. Loved her line that the hardest thing to do in this world is to live in it. Great Spike moments here too, their conversation by the stairs, and also his reaction to her death. His crumpling on the ground was a very effective image for me to demonstrate his feelings toward her.

    OK, so Doc. I thought that I had remembered that reptiles and crazy people could see the key, and so he recognized Dawn as the key in Forever, but maybe I’m making up canon in my head.

    It seems as though they tried to address some of the annoyances and plot holes throughout the season with the Ben and Glory storyline here, like when Glory says that she should have just punched Buffy’s heart out, and that Ben was causing her to sit around and wait. The episode was written and directed by Joss, so maybe he realized that the team hadn’t done the best job at writing the villain, and tried to fix it?

    I was also a smidge disappointed that we never found out what exactly Glory’s minions were. Early on in the season, I wondered if they may be victims of Glory’s brain sucking, but obviously not if one of the minions offers a brain to Glory.

    I know I’m probably in the minority, but season 6 is actually my favorite season, so I’m excited to get into it. 😀

    • I hope you don’t regret that statement Meags :). I said that about season five and now look at me.

      • Well, I’ve watched it all pretty recently, so its pretty fresh. But you never know, the cold-hearted robot tv critics may make me hate it!

      • We wouldn’t be doing our jobs properly if we didn’t destroy your joy in things you love! 😉 (j/k, naturally….)

  2. I think this episode is a big part of the reason why a lot of people really like season five. The Hero’s death has such a big emotionally satisfying kick it influences how you view the whole season.

    I so love the ‘previously’ bit at the beginning where little clips of the whole five seasons are whipped through. I feel that recognising the clips sort of gives me credit for all the hours I’ve put in watching Buffy. And it’s gently making fun of the traditional “previously on” part that I often think a bit annoying. And the “But you’re just a girl line” is so corny but I just love it I’m afraid.

    Their solution to the Glory/Dawn problem wasn’t massively sophisticated (wack the baddie with a hammer long enough to delay them) but I liked how the plan developed, thinking through Glory’s weaknesses, then using anything that could slow her – magic, robot buffy, a demolition ball etc. It was also satisfying how everyone got to play their part.

    I enjoyed the scene where Giles’ Ripper side comes out and kills Ben – it was unexpected but very much the logical thing to do. I’m slightly miffed though thinking back to the last episode and Ben unexpectedly making a pact with Glory. Now it’s obvious that we had to see him as on the side of the bad so we don’t feel that Giles killed an innocent.

    I love when they leave the magic shop and Spike misquotes Shakespeare with his “Band of buggered” line. It reminds you that he and Giles would have both grown up learning Henry V at school but over a hundred years apart. Is “buggered” not that rude a word in America? I don’t think it would get into tea time viewing in England and I do like a bit of sneaky swearing.

  3. So about season five in general, I was disappointed that it was so disliked. However, I think the only reason I was so high on season five was because of The Body and The Gift. Everything else benefited from those episodes being amazing. I don’t rewatch the show as the podcast does, with a few exceptions, and I just go off of my memory of the episodes and I don’t usually remember specific details so I can see why I said season five was amazing and I really just meant Joss Whedon is amazing.

    That being said, a quick word about The Gift, and I’m going off of memory here, but this episode really stood out for obvious reasons and I love Buffy’s speech. I still use the quote, “The hardest thing in this world, is to live in it.” I love that line and words can’t express how true that is. The other thing about it is, the music that plays when Buffy jumps off the structure is beautiful. Its a great bit of music and its what makes the moment devastating.

    According to a inside the show thingy that is in the special features of season six, the show was canceled on the WB and they aired it as the Series Finale then UPN picked the show up for the final two years and not to be spoilery but the show gets darker and more adultish. They gave Joss and the writers more freedom to be creative which I loved.

    So, I will rewatch season six along with you guys because I have not been favorable to this season and say it’s my least favorite for certain reasons but maybe expressing my thoughts about it will help me appreciate it more. I look forward to season six and dread it at the same time.

    • Ooo… I didn’t know this was presented as the Season Finale.. That’s quite interesting.

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