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Podcast #103: The Gift, part 2: Feedback

Here’s the podcast with all the feedback for The Gift and Season 5

The Season 5 cast

The Season 5 cast

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The next podcast will appear on Monday 25th March 2013 for episode one of Season Six: “Bargaining” (part 1). That’s the one where the whole show moves to a new network and somehow continues despite Buffy being dead.

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  1. ROBIN! Where did you find this picture?!? All the guys look cheesy/scary, except for Anthony and Joss. I don’t think I’ve ever seen a bigger smile on Nicholas Brendon.

    • I’m pretty sure Amber Benson just smelled a fart.

      • I bet it was Joss.

    • I just googled

      • Ah Amber Benson. Refusing to make me like her, as always.

  2. I never said congradulations for getting to 100 episodes! Yall continue to do a bang up job and so happy i can be apart of it.

    Guys, I loved this feedback episode.(not for the selfish getting to hear my own voice :P) Mainly because we took an overall look of the season and the series. Always fun to expand the scope from the narrow view we have from going episode to episode. I hadn’t heard about the rumors of what the gift and season 5 could have been! Some interesting ideas that would have been fun to see play out.

    My comparisons of the scores between seasons was mainly to point out that they are really close. Buffy continues to be an excellent show. Even season 4 is still stronger in some respects than good seasons on other shows.

    Robin your discussion about emotion being the reason we come to TV is exactly how I feel. Fandom just makes people fanatical, so criticism or even comparisons can feel like an attack. Not to say i felt that way, but i’ve got in many a nerd arguements by just simply comparing things to each other. We’ll just have to agree to disagree. Although I do have several of the Scooby moments that you had an emotional connection to in season 2 for me in season 5.

    Robin you need to Clockwork Orange Cordia into watching Breaking Bad 😛

    I’m really happy Derek shared that gif, but now I’m getting lost in Buffy/Whedon tumblrs. Damn you time vampires!

    So excited about season 6 and wish for your continued success!

  3. I loved that people remarked on the music in “The Gift” especially the ending music “Sacrifice”.

    It’s very beautiful, doesn’t distract from the moment, and I do think it adds to the scene. It makes this moment grander and sader, but In a bitter sweet way. Yes we get all of that through the acting and the cinematography, but music does speak to us in a very different way that we couldnt get otherwise. As much as we all praise the Body for being so naked and raw with its choices in filming and sound, music can and does add a lot to a show/movie. The music in both Hush and Restless last season are good examples where I felt the music did take a step forward to get shown off(especially in a Hush with no dialogue). Those episodes would certainly not be the same if Christophe Beck weren’t up to the task or lacked in any number of ways. Music can fail if its overly manipulative to the point of being cloying. And there is something powerful about the lack of music. But equally on both sides there are numerous examples of music making a scene. (Ex. Twin suns in Star Wars. Or “Sacrifice” in The Gift). I know y’all rarely discuss the music on the show. Hopefully because he does a good job of camouflaging in a scene. I once stated music is best in television when it’s felt and not heard, so hopefully he’s doing a good job 😛 Also music speaks to different people in different ways similarly to how people draw different emotions from different scenes.

    I’ll just finish but also stating that every season finale has had some great musical moments! In particular “Little Miss Muffit” in graduation day part 2 being one of my favorites.

    Now if you’ll excuse me I’m back to YouTube to listen to some Buffy music!

  4. I stumbled across this on YouTube, it’s a comedy youtube series that imagines what if Buffy, Bella Swan, Hermione Granger, Katniss, Michonne (from the Walking Dead) and other “bad ass” girls all lived under one roof. I only watched this episode but I thought the impressions (as far as mannerisms go) were pretty amusing especially the girl playing Bella.

    • Yeah good impressions although Michonne spoke way too much no? 🙂

      • Ha!

  5. Bargaining: Part 1

    Love Tara’s line about the vampire’s weight, I was thinking the same thing.

    OMG BUFFY!!!!!!!!

    I’m wondering why Spike is having a hard time with one vamp, I thought he was supposed to be strong.

    Just kidding! Buffybot!!!!!

    *sigh* not a good mislead.

    HAHA Knock-Knock Joke NOT FUNNY!!!! That was soooo bad.

    Side note: Anthony Stewart Head is now a guest star apparently. Hmm…

    YAY Willow and Tara kiss!! Thank you UPN!

    I really like how Willow and Tara moved in to the Summers house to take care of Dawn.

    I love the scene where Buffybot says that Dawn is her sister, it’s a really nice sad moment.

    Oh dear, Buffybot at Parent-Teacher Conferences…oh gee…

    I did giggle at the slap fest between Giles and Anya about the Ramadan thingy.

    I’m a little shocked that Tara went along with bringing Buffy back, especially when she was so insistant that she wouldn’t ever bring anyone back. However, she said they all made a deal. I like how Willow does bring up the fact that she died a magical death and not natural like Joyce.

    It is interesting seeing all the characters respond to Buffybot but Buffybot herself is sooooo annoying. However, she helps the characters realize what they want or don’t want.

    Welcome the ugliest demons I have ever seen. Ugh…they are hard to look at.

    Aww Giles leaving!!!!!! Sadness!!!!!

    Where the heck did that airport come from! I thought Sunnydale was a one street town…with 50 cemeteries…and a University…grr nevermind!

    Geez this spell is intense and creepy!!! O.O A SNAKE JUST CAME OUT OF WILLOW’S MOUTH!

    Oh man!

    The ugly demons just happen to show up at the right time and they got Buffybot…ohnodon’tkillher…and she’s gonna lead them straight to Willow ohno…andtheurnisbroken…this part is really not working for me. Everything is all going bad at the wrong time and it’s a little annoying.

    Whoa man, Buffy rotted a lot…

    AND SHE’S BACK!!!!

    I am a little indifferent about this episode, I liked the beginning up until the spell started and everything started to go wrong. It felt like the writers were just like, “What can we throw at them to make everything go wrong at once?” It was annoying to say the least. As a start, not high hopes for the rest of the season. I know that’s kinda harsh but I really don’t like this season.

    Can’t wait to hear the podcast!

  6. Re: Bargaining part 1.

    First a couple of things I didn’t like so much. One was Buffybot going to the openday at Dawn’s school. Events like that are so easy to avoid (speaking as a lazy parent), and surely something as unbelievably sophisticated as the bot could have been programmed to not put their hand up to answer any questions unnecessarily. Also I thought the biker gang a bit much. I can accept lots of weird things within Sunnydale but it just seems a bit silly to have a massive gang of demons driving around and hanging out in bars without being known by the general population.

    But generally I liked this. It manages to make Buffy’s resurrection at least a bit of a challenge – unlike Angel’s – and it uses those challenges to show character development from Willow. It was shocking seeing her sacrificing the fawn but also in keeping with her change over the seasons.

    Spike’s continued presence is believable as part of his trauma over failing in his duty to Buffy in protection Dawn. I enjoyed the scene where the buffybot makes some lurid remark about his “washboard abs” which is really funny until you see his reaction.

    And of course the scene where Dawn cuddles up to buffybot is very touching and sad.

    …and, I loved the knock knock joke, at least I’m super impressed at Sarah Michelle Gellar’s ability to remember such a long nonsensical line.

    Season 6 has a tricky job picking up from the end of season 5 – it’s got to get Buffy back without alienating and annoying everyone who grieved at her death. I think ok so far…..

  7. This comment is about part 1 and part 2. On my dvd “Bargaining” is melted in one feature-length episode, so I don’t know exactly where part 1 ends…

    This episode was amazing, almost better than The Gift but it’s a little too slow now and then and that brings the episode a bit down. It tends to get a bit on the darker side. Although, it has the famous one liners and jokes Buffy is known for, it feels a bit out of place this time around.

    I love the scene at the beginning in the Summer’s house. But it’s also sad to see how they interact with the buffybot, reminding them all the time, that the real Buffy is dead. The emotions from each of the characters are well done.

    The Demon Biker gang was an ok way to throw Buffy right into the middle of things again, but it seemed more like an excuse to break up the team and have a reason for Buffy to have to dig herself out of her own grave. (In my memory it took them much longer than 1 or 2 episodes to bring her back.) The Demon Biker Gang also lends itself to one of the biggest plot holes: Where is the police?

  8. (Sorry for the super long post, but I’m going to summarize my thoughts for the end of S5 as well as the beginning of S6. Hopefully it’s only this long because it’s my first post) Hi Cordia and Robin. I came across your podcast a few weeks ago and started out trying to listen to most of them but I’ve been cherry-picking episodes in order to catch up. That said, hopefully at some point I’ll be able to go back and listen to the others, because I absolutely adore these podcasts. I love how you two go through the episodes so thoroughly. It’s wonderful to listen to two very articulate viewers give this show the attention it deserves, and very interesting to hear the discussions in feedback. You both bounce off each other very well, too – I laugh a lot throughout the podcasts (and earn many strange looks from my family). So thanks – lovely, lovely stuff 🙂

    Okay, I just have to get this out of the way: I can’t help but mention something about your previous Becoming Part II comments. I don’t remember if you mentioned this in your podcast for that episode – or in any subsequent podcasts – but Whistler specifically said “One blow will send ’em both back to Hell.” So I always thought it was about stabbing him, not just about a little blood.

    Onto The Gift. Oh, Sunnydale, you continue to be the ever-expanding land of selective memory and plot contrivances. Never change! I generally find it funny and endearing rather than annoying, usually because if it makes sense to the themes and the characterizations, I can forgive plot holes.

    The fact that I, like many others, never fully connected to Dawn doesn’t detract from Buffy’s sacrifice, which is good. That look of clarity, relief, and almost happiness before she jumps says it all. I completely agree that there are many layers, selfless and selfish, to this decision. My mind keeps going back to a moment in Listening to Fear, when Buffy cries alone while washing the dishes and then whips around and helps her family at the sound of Dawn’s screams. It shows how difficult it is to hold it together as people rely on her so much, but she’s probably also glad for the respite from her fear and sadness, glad to be able to focus on her Protector role. I think at this point the Slayer is so ingrained in Buffy’s identity that she at times even takes comfort in getting to slip into the heroic persona she’s created, especially after a whole season (or a whole five seasons, really) of fighting to hold onto her humanity and reconcile the darkness inside her. At the risk of getting spoilery, the fact that she gets to really exhibit her goodness in The Gift makes her resurrection – and subsequent depression – more tragic than her death. She was done, she saved the world. A lot.

    I agree with Robin that S5 and the later seasons lack the little heart-wrenching and heart-warming Scooby moments that made the high school years so enjoyable and meaningful. Unfortunately, it wouldn’t thematically or realistically work as the characters grow up. Willow has retained some of her ‘wiley Willow charms’ but she’s not the same girl who adorably told Oz that he could be her date to Buffy’s surprise party. The same goes for the humor. The show continues to blend comedy, action, horror, and drama as it always has but as it gets darker the humor becomes less organic in my opinion. This doesn’t bother me SO much until season 7, but that’s a rant for a much later time 🙂 I remember reading in a few places that Joss’ theme for season six was “Oh, grow up!” and that it’s supposed to reflect a drifting time in your 20s when you’re not sure what to do with your life so you end up making ill-advised decisions and developing self-destructive tendencies. To go way back, this makes me think of the S2 episode Lie To Me, when Ford says that every American teen wants to “die young and stay pretty.” But he’s the villain of the episode and this isn’t a show about dying young and staying pretty, which Buffy essentially got to do with her heroic sacrifice in The Gift. It’s a show about growing up and struggling to find the goodness inside when ‘the hardest thing in this world is to live in it.’ So Buffy comes back to life and we’re going to see our loveable characters go through and do some pretty ugly things. Fortunately I think they continue to be fascinating, sympathetic characters throughout all this, though season six has its fair share of flaws, some of them major. I would comment more on what you discussed, particularly about Willow, but this is already WAY too long and I’d be treading into spoiler territory so I’ll wait till you get to future episodes. Thanks again for the excellent podcasts 🙂 I’m really looking forward to hearing what you both have to say about season six.

    (P.S. – I can’t remember which podcast this was from, but I’d totally listen to/watch Cordia the Vampire Slayer, hilarious!)

  9. Just wanted to de-lurk (is listening to every episode of a podcast without commenting considered lurking?) to point out that in Becoming Part 2, it didn’t matter if Buffy stabbed Angel through the chest, in the hand, or anywhere else. Since he’s a vampire, a metal sword won’t kill him regardless. I think the point was that she needed his blood to close the portal, and from rewatching that scene, it looks like the Portal sucks him in as it closes. I don’t think Buffy killed him in the usual sense, but the only way to stop that Portal was for Angel to go through it into hell.

    Time to re-lurk, but first I want to thank you for all the great listening!

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